Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Allegro (Wynn Las Vegas)

4 Stars Al From San Diego February 20, 2012

SUPER FOR VERY LATE EATS. I wasn't a fan of Stratta upon opening but after two late night experiences, count me as a huge huge fan. The tiny, late night menu, allows them to execute in style. We ordered all the apps, each hot, fresh and yummy. I had the spaghetti and meatball plate which consisted of beautifully fresh cooked al dents pasta. This place had its issues, but it's on the upswing, and hard to beat in the category of post 2am offerings. Service is amazing. Casual to however you look after a night of clubbing or drinking. Expect a cost of 25 a person including tip. Robust fresh ingredients, professional cooks and execution, place this as the best late late spot on the strip.

3 Stars Hunter December 18, 2011

Spaghetti was good but the Parmesan fries were kinda gross. It's an okay lunch option on weekends if you want something more substantial than buffet food.

1 Star Julie July 16, 2011

Just ok. There are better restaurants around

4 Stars FV February 27, 2011

Had a nice dinner. Service was good and the food was great.

5 Stars Sarah February 17, 2011

Alex is THE chef! We absolutely love him.

5 Stars Lisa December 23, 2010

The food is absolutely amazing and the service was great! We were four of us and every plate was delicious! This is a restaurant that everyone must go and will not regret it. It is worth every penny!

1 Star Mike H July 17, 2010

Very disappointed with the food. Bland and uninspiring. Service was slow. Two tables around us sent their food back because something was wrong with it.

2 Stars Adam S. April 27, 2010

Overall, was not too thrilled with this place. Was there for and engagement party with my uncle. Service was a bit uptight and the wineglasses they brought is initially were dirty, yet they barely apologized and only brought new ones grudgingly. Food was unspectacular, can't think of one dish ordered at a table of 12 people I'd want to return to have. Much better options at wynn/ encore in that price range. Can't say enough good things about Society Cafe for one.

3 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

After looking at a ridiculously long buffet line at Wynn, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Stratta. The menu at lunch is low key Italian. We started with the assorted salami and marinated olives and a glass of wine. The short rib sandwich with a side of peppers was decent , the rigatoni solid, and the spaghetti average. Service was quick and friendly but not particularly knowledgeable. For the level of dining, there are several other options to choose from along the strip.

5 Stars Steven W September 03, 2009

Very good. We started with a ceaser salad which was great. The entree was ribbon noodles covered in meat sauce with some kind of cheese on top. The pasta was cooked to perfection. The desserts were mouth watering! Service was top notch even with the party size of 40 that we were with.

4 Stars Mike_Ch August 09, 2009

I've intended to go here for a while anyway, but the Red Card sent a $50 dining credit for your choice of four restaurants, and we chose Stratta after several people online said it was the best option. Normally open for dinner only, Stratta opens for lunch on Saturday and Sunday and we were the first in for lunch.

Something I would like to point out to people looking at menus in advance is that the Wynn menu PDFs do nothing to distinguish lunch from dinner. You'll see a full menu online, and get to the restaurant and find an item is only served at lunch, or at dinner. Do not be surprised if what you want isn't there, and be ready with a backup.

This location was originally planned as a Ferrari Cafe and then opened with the rest of Wynn as a very red Corsa instead. It did not fare very well in the reviews, and so the place closed while a renovation happened. The biggest changes were that the reds were replaced with a dose of rust brown and a wall blocking the place off from the casino was ripped out, giving the casino a view of the bar and vice versa. For a not-so-busy Sunday lunch, we were seated between the bar and the casino. As the open-view Corsa also didn't do very well, at some point this location was handed to Alex Stratta (get it?) or at least had his identity tagged onto it. Most people feel the menu didn't change.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of eating open to a casino (especially if there's a heavy smoker outside) but the other section appeared closed so there wasn't any good reason to ask for different seats. The dining room does not have any music that I know of, but due to the close proximity to the casino, we were eating to the tisk-bum tisk-bum tisk-bum of the Wynn casino soundtrack, which neither of us like very much. Perhaps a busy, loud room would drown out the soundtrack.

Honestly, I have to say I really enjoyed the food, though we did not get very fancy. I had a lunch-only item, a Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($12), and my dining companion chose the all-hours Rigatoni with Meatballs (could not remember the price - hey, it was comped!) Bread came in the form of regular bread and flat bread and came with a pesto sauce that the waitress chatted up. I'll be honest, I've never tried a pesto sauce before this, but I've heard multiple people say this is good.

