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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Aria Cafe (ARIA)

4 Stars mike_ch December 24, 2015

Hasn't changed much over the years. Slightly above average food, with well above average prices, in a secluded area that's never at capacity. If you want to be seated immediately and avoid the Vegas bustle, you could do worse.

5 Stars Andrew August 21, 2014

Good for solo diners with plenty of bar style seating. Considering the resorts high roller status, prices are reasonable with top quality breakfast food.

5 Stars John Miller August 07, 2014

Calling this a coffee shop is insufficient. It is a lovely 24 hour excellent quality restaurant.

4 Stars Bob October 22, 2013

Nice menu selection. Food well prepared. Not inexpensive, but view and atmosphere great. Only complaint is that it took so long to be seated despite half empty restaurant. Not enough hostesses. The two hostesses there seemed in no hurry to seat customers.

3 Stars Salvegas24 April 28, 2013

We had breakfast here on our last day at the Aria. The food was really overpriced (even for Vegas) but very good. We both had omelets. Can't complain too much. We enjoyed a quiet and relaxing breakfast in a comfortable environment.

3 Stars Michael Simonds April 20, 2013

The "Vettro" burger is a pleasant surprise that can easily stand up to many of the nearby gourmet burger places. Great vibe and ambient lighting. My waiter and Bloody Mary come with not-so-great marks.

4 Stars Lsbanjo January 26, 2013

Very nice cafe for a quick meal. We stopped in before a show and mentioned to the waiter that we had a limited time and was very helpful. Rushed our order, food was ver tasty, and reasonably priced for this hotel. Probably the best design in any cafe in LV.

1 Star Brandon October 13, 2012

This place is terrible. Nothing I can recommend. If you want cafe type food I recommend the cafe at bellagio.

4 Stars Sdunph October 04, 2012

Probably the best 24 hour cafe I have experienced in Vegas. Great food and even better service. Beautiful setting as well. Very enjoyable!

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark July 28, 2012

It was good. Service was very slow, seems like they are under staffed. Waited for 15 minutes for a table even though we could see from the line that theyhad open tables. I had the buffalo wings and a mojito so it's not like I tried anything unique. View is fantastic, love the space, would go again.

2 Stars Soko April 29, 2012

Very average tasting food. I got the tuna melt and it was just basic canned tuna salad. Slow service. Our waiter must have been having a bad night. He forgot part of our order and brought the wrong bottle of wine out for the table next to us. I found the restaurant to be gorgeous but the seating was annoying. If I sat back in my chair (booth seat) I would have my back touching the back of the stranger dining behind me.

1 Star JB April 15, 2012

Horrible food! French dip was really bad! $50 for 2 sandwiches, 2 Cokes and 1 order of fries. Unbelievable! Service was terrible. I think our waiter was out on a day pass from the funny farm.

3 Stars Salvegas24 February 26, 2012

The service was slow. The food is average and everything was WAY overpriced. Paid less for breakfast at the buffet than we did at Cafe' Vettro. Not recommended.

3 Stars Dan January 06, 2012

The service was a little off with staff appearing distracted. Food was as expected; simple cafe style food at reasonable prices.

3 Stars donnymac December 11, 2011

4am really drunk, hungry and a wallet full of cash is a good combination. Had a decent burger and the gf had a great corned beef sandwich. Service was just good enough to get us in and out quickly but it was apparent the waiter would rather be working in a club or somewhere hipper for sure

1 Star Jim October 22, 2011

The staff is very bizarre I literally felt like I was taking crazy pills, very very odd people! The food was good but way over priced. Also off topic, but what's with all the hookers at Aria? Crazy!!!

1 Star Bob September 16, 2011

Cold eggs,sent back and new ones cold again. Must be cooking in freezer. Overpriced and lousy food

3 Stars Chelsea H May 14, 2011

For a family of three, our total came to over $50. Food was pretty good but not worth the price. There are several other places to eat on the Strip that offer yummy food that's worth your money. Also, the view outside kinda sucked. I'm not anxious to see people getting out of cabs while I'm eating, Cafe Vettro

2 Stars V April 11, 2011

Expensive somewhat edible. Unfortunately the best place to eat at Aria.

