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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews America (New York New York)

2 Stars Scotty221 April 20, 2013

Ate breakfast here once during my last trip. Corned Beef Hash was passable. However, the service was well below average. I was a little hungover, and I was chugging water. The waitress walked by my table 4 times before I had to stop her to refill my water. Even then, she checked out another table before refilling it. But of advice, if you are alone, and want to grab a quick bite, pick another restaurant.

4 Stars Steve January 20, 2013

Nice place to hangout and grab a late night rib steak.

4 Stars Steve August 26, 2012

Love this joint.

1 Star Gregory July 25, 2012

We stopped for a breakfast and a lunch. Poor service both visits. They got our lunch order totally wrong and delivered some of our food to a different table. Other items were different than what the menu described. Appears to be the same kitchen that prepares room service food. We will never go here again.

1 Star Stacey April 21, 2012

Terrible. Got here at midnite, Didn't get food until 12:30 and when they brought the food they dropped mine, so i had to wait another ten minutes. Took ten minutes to get the jelly my husband asked for for his toast. Brought the wrong drink, over cooked a steak (asked for medium, got it well) & service was too slow to bother asking for a new one. Staff didn't seem to care since we were automatically charged 18% gratuity. Don't bother unless you have two hours to kill and a lot of patience.

2 Stars Andrew From Australia March 20, 2012

Had a philly cheesteak at midnight. Nothing special.

1 Star Ian November 07, 2011

Really s-l-o-w service. Food was poor too. :(

5 Stars Steve October 08, 2011

Breakfast was amazing. Service was fast and everyone was extremely polite. Recommended.

4 Stars GHL October 06, 2011

Good portions at fair prices, 24/7 breakfast is a plus and service was good

4 Stars Paul Z August 18, 2011

Steak and eggs were good at a fair price, Beverages were a little pricey almost $8.00 for 2 glasses of OJ. Nice themed map hangs over head.

3 Stars Heineken Whyte August 08, 2011

Omelet was decent.

0 Stars Ant90621 July 20, 2011

Have the chicken noodle

5 Stars Rick Warren May 01, 2011

Great food had the ribs and chicken. Way more then I could eat. Very good. Price was good also.

4 Stars AjMN March 22, 2011

We went for late breakfast. Like 2pm, Had a omelet and it was delicious.

1 Star Shay November 28, 2010

Mediocre food at reasonable prices. We only went because it's open 24 hours.

3 Stars Jril September 28, 2010

Food was pretty good, but prices were high for small portions of common food.

5 Stars Dave September 18, 2010

Excellent food and the service was great. The steak and eggs can't be beat. Even though the wait was long, once we sat down our server Jeff made up for it. I'd go back again.

4 Stars Pete August 15, 2010

A must is steak and eggs for breakfast, cheap and you get massive portion was full all day, staff were fast and friendly

3 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

The food is ok. It's a little slow getting it to the table though. It's a great eat if you have an hour to kill and want a decent burger though. I'd go back.

3 Stars Robert April 26, 2010

A 24 hour coffee shop and that is what it is. Food was good for a late night check in, I had an avacado omelet and girlfriend had mac and cheese. The sourdough toast BTW was really good.

5 Stars Jordan April 06, 2010

Great place for wings at 3 am; which always taste good incidentally.

4 Stars Big daddy March 30, 2010

I would say for the price you really can't beat it

4 Stars David March 12, 2010

Friendly staff, a good selection on the menu that satisfied each in our group, and reasonable prices. We would dine here again.

0 Stars David February 12, 2010

Sucked!!! Food crappy service alright, but then again it's not a five star place

5 Stars Simon February 05, 2010

Really good service, very acomodating staff and great value. I would reccommended this place at any time if the day.

4 Stars Pete December 04, 2009

Great food all round the clock especially the steak & eggs and good value for money.

4 Stars Reid October 04, 2009

Had a very nice breakfast here. The eggs benedict was wonderful.

4 Stars Alex August 28, 2009

Very good and cheap steak and crablegs special.

3 Stars Steven209 August 13, 2009

The food was very good and so were the prices. I reccommend the 14oz. ribeye steak for $14.99. The service was kinda slow but the waiter was nice and the decor was awsome and I would return to America agian.

5 Stars Steve March 07, 2009

The best restaurant bang for your buck on the strip. The pot roast is fantastic, and the staff is some of the friendliest anywhere. I can not praise America enough.

3 Stars Hope March 04, 2009

Good food, decent service. Coffee is charged by the cup not caraffe which is rather annoying. Would eat there again if we stayed at NYNY. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat there if I was staying elsewhere.

3 Stars Matthew Lambert December 21, 2008

Ok so if you go to a cafe like this for lunch or dinner you might be disappointed. But when your in Vegas you should be eating lunch and dinner at a place where the food is different from a cafe you have back home. However , late night after a few dozen drinks America (Americana) is the perfect place to eat. Steak and eggs is a Vegas favorite. Service is great considering they have to deal with all the drunks. So for a dinner out right before a show... Not so much, get a lobster ... But at 5am right before you go to bed... America is great.