The chicken sandwich was great. The bread was perfectly crunchy, a dense layer of cheese that wasn't as greasy as it looked, the basil topping added flavour and the chicken was fine. My other diner didn't really comment on the pasta and meatballs, but didn't complain either.

Total bill was under the credit, so I opted for the Toffee Chocolate Cake for dessert. This cake is great. You basically have a chocolate cake rolled in toffee bits with a coffee sauce poured across the plate, and a tiny portion of edible gold leaf at the top. I almost always go for the cheesecake when I pick a dessert but I would recommend this.

Service was prompt as you'd expect when you're one of the first people to arrive for the day.

0 Stars Manuel Vexler April 05, 2008

The setting is nice, however not as opulent as Bellagio’s buffet. Wynn’s buffet lacks a theme, and frankly some good cooking. There is a mix of almost everything, but each sample is small. For example, you got 3-4 Italian dishes including pizza, and 5 Chinese dishes, a few middle-eastern dishes, and a little bit of sea-food.
The quality of the food is low and there is nothing that you cannot find at a buffet which is priced at half of the $35 you pay at Wynn. The desserts bar is poor, except for good ice-cream. Most of foods were not cooked properly. For example, pork chops were hard and rubbery, and the beef roast was raw; the guy next to me in line asked for it to be microwaved so he can eat it.

When the waitress came around we told her about the problems we see with the quality and variety of the buffet, and she brought in the manager. After some ‘customer satisfaction’ talk that we will do everything for you to be satisfied, my wife asked for crepes. His answer was ‘we cannot do it, this is a Friday and Saturday night dish’. He offered no refund, and just paid lip service.

My advice…go to Bellagio for the same money, or choose a place like Sahara or Planet Hollywood.

0 Stars User January 14, 2006

The worst dining experience we had in vegas. The service was bad and the food was worse. No variety on menu, minimal mediteranian influence. Rotten vegatables and cold soup still recieved no attention from managment. Unexceptable quality for 30+ a plate.

0 Stars User December 18, 2005

We arrived at the Wynn to find an absolute treasure that was not highly touted like some of the other restaurants in the hotel. Corsa Cucina has definitely won my girlfriend and me over. We heard from the staff that they are going to renovate the room to be slightly more upscale, so we are definitely looking forward to going back. The staff was wonderful, the food was outstanding, and with a little facelift, I think they will have a homerun. Check it out, we certainly will.

0 Stars User September 27, 2005

Reservations highly recommended, but were not needed at all when we arrived. Slow to get initial service. No water. Waiter (Sean) forgot BOTH our drink order and food order. He had to come back and ask what our orders were, WELL after we ordered. The food was even slower to come out. My wife had the Artisinal Goat’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi and I had the Dungeness Crab. The Ricotta was delicious, but VERY rich. The Dungeness Crab was also delicious and rich. The crab also had MANY pieces of crab shell, indicating poor prep and attention to detail. Chef Stephen Kalt has the right idea for the food, but the service and food preparation was just aweful. The staff and GM were not at all receptive to our comments and complaints. Highly overpriced based on our experience. We can get better of both at our local Olive Garden. Stay away from the black mark in the Wynn!

0 Stars User July 26, 2005

Corsa Cucina needs some tweeking. The menu is limited and the decor gave my guests and I the ambience of a diner. What we ordered was good, not great. The bread was o.k.. That is my point, everything is o.k. or good. But, to be the only italian-mediterrean restaurant in the Wynn is not acceptable. It was the most disappointing dinner of our trip but the most expensive. Skip Corsa Cucina and you will miss nothing great.

0 Stars User June 09, 2005

I simply had an amazing experience at Corsa. I was pleasantly suprised by the upscale casual venue that I have been hearing about. The food and service were exceptional and the decor I was told is in the process of being renovated. Chef Stephen Kalt has definitely hit the mark with this one.

0 Stars User May 04, 2005

I ordered the Lobster Raviolis with White Asparagus and received some very small rolled items which I assume was the lobster raviolis but the asparagus I received was small green asparagus not white. There was no explanation for this from the staff. My guest ordered the Lamb Shank and was very happy with the meal but thought the whole experience was over priced especially the salad we had. There was no wine or alcoholic drinks of any kind at our table and no dessert and the bill was $90.00. I do suggest that the restaurant should at least serve what the people order. The bread was excellent.

Red Card # 0196793 Patricia Pate

0 Stars Hunter May 01, 2005

Try the lobster sandwich, it is amazing.