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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Alize (The Palms)

5 Stars jbobarooni June 21, 2013

I eat here every trip. Sometimes twice.

The view alone is worth the money. The wine list is extensive. The cognac selection is top notch.

The food is always fantastic. The menu changed this last trip for the first time in twelve years.

This is where I go with clients or friends or my wife for romance.

Will I go back? Yes yes and yes.

5 Stars Snow Skier December 27, 2012

The Dover Sole and the duck are delicious. Lobster Bisque is tasty. I have had everything on the menu.

The wine selection is superb.

The view is phenomenal. Go just before sundown to get the full effect of seeing Las Vegas during the day then watch it light up at night.

I eat there once every trip. Solo or with friends.

5 Stars James November 17, 2012


2 Stars Ian October 23, 2011

I have to say the view was lovely, only if u r seated to see it. I We were not pleased with the seating when we got there. We were seated in an undesirable location, it was later changed. The food was not worth the price. The presentation was great, but not french enough.The server did not give his name and was not attentive.It scene was not romantic, it feels like u r on top of each other. Also it was very noisy.It was a great experience, but would never return.

4 Stars Jane Public March 08, 2011

I have been here twice, service is always excellent, service was superb,chefs always respected my dietary needs, excellent view of the city, I will always go back

2 Stars Thomas W. November 23, 2010

Meh. The View is great, granted, but the food, while certainly gourmet, did not rock my world. You shouldn't pay that amount of money and still leave hungry.

5 Stars BordFan April 09, 2010

We told the server that they deserved another Michelin star. Michael Mina in Frisco has two stars and if that is the benchmark then Alize needs two as well. Excellent all around. We both had the 5 course tasting menu, I had the sommelier wine pairing and the wife had the house wine pairing. Excellent food, service, decor and an unbelievable view.

5 Stars Mary March 26, 2009

Amazing view and food. A must on any couples list.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 29, 2004

If it weren't for this restuarant, the Palm's would not show up on the service map! The food, the view, and the wine were all incredible. This restuarant can cater to both the romantics and the party goers!

Dont forget that there are two other restuarants owned by this chef...so you can try a little something different if you prefer!

0 Stars ppsoutheastusa March 15, 2004

The perfect dinner at the perfect place in Las Vegas. Superb food and service. Great view -- we could see from downtown Fremont Street all the way to Mandalay Bay. Enjoyable atmosphere. Best meal we have ever eaten in Las Vegas. We had entrees of chicken and duck. The total for the two of us was $170 including wine, tax and tip. Would not hesitate to return - absolutely wonderful! I believe the website for Alize said there was a $35 minimum per person. The website is at http//www.alizelv.com

0 Stars kjhslg January 05, 2004

Excellent food and service. Ghost Bar or maybe Rain is below, so if you want to avoid the thump of a driving bass over dinner, go before the night clubs kick off. Our host Mickey was very very nice and worked to help us maximize our comps.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 08, 2002

This is one of Las Vegas Best. Difficult to get comps. View is fabulous try to go at sunset or on rare day there is a rain storm coming towards you.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 16, 2002

The Food was better then excellent. The view was very romantic as was the overall atmosphere. The price was very high but worth every penny. The service was without a fault.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 20, 2001

The food was excellent, the view was breathtaking the setting was relaxed. The whole experience was pleasantly memorable. Expensive.