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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews XS (Encore at Wynn Las Vegas)

5 Stars Brando October 01, 2011

Best club in Vegas!!!! VIP host was awesome, got us a table on the dance floor for Dim Mak Monday with Steve Aoki, this place is bumping with hot girls and great staff, like all clubs in Vegas make sure to grab bottle service cause it makes the night way better, girls come to the booth and all the douche bags stay out, it's s win win for all

2 Stars Aj August 16, 2011

Overrated. The staff was rude and the music was awful. So slow and no variety. I paid 20 dollars to watch sloppy drunk girls have spontaneous seizures. Won't be coming back.

0 Stars Foss August 13, 2011

Worst club in Vegas by far byyyyyyyyyyy far wouldint take a s**t in that place

5 Stars Danny August 09, 2011

Amazing club! Only $30 for me as wife had free pass. Got there for dead on 10pm so queue was short- it got real busy real quick though! Great setting, looks amazing, decent music, and you can sit around the pool area where there is a ledge all the way round!! Handy for couples who can't justify bottle service split two ways!!

4 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Good night club, we went on a Monday night $30, drinks were the normal price of $11 a vodka and coke, 3 shots cost $48. The DJ on the night was brilliant good dance tunes. decent size dancefloor. No queues but it was a Monday night. Defiantly one to go to.

5 Stars Jesse C November 19, 2010

These guys got it going on, this place will leave you in AWE!!!!!! Great DJ, awesome VIP tables, tons of people to meet and great staff, from servers to doorman these guys have really set a standard in Vegas, you have to check this place out

5 Stars Brandon November 18, 2010

If you haven't been here, I feel sorry for you :( This nightclub is absolutely Beautiful and has the perfect atmosphere to party in, great layout, fantastic DJ's and tons of VIP tables ( which I recommend ) In Vegas it's easy to spend money and make a club look nice ( this place lives up to it's name ) but like I said it's the atmosphere that is awesome, huge dance floor and poles all over for people to get crazy on and being allowed dance on tables. This club always you to party in many different ways, book you plane ticket to Vegas and party here, you'll have no regrets.

5 Stars Gabe August 28, 2010

It's no wonder that this club is #1 on Yelp, 4.5 stars with over 900 reviews. Also ranked the #1 nightclub in America in 2010 and Best New Club. An amazing place. Places to sit for people without table service, girls can dip their feet in the pool, the line actually moves and they allow reentry, need I say more.

5 Stars Erin August 09, 2010

Wet to XS Friday night....it was amazing!!! Drinks are way expensive so drink before if you are on a budget! The dance floor is beautiful overlooking the pool...so worth the cover to get in!

5 Stars Pit July 17, 2010

Wonderful Club

Great Music and wonderful Ladys

Cant wait to stay there again

5 Stars Giuseppe Lorè June 05, 2010

Great night! ;-)

4 Stars DianaC. June 01, 2010

Just got back from Vegas today & spent my memorial day weekend there. Was @ XS saturday night for my 2nd time. This club is my favorite by far. The environment was great however one small downfall was the music. I probably heard the same songs about 3 times, literally. Other then that its beautiful & classy ;)

5 Stars Kurt May 27, 2010

Best club in Vegas. Get bottle service!

5 Stars MikeE May 04, 2010

There are absolutely no words to describe how awesome XS is. I can only say that the two greatest Monday nights of my life were spent here. Can't wait to go back again and again.

5 Stars Cindy April 30, 2010

Best nightclub in Vegas! Very classy, bottle service is great. Awesome music and a great time all around. Will be back everytime I'm in Vegas.

0 Stars Ricky April 15, 2010

The very best club in Vegas !! Been to Vegas many times and this is the one club you must experience !! Great decor, great music and an awesome atmosphere !!

5 Stars Susan April 04, 2010

Incredible. This is the nicest, classiest place in the United States. For upscale, cultured nightlife, see XS.

5 Stars Hunter April 04, 2010

I'm not a club guy but if you're going, this is the best.

5 Stars Rick April 04, 2010

Best nightclub in Vegas especially if you have a large group. Tons of outdoor tables and cabanas right by their pool. Oh yah, and Blackjack tables in the center of that huge pool. Party indoors or out but good luck getting drinks from the bar, that can take some time. Hope you're a good talker if you trying to buy her a drink and you have to wait 10 minutes for your bartender to mix it up! Best bet, get a table or get fkd up first! Cheers!

5 Stars QM March 19, 2010

Unbelievable.. If your in Vegas and miss XS you missed out

5 Stars Jeremy March 13, 2010

It's like an over the top club scene in a movie, but even more unreal. Definitely recommend it even for people like myself that hate clubs. This is a singular exception.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

The Top 50 #1 nightclub in the country as ranked by Forbes. This place is uber chich and ultra classy!

5 Stars Trey January 02, 2010

Expensive, but incredible nonetheless!

5 Stars Frank December 06, 2009

Utterly amazing!! This is the classiest nightclub in the U.S.

2 Stars Steve November 04, 2009

Very pretty inside. Mostly techno music. Lots of old men and TONS of hookers trying to hustle them.

5 Stars Baek May 26, 2009

Just like tryst except the waterfall portion is turned into an outdoor area to roam with a bar and spots to gamble. Nothing compares to Tao but this place is definitely a close 2nd.

5 Stars Jacq February 17, 2009

Amazing. So big, and fun. Looks like a better version of tryst. Best club in vegas. Outdoor patio next to the pool where u can gamble... Bar there also less crowded. During the summer there are amazing cabanas next to the pool. Club is never at capacity, but the door man acts like it is. Spring for a table outside during the summer. It will b worth it!!!