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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Tao (The Venetian)

1 Star Jason June 12, 2011

Sucked! Went there in the winter for an event and had a horrible time. The bar service was the only positive thing. The club was way too crowded with people who were way to drunk to even stand. You will get drinks spilled all over you here. Also, the VIP service is way too strong here so you will be treated like crap.

5 Stars Mafi March 08, 2011

Outstanding club. Outstanding women. Outstanding atmosphere. Was there on Saturday night and had a blast. Get a table if possible, I did and it was well worth it. Staff is extremely friendly and there is no shortage of beautiful women. I vote it best club in Vegas!!!

2 Stars Los Zorros March 02, 2011

Average food. Meat was tough. Waiter was obnoxious. Club was awful. I was so looking forward to this place and was very disappointed. We won't be returning.

5 Stars Babi February 27, 2011

Very cool. Sexy dancers and awesome atmosphere

1 Star Sid87 November 30, 2010

Nice decor but that's it for me, been to better clubs in Vegas

2 Stars Brandon November 18, 2010

It's a overrated nightclub in Vegas, look at it like a " seen on tv " club. It doubles as a Resturant, Lounge and Nightclub like common, there are better nightclubs in Vegas, trust me and just do your home work :)

1 Star Nick August 18, 2010

Went to Tao on a Thursday night. The line didn't take too long to get In but you find out when you're inside that they packed you in like sardines. It's not even on the dance floor either. Every where u go you have to be careful someone might knock your $15 drink out of your hands. We all left after an hour. Never again Tao. Go to XS or Vanity. Lots more room but with a lot of beautiful people too

5 Stars Rev Ross April 16, 2010

Great club great vibe probably better than pure...

5 Stars Rick April 04, 2010

By far the best club to meet ladies! And lots of them! For one, unless guys are buying bottles or going in solo, good luck getting in! They'll find a reason for a group of dudes NOT to get in. That's why the girl-guy ratio is tops in LV. Five Stars, FTW!

1 Star Jonathan March 21, 2010

I'd give it less if I could it was horrible every employee there was a cock sucker and u couldn't get a drink at all even with bottle service oh yea and I had a VIP pass which got u nothing but laughed at by bouncers lol we went to haze it was amazing

1 Star Johanna March 20, 2010

too crowded! went on a Thursday night, I wouldn't go unless you're buying bottles, but even then, the dance floor was too crowded and the music wasn't that good.

4 Stars QM March 19, 2010

Tao was the wild out of control club it promises to be.. I could feel my clothes moving from the bass.. Partied there till 6am.. If your planning on having more than a few drinks and with some people I'd def suggest bottle service will change your entire experience.. Not gunna lie thou I pefered XS (thats the reason for the 4 stars) but save XS for industry Mondays I promise u won't be disappointed

2 Stars WB... March 18, 2010

I've been to XS, Tryst, LAX and all 4 clubs in the palms.. At Tao me and my boys waited in the general admission line for almost 2 hours. Plain in simple the bouncers will not let you in if ur a male unless ur buying a $700 Table or your with a bunch of females... But if your a male and your looking for where all the women are at Tao seems like the spot... Even tho I didn't get in jus judging from what I seen entering the club the ratio was 3-1 female to male!...

1 Star NJ March 11, 2010

Didn't like this place, went on a Saturday night. No place to sit or even stand! Too hot. If there was ever a fire to break out in there, no one would know where the exits are, that's how clostrophobic it feels. Won't go back. Would rather go to ghost bar or carnaval.

5 Stars Brad March 04, 2010

This place is the nuts!!! A must!!!

5 Stars Brian February 27, 2010

Without a doubt the coolest club in Vegas!! I'm going back next time I'm in town.

5 Stars Stephanie February 03, 2010

Oh my god this place was amazing!! Someone said its not a place for couples but me and my boyfriend went and had a perfect time. I used vegas.com to buy 20$ tickets and we pAssed a 2hr line and got a wristband to come back all weekend long. We loved it and will def go back and will always use vegas.com to get on the guestlist. The decor is great and music was perfect in both rooms.the girls in the tubs were hot and let people take pics with them. 13$ drinks so we spent a good 100$ on drinks well worth it bathrooms in the second room were never packed and staff was very nice. Also went to rok, foundation room moon and playboy lounge, tao was the best!!!!!!

