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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Vesper Bar (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

4 Stars Michael Simonds April 12, 2014

Being at Vesper, it only made sense to me to try the Vesper. I love a good martini and it was one of the best I ever had. I would easily come back to this bar just to have that drink. The Moscow Mule was also another hit. Mark was our bartender and took pride in his mixology and showed a passion when discussing it. Being kind of a lobby bar around checkout time it had its share stereotypical self-important douchebags and skanks that are trying to make their checkout run up and interrupt Mark on occasion with the, "Excuse me, I just need a water and my ride is leaving." expecting him to DROP EVERYTHING. He knew who his customers were, and he made them wait and maybe even a little longer all while maintaining a classy professionalism and without ever saying a word, because once he started making a drink, your lack of planning was not his problem. I would give this place five stars, but the drinks are expensive. Even a glass of Coke on ice for my non-drinking friend ran me $5.00

4 Stars Kire October 23, 2012

Sat at the bar, and roger took care of us. One of us ordered off the menu and I just told roger what I liked. Told him I didn't like gin and he took this as a challenge I think. He managed to find a gin that I liked and make a drink with fresh basil, cucumber, gin, grapefruit extract and who knows what else! Tasted amazing. Followed that up with a mind blowing drink made with whiskey, pumpkin butter and 5 spice. Best crafted drinks we had in Vegas.

2 Stars 360 Vegas Mark July 28, 2012

Another big disappointment. Heard nothing but good things but I had the Vesper drink and had to force it down to finish it. Most of their drinks seem to be gin or whisky based which isn't my style so I'm sure that didn't help. Staff is AMAZING! Adorable waitress was incredibly knowledgeable about the drinks and very friendly. I'm sure they would have brought me something else out if I would have said something but I didn't. The space is super cool and even though this experience wasn't good, I'll give them another try in the future.

4 Stars Ute June 07, 2012

Excellent service. The cocktail waitress knew the menu and did an excellent job describing the differences between similar signature drinks. Our drinks were expertly mixed. The seating area behind the bar was ideal for conversation and the layout accommodated multiple groups of 4-6 people who could each have their own conversations without having to shout. Will go there again on our next visit.

5 Stars Mike Cannon April 25, 2012

Best cocktails and mixologists in Vegas hands down. And also the best sazerac outside new Orleans.

5 Stars MrEinSantaCruz July 30, 2011

This is a great bar. Mixology + great people watching + great staff = winning combination. Like most mixology places, your better off saying "make me something with x that tasted like ..."

5 Stars Markus May 10, 2011

These guys are real artisans! Fantastic drinks and service, if you want to know how all your favorite drinks are supposed to taste like, check out this place:)

4 Stars Trevor C January 03, 2011

Was looking forward to real fruit juice however they had run out when we were there. They were also out of a few types of signature drink liquids which limited the menu. Will be good when the kinks are smoothed out. For now - just average drinks with good service.

5 Stars TBONE December 22, 2010

Great lobby bar! Fresh drinks friendly bartenders...breakfast was great...

4 Stars Hunter December 19, 2010

Mellow lobby bar that includes some comfy chairs and Wi-Fi. One super bonus - drinks are made with real fruit juices, not canned stuff like the other bars.