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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Aureole (Mandalay Bay)

4 Stars Chris May 12, 2012

Very good meal, excellent service. A bit on the stuffy side, but overall worth the trip.

1 Star Michael March 11, 2012

What a nightmare! We had reservations for 6pm. We were seated on time. 15 minutes later our drink orders were taken. 15 minutes after that the waiter took our order. We had to stop him and tell him we wanted an appetizer. When we got the caviar, it was not fresh. We paid $10 more per 1/2 oz. of the same caviar we purchased at Red Square. (Red Square's was fresh). Then we were presented with a bottle of wine we didn't order. Then I got a medium well prepared steak that was ordered medium rare. I was presented a fork that looked like oysters had been shucked with it. We had to stop someone else's waiter to resolve these issues. We had to ask a second time for the garlic potatoes that had been ordered. There was some fiasco in the next room with someone in a microphone and loud applause and cheering, whichade us have to yell to hear one another at our table. At the end of the meal, I ordered coffee with honey and half and half. I got coffee with sugar, sweet and low, Splenda, ... And half and half. No honey. No explanation either.
When it was all said and done, it took 2 hours for our
meal. We saw our waiter 4 times in that 2 hours.
Not a good experience.
My waiter got a $10.50 tip on a $300 bill.
The manager offered to treat us the next night. We were leaving that night. Not that I would have returned for special sauce on my meal the next night anyway.
Should have done it right the first time. I will not be back.
If you want great food and great service, go to Ri Ra. They know how to treat people. The fish and chips is out of this world, and it doesn't cost you $300 for a bad experience.

1 Star Leanne March 05, 2012

Have you noticed the other reviews discounting the snobby service? Yet there are no reviews describing snobby service. That would be because this company removes negative reviews. We tried to make reservations at another restaurant, but it was closed, we were redirected to this restaurant. Now we know why. This restaurant can't stand on its own. It needs reservation staff to redirect reservations its way to fill tables. We are wise to your bait and switch now! [Not sure what this poster is referring to - the only reviews that we remove from Vegas Mate / RateVegas.com are reviews that personally attack people. No restaurant, hotel or club has the ability to remove reviews. - Ed].

1 Star Michael February 23, 2012

Horrible experience. After 15 minutes at the table our waiter finally showed up to take drink orders. Another 15 minutes later he came by to take food orders. He took main course orders so we had to stop him and tell him we wanted appetizers. When my steak finally arrived, it was cooked medium well rather than the medium rare I had ordered. We had to remind the waiter about garlic potatoes that had been ordered. Another staff member brought a bottle of wine to the table, that we never ordered. At one point there was some kind of celebration going on in the next room involving someone speaking via microphone, and extremely loud applause and cheers. We had to yell to hear each other at our table. After dinner, I asked for coffee with honey and half and half. No surprise at this point, no honey showed up with my coffee. Long story short, we were there 2 hours, our waiter made an appearance 4 times in that 2 hours. I will not go back.

5 Stars Mel July 11, 2011

All those reviews about the rude or snobby staff...what restaurant were you at? I had been dying to try this place for years & finally decided to do it this trip out. Not disappointed by any means. The waitstaff were warm, friendly & incredibly helpful. I think we were served by every employee in the restaurant, each one as polite & attentive as the last. They addressed me as "Miss (my last name)" which was a nice personal touch. On top of that, our food was wonderful. Everything our party ordered was delicious, well prepared & everything we'd hoped for. The wine was excellent. I will be going back next trip out to Vegas.

5 Stars Linda April 28, 2011

What can I say? I am a die hard fan. I go to Vegas once a year and make the my "go to" place to eat or just have a good drink made correctly at the bar. Last year I was there with my 2 daughters who enjoyed meeting Kevin Dimond and my favorite Captain, Malik. The experience is one by which all other dining experiences will be measured against. As always the food was wonderful and so fresh and the paired wines complimented and didn't distract from the experience. Next week I will again be visiting, but for the 1st time my husband will be joining me. We will be ding in the Swan room. In city that has many grand dining choices , i choose to dine and spend my money there. It is well worth it.

0 Stars Eric April 28, 2010

Incredible, had the pairings with wine. Fantastic service too, I will eat here everytime in Vegas.

5 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

We ate here for Thanksgiving dinner and I am still being thankful. We met with William, the master som, who is about as unpretentious, chatty and welcoming as he could be, not to mention responsible for some of the best pairings I ever had.

We started with 4 canapés each and some cocktails. First course was smoked salmon and ahi tuna tart with fennel cream and caviar plus field greens and pomegranate that he paired with his vineyard’s own white wine. The next dish was roasted chestnut ravioli with Maine Lobster in sage brown butter with toasted pine nuts – my gastronomic pleasure sensors were on overload. I don’t think I have ever had such a satisfying combination of flavors – I could have floated out after half of the dish and been happy. Funny thing was, I was not full at all. This was paired (perfectly) with a German Riesling-Gewurztraminerr hybrid wine.