1 Star Millah September 14, 2009

Would NEVER spend my time going there...Got turned away at the door because I wasn't the right "color" but I was on the guest list and had money to spend...O well! That was definately there lost and not worth my time or consideration to even go there! Next time I'm in the city I'll stick with Club Moon!

1 Star Danny August 11, 2009

No No No! Assuming you make it past the ridiculous queues and three door staff checks you'll ultimately end up disappointed. Yes it looks great but you can't stand there, or there, or there! Sit down or leave. We left after 10 minutes. Perhaps better in larger groups but for couples NO!

4 Stars Mel June 21, 2009

A very nice and fun nightclub. We went on a Thursday night and the place was packed! We got front of the line passes at Vegas.com and they were worth it! The atmosphere was great, music was good, and the drinks were strong! We had a great time and plan to go back next time we r n Vegas!

5 Stars Baek May 26, 2009

Hands down best club in las vegas.

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Bear club I have been to thus far. The service is great just make sure your P to V ratio is at least 2 to 1 or expect not to get a table or to get in.

5 Stars Jaime November 17, 2008

Went on a Friday night with friends and loved the music and atmosphere! It was a little too crowded for my taste but I loved the eye candy and all the hype-definitely worth it!

0 Stars Candy March 01, 2008

We went on Thursday night and it was so neat! They had this "army" theme that was awesome! I mean, guys shaved their heads on stage. It was INSANE! And EVERYONE was dressed up. I have never been to a place like Tao! I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great time!

0 Stars Jason Lance March 01, 2008

My first time at Tao Was pretty good. Knowing that the clubs get packed. I went there early. To my surprise we got in. It was me and 3 others. We all went to this bar. I asked the bartender. What is it with all the guys holding bowls and candles. He say "this is the monk bar". It was prety cool. I never have seen that in other clubs i've been. long story short. Tao is Sexy Place!! Sexy girls and Good music!

0 Stars Jennifer Sulliven March 01, 2008

I recommend Tao. I have a cousin that know's promotors for TAO and ask her to put me and my guy on the list. When we arrive and got settle in the hotel. We got there as early as we could. We got in the Tao guest list. They took care of us well. We were happy. The rest Stay's at Tao! lets just say it was a happy ending!!C=

0 Stars kylepartyboy February 26, 2008

What a freaken cool place!!! When my friends and I were in Vegas we went to a little place called TAO and had what most would say was unbelievable Vegas experience. From the time we got to the table line there host treated us like royalty. To the table inside man this place is awesome. I wish they had places like this were I lived because I would party there every night. There theme is like one I have never seen anywhere and trust me I go out like 8 nights a week. They got these girls all over doing performance art (live) and its sooo HOT plus the music was nothing but hits and the girls were soo fresh. I’m not sure where they found these girls or where they come from but I want to go there... TAO is definitely an experience to be had while in Vegas!!!

0 Stars benny hayes February 04, 2008

what a time.. i was at tao on saturday and the house was rockin. the whole staff was great and very good looking. cant wait to go back and see the bath tub girls again :-)

0 Stars Miami Heat January 17, 2008

WOW what a place!!! It was huge and very clean. The atmosphere is what makes this place. I have never seen such a sexy decor. My boys and I went on a Saturday and next time we will arrive way early. The line was long but they did a great job of getting us in fast. There were TONS of girls and the music was on point. This is a place that I will definitely go back to!!!

0 Stars Elizabeth January 09, 2008

My girls and I hit up TAO last Thursday and it was so much fun! Locals get in free on Thursdays so we got walked right into the club (which was awesome because at Pure we had to wait almost an hour). The atmosphere was incredible and the DJ rocked hardcore! We danced all night!! We had to wait a little at the bar getting drinks, but what else is new at nightclubs in Vegas. TAO is one of the best I have ever been to. You should totally check it out!