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Hard Rock Las Vegas

(Off-Strip)

Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Vanity (Hard Rock Las Vegas)

4 Stars MissLV April 19, 2012

I call Bullshit!!! Your that guy hey, what a douchebag. Vanity is a cool club thought

5 Stars JohnnyI February 26, 2012

I got a BJ while sitting at the Bar and making out with another girl! Vegas baybay! Nice club had fun

2 Stars Joe C July 11, 2011

Complete Sausage fest and very very few unattractive females. Girl to guy ratio 80/20

5 Stars Sid87 November 30, 2010

This club rocks, had a wicked time here, great music and great service. Bottle service is recommended as most clubs, big dance and sweet light show, lots of beautiful girls and awesome vibe, if you come to Vegas you'll love it

5 Stars Brandon November 19, 2010

Love it!!!! Like most clubs in Vegas, bottle service is a must, beautiful club with huge dance floor and wicked dj's, Lil Jon and Lenny Kravitz were there when we arrived, poles for the ladies to dance on, great vibe and sexy staff, a great night and will be back here soon

0 Stars Big Al September 23, 2010

Yes the bouncers are A-holes but they work for Matt, who is the biggest A-Hole in Vegas.

4 Stars Chad April 17, 2010

Bottle service wasn't terribly expensive, but not cheap either. Music was a good mix of house and electro. Dancing girls were hot. Bouncers were kinda a-holes, though.

4 Stars Rick April 04, 2010

Very fun place. Hard to get in, though. Or should I say it's confusing. I liked the layout, a little smaller club but maybe that's why it was fun. Perfect location, valet your car from the South entrance and it's right through the doors to your left. Chicks with heels will appreciate that