4 Stars Salvegas24 November 08, 2010

Food and service were very good but overpriced. This was the general theme of everything in the Aria. I enjoyed and recommend the Cafe Vettro salad which was excellent.

1 Star Desmond Shaw November 02, 2010

Don't trust all these single sentence 5 star reviews. They are obviously planted reviews from aria management. This place is a massive rip off even by strip standards. Service is the worst I have seen and the prices are outlandish for such mediocre food. Hit the food court across the street and save your money for gambling... And NOT at Aria!

4 Stars Cody September 01, 2010

Came in for a late lunch/early dinner. Sat right away in a nice booth. Nice setting within the hotel. The huge windows let the sun in a bit much but the play of light was nice and the view was great. Service was all that I expected and more. The food was a pleasant surprise. The word cafe made us think staple dishes but food was excellent with great presentation and very tasty. Entire experience was excellent and for Vegas came at a good price. Will visit again.

2 Stars Mason Tam August 14, 2010

$7.50 for a glass of OJ! 'Nuff said.

5 Stars Jesse July 23, 2010

Great morning place!

5 Stars Rich July 22, 2010

Very good food. At first I was worried about the service but they picked their game and came through. This is a very place.

4 Stars Silvia July 20, 2010

Service was great food right price and taste great happy overall

2 Stars Daniel UK July 19, 2010

Food was ok but when they are busy the service is terrible. Felt our breakfast on our last day was overpriced and not good. Did have a nice lunch there another time when quieter!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Best breakfast!!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Best breakfast!!

5 Stars Patrick June 29, 2010

Wow, the food was amazing. Came for breakfast and was blow away how fresh and tasty the food was.

3 Stars Jennifer June 25, 2010

Food was pretty tasty. Service was slow but given with a smile. Reasonable prices for Vegas.

3 Stars Jennifer June 25, 2010

Food was pretty tasty. Service was slow but given with a smile. Reasonable prices for Vegas.

5 Stars Jean June 03, 2010


5 Stars John April 19, 2010

So good! Breakfast here is amazing.

1 Star MikeE April 18, 2010

I generally avoid writing poor reviews to prevent myself from reliving the experience, but I feel I'd be doing a public service to tell you to stay away from this place. After waiting, I shit you not, an hour and fifteen minutes for food, my burger came out completely charred. I asked for the check when they brought the food out and still had to wait another 20 minutes after I had completed my meal. Avoid at all costs.

5 Stars Samantha April 18, 2010

Awesome cafe!!

2 Stars Anthony April 04, 2010

Disappointed.. I found the menu to be very limited. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff, but menu needs to be worked on.

5 Stars Shelby February 28, 2010

Breakfast was great! Space was nice and open and overlooked the gardens.

3 Stars Al From San Diego February 18, 2010

Above average hotel coffee shop, with a tight, concise menu. Steak Frittes was excellent, most breakfast items unremarkable. Not so great for a late night pig out.

4 Stars Lisa January 28, 2010

Once seated service was fast. Great food and atmosphere. Good selections. I'd go back

5 Stars Cynthia January 04, 2010

Outstanding casual cafe. The selection is large and service is great. The architecture is spectacular though!

3 Stars Mike_Ch January 01, 2010

This place would get a 3.5 if Vegas Nate supported half-stars. This place isn't *bad*, but it's menu right now (two weeks after opening) is aiming too high for 24 hour dining. Burgers have bleu cheese as an option, but not American? Huh? Nice location, food served fast, but those searching for good ol' comfort food won't find it here. Notable observation: a Canadian heartstopping side, poutine, is served with one of the steaks. That's not very frequently seen this far south of the border, eh?

4 Stars Hunter December 16, 2009

Food and service were very good, even if a bit slow. Large menu, some items pricey but a large range of choices. Steak sandwich at lunch was good.