0 Stars TJ Thompson April 06, 2008

The service was horrible. I just got back from dinner there. I took my mother out to there for her birthday because I thought it looked like a nice restaurant. Well, the food was good (except for the burnt rolls they tossed on the table and the charred pizza crust). Really, the Greek salad was amazing. So I got a good value for the food. But the service really was bad. I called ahead of time and made a reservation, and I told the woman on the phone that it was my birthday and asked, "Does the restaurant do anything special for someone if its their birthday?". The woman on the phone said that they put a candle in a slice of cake but "nothing spectacular." That was precisely what I wanted. Great. But that's not the way it happened. The first waiter had no idea what brand root beer they sold. Then he sent over a second waiter to take care of our table, and after dinner he asked if we wanted dessert. Ridiculous! I shouldn't have to notify the waiter of the preplanned slice of makeshift birthday cake right in front of the birthday person! But I did. He told me that the restaurant does no such thing, but that he could do it if I wanted. Odd, because that same night two other guests had the same thing delivered to them -- a slice of strawberry cheesecake and a candle. So the cake came, and so did the bill. They had charged me an exorbitant $5.25 for a slice of cake that the woman on the phone implied was free. After all, I had asked "Does the restaurant do anything special...?," not "Does the restaurant supply the candle and the flame?". I went to the front area and told someone my complaint about having to tell the waiter about the birthday cake, and she completely understood. She brought the manager over, and he was less than inviting. I told him my complaint about having to tell the waiter something I had already told on the phone, so it could be a surprise to the birthday person, and he said something incredulous along the lines of "Okay...and what do you want me to do about it?" with that sort of tone you use when someone is telling you completely useless information and expect you to respond. I then added to the conversation the part about what the woman on the phone had told me, and my precise question, and he told me that they were incorrect, as if it isn't his responsibility to make sure the staff knows the restaurant policies on such matters. If someone working there tells a customer something incorrect, it is his responsibility to have the restaurant eat the cost or to pass the cost along to the worker, not to charge a customer for something they believed would be free. The manager appeared to take the $5.25 charge off, handing me the bill in that leathery book with a definite attitude about him. On my walk back to my table, I looked at the bill -- THE CHARGE WAS STILL THERE! He may have made a mistake during the process of taking the charge off, but I doubt it. I think that he was trying to trick me into thinking the charge was off. I wasn't born yesterday. I went back to the woman at the front, and told her the charge was still there. She told the manager, and that time he really did take it off. On my way out, he apologized for the misunderstanding and rationalized, saying that he can't give a free piece of cake to everybody, as if that fixes the incompetency of the staff in this matter and the rudeness he had radiated throughout the last 15 minutes or so of my visit there. Simply put, I do not plan on returning there ever again. I would not recommend it to anyone; I do not recommend to you. This is the anti-recommendation. I am bothered not because the dessert wasn't free, but that nobody TOLD me that it wasn't free. And if I'm going to pay for a dessert, let me pick what the dessert is going to be! And finally, don't have an attitude, Mr. Manager, when I come to you with a problem with the service at your establishment. Yes, folks. Delicious food and beautiful restaurant, but horrible service overall, and avoid Manager Tony if you ever DO decide to stop by.

- TJ, a local

0 Stars mike_ch October 29, 2006

Get ready for some long waits! It's always been this way for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why it's always so slow. Maybe this kitchen also handles room service orders and isn't capable of handling the load of that and the dining room? Only thing I can think of, and room service at 3AM is the only thing I think it's good for. If you're on the ground, eat at ESPN or Gonzelez or, if it's late, run south to one of the better cafes.

It's morning in America, and I'm still waiting for the dinner I ordered last night!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 03, 2006

Ate here several times. The food was very good but always less than warm. The service needs a lot of improvement!!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 29, 2005

just returned from a great trip to vegas but don't waste your time or money on the food at the america. we were seated immediately but waited one hour for our food. Which had to be sent back and put in the microwave because everything was ice cold. It wasn't very tasty either

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 06, 2005

We came at a relatively slow time and had the slowest and most inattentive service that we had anywhere in Vegas.

The food was good, but not worth the two + hours that we were there.

0 Stars rmk003 July 08, 2003

Still bad food and bad service. Steak was cold. Dinner took forever.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Can for a late night snack and dessert, we thought our server was friendly and the food quite good for coffee shop fare.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 19, 2000

We found both the food and service to be acceptable in this huge coffee shop. There is a rather extensive menu which should have something for nearly everyone. A bit pricey for a coffee shop but I guess that is standard for the "new" Las Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 22, 2000

Poor service and bland food. What else is there to say?