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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Voodoo Lounge (The Rio)

2 Stars Scott B July 19, 2013

The drink prices are actually pretty cheap. $7 grey goose and tonic. I can deal with that. Loud club music and woo girls. If that's your thing. Go here.

1 Star Andrico June 23, 2013

This place has taken a turn for the worse. It used to be a nice hangout spot, now it's depressing. 😞

5 Stars Jay March 24, 2013

Best view and best place to hang w friends!

4 Stars Onenight June 26, 2012

Monday night. No cover, cheap drinks. Not much seating outside because of bottle service, but inside has a lot if you need it. Dancers came out, bar tenders did tricks. It was nice, not much of a lounge though.

5 Stars GraemeR May 15, 2012

Wow. View music and drinks what more do you need. Shame they dont let blokes on the dancing platforms - could of shown off some moves. Great night. ;)

4 Stars Dave November 10, 2011

Epic lounge!! View of the strip is awesome!!

5 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

Showed up on a Wednesday around 12 and even tho we had the Vegas club pass cards the doorman told us to save em for another night and didn't charge cover even tho it was pretty packed in there, the view alone is amazing!

4 Stars Anthony September 15, 2011

The Voodoo Lounge was always my favorite Las Vegas destination. To me, nothing was better then having a few drinks, on a hot summer night overlooking the Strip from the roof top deck. This year when I went back, something had changed, and not for the better. The Voodoo Lounge had turned in to the Voodoo Nightclub. No longer can you just relax against the railing with a couple friends. Couches are set up along the outside of the rooftop, surrounded by ropes. This is where the bottle service is. It will set you back $450 for a table for 4 and $800 for 8. I'm sure this is a better price compared so some clubs in town, but I just wanted to make people aware of it. Admittedly, this was on a Saturday night, I don't know how it is during the week, so you may want to check for your selves.

4 Stars Danny August 09, 2011

Went on a Thursday night, free entry with passes around 10pm. Shared the infamous Witch Doctor cocktail with my wife. Fantastic views of strip, decent music, dance floor outside on terrace. Fun night.

3 Stars Heineken Whyte August 08, 2011

Went during the week to watch the sunset but was told lounge didn't open until 9pm. In the past it opened at 5pm. Stuck around and had a great time. The witch doctor drink is a must.

5 Stars Sara July 10, 2010

Incredible views!

5 Stars Sara July 09, 2010

Incredible views!

5 Stars Andrico June 22, 2010

Great view. Nice place for couples. If you go, you HAVE to order the witchdoctor. Not too wild, and not too laid back...perfect.

5 Stars John June 07, 2010

Amazing view, and rooftop deck. Ghostbar is the best though!

2 Stars fshowalter May 31, 2010

Not as nice as as Ghostbar, but if you get here before 8pm, you can get in free and watch the sunset in relative solitude.

4 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

The tip floor view from the roof is the best you'll find in my opinion. There's rarely a charge if you grease the door guy and I love it much more than Ghost Bar. Drinks are liquor and pepsi, but no ones perfect.

4 Stars Eric May 01, 2010

Amazing views from high atop the Rio. Going at sunset, and watching the lights of Vegas come alive, is amazing. If you're with a group, order a Witch Doctor, with several straws. The flair bartenders are talented too, but the outdoor view is the real star of the show. The glass elevator ride up the side of the building is pretty cool, too.

0 Stars Frank April 03, 2010

Got laid, 5 stars!

0 Stars Sean and Jen March 31, 2010

This was our first club in Vegas and it didn't disappoint. Great view fun crowd and good staff. We had loads of laughs and good times dancing. Will def come back.... Oh and those crazy drinks!

4 Stars Cody March 30, 2010

Been to Vegas 3 times this past year and have always made a point to stop in here at least once per visit. This place offers a teriffic view of the city!!! The music is loud and slammin, the bartenders put on a great show and pour generous, and the dancers are sexy without giving it all away. Diverse crowd with a come one, come all attitude. Come for the romantic views but stay for the party!! Will come back again and again.

4 Stars Seahwks February 23, 2010

Great view of the strip. We paid for the VIP bottle service. Staff we're very attentive. Recommend paying the extra for sure.

3 Stars De4st February 22, 2010

Just got back. Had dinner at the voodoo steak with my husband and another couple. The food was pretty good... Had buy one get 2 nd entree free coupons or it would have been pretty expensive. Gointo the lounge for free after. Ok but small and I didn't appreciate standing. The view was very good but the Stratosphere is better. Good for people watching but I wouldn't pay to get in.

5 Stars Gaylin September 09, 2009

I thought it was great danced the nite away with strangers very unlike me!!!!!

3 Stars Tina August 25, 2009

Traveled 3000 miles to get a witch doctor and they were out of glasses and bartender refused to make us one.

3 Stars Mel June 17, 2009

View was great and music was good. I was disappointed that they have absolutely nothing on tap, bottles only and not a great selection. We really enjoyed our night all the same!

4 Stars LilyThePink May 19, 2009

Really enjoyed it here. Really good vibe. there was a girl dancer on a kind of illuminated coffee table on the outside patio. Great view - enjoyed the witchdoctor - it really bubbles and smokes!

2 Stars Dave B. April 29, 2009

Great setting...drinks reasonably priced...unfortunately we came on local band night..NO DANCE music or DJ! the place was dead with zero excitement ...the girls were average looking at best, very dissappointed.

5 Stars Jon dobson January 12, 2009

Superb views. Go early to avoid cover charge then stay all night as we did. Got loads of free drinks as gin promo was on.

0 Stars BR August 06, 2007

My wife and I went here based on various reviews. Like others have stated the view is awesome. The witchdoctor drink is WAY overpriced and not worth it. The food also is way overpriced. We stuck with two appetizers which were not worth it either. Luckily we got some passes to get in off an online auction website for next to nothing...otherwise had we paid full price to get in the place we would've really felt ripped off. We won't be back again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 24, 2006

A great place to go - the view of the city is awesome and the Witchdoctor drink rocked! A little pricey ($24) but it was very strong and definately a drink to share with a friend. We went on a Monday night so there wasn't any cover...

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 08, 2005

I thought the Foundation Room had the best view in town until findind this gem. The balcony is both spacious, and majestic. The best view of the strip, hands down. The only knock is an overabundance of latin music.

0 Stars jtfbrkr July 25, 2003

One of the most incredible views of the strip if you're lucky enough to get a seat out on the roof balcony. Didn't like the $20 cover charge even if you're staying at the Rio. Great drinks, intimate atmosphere, and live music at night.