We had the roasted turkey with giblet gravy, cranberry chestnut stuffing, camalized yams, bacon wrapped green beans and garlic mashed potatoes to get through as well as a few bites of husband’s bison tenderloin. This was paired with a great Rhone. I managed half of my plate. William mounted the labels of the bottles for us as a memento. The pumpkin tart with some type of sugary meringue on top came out and I was in heaven. They loaded us up with extra dessert including a selection of sorbets and a chocolate lava cake.

Probably a top five meal of all time and look forward to going back on our next trip!

4 Stars Vegasbab March 25, 2010

I've dined here twice. Service is always a bit slow, but attentive. Atmosphere is fantastic. Everyone I go with loves the food, but for some reason, while it's always good, I'm not in love. I've had the tuna & steak. And they serve pretzel bread

5 Stars atdleft March 25, 2010

When my father's birthday was approaching in December, I knew I wanted to do something special to celebrate. So what to do? Where to go? What should we eat?

Then all of a sudden, I had an idea. Yes, this was the place.

And quite simply, this is the one of the best restaurants I've ever been in so far! I knew this would be special, but I never expected the spectacle we would find inside. We started off with wine in the bar before moving to the main dining room.

The design inside is just stunning! The wine tower is the centerpiece, and for good reason. There are thousands of fine wines stored inside, and it was fun to watch the "wine angels" climb up and down to retrieve our wine!

Oh, but don't worry... The food is just as stunning as the ambience! My dad and I both ordered the baby iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese and "bacon vinaigrette". I'm obviously not a bacon person, but I very much enjoyed the flavor of everything else... And I'm not even an iceberg person, either! My dad also enjoyed the salad.

We constantly received fresh bread service, and all the breads were soft and tasty. The focaccia was my favorite, but the pretzel and baguette were also delectable.

Next up was the main course. My dad ordered the mahi mahi, and he said it was the best seafood he's ever eaten. I did the ricotta ravioli with a light spinach and red bell pepper sauce, and I was blown away by the delicate flavors all working together in harmony.

And finally, dessert! Both my dad and I did the caramelized banana bread pudding. He found it a bit awkward, but still enjoyed it. I, however, was really digging the flavors and the "just right" sweetness. We were also served a complementary dish of petite mini cookies and petit fours, and all tasted wonderful.

This was one of the best experiences of my life, and I was so glad to treat my father to a spectacular birthday dinner at this marvelous restaurant! And believe it or not, for a big, fancy Charlie Palmer steak place, there were some simply fabulous vegetarian dishes. Oh, and what's even better is that they're now serving $55 prix fixe menu specials... So eating here is more affordable and approachable than ever before!

So what are you waiting for? Wouldn't you like a taste of what makes Las Vegas so amazing? :-D

5 Stars Sandy January 13, 2010

Charlie Palmer is a master!

4 Stars C M Piscitelli August 06, 2009

When in Vegas, Aureole, is must stop for those who enjoy great food and attentive service. Charlie Palmer presents dishes that are beautiful to the eye and truly delectible. Service and cuisine never dissapoint. Try the small plates in place of traditional appetizers.

5 Stars Linda K May 21, 2009

Those wishing to indulge in fine dining must try Aureola. From the elegant Swan Garden room to the bar with it's masive wine cellar and "Wine Angels" other restaurants on the strip are left wanting. The gracious host and his staff are knowedgabe and take the time to get to know their guests. Prices are not fir the faint of heart - but the foods quality, taste and presentation are what stands out. The chef's started with it's exquisite salmon tartar stll makes my mouth water. For an enjoyable but less formal evening, sit in the bar and put yourself in the hand of Saul or Davr who will help you pick out a great glass of wine and a perfect small starter or a full meal that will go well together. I will return to enjoy another perfect experience.

5 Stars Josh Hamilton February 07, 2009

A beautiful restaurant with amazing food. Charlie Palmer should be proud. Four stories of fine wine and a swan garden, Aureole is some of the very finest to fulfill a rightful spot atop the best restaurants in perhaps the greatest culinary major city in the United States: Las Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 04, 2005

We actually enjoyed a birthday dinner here, and it proved a wonderful event. I do have to add that it was most expensive meal (for 2) I've ever had ($360 with the tip), and also the longest (over 3 hours, but this was great!). We had the tasting menu w/ wine pairings, so they warn you it will take at least 2 hours . . . our "area manager" (fancy title for the waiter) was simply the best - fun, caring, attentive, and extremely helpful! All the selections were delicious (they are somewhat small, because you get so so so much food with this option), but it was the restaurant itself that puts this place over the top! We, too, were seated in the private area, next to the swan pool - a very lovely evening!

0 Stars diva217 August 27, 2003

The food was very good. The service was excellent. We were seated outside with ou own terrace next to a pool with swans. While it was nice, it was also very, very expensive and the food was nothing majorly spectacular, but the decor was impressive.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 14, 2002

So not impressed. As we don't gamble a ton, we like to eat our way through Vegas. Hearing that this was THE place to eat, and being fairly educated wine people, we thought it would be great. The staff was at best, unfriendly and not knowledgable. No wine suggestions were made, they had no information about the types of cheeses (what they were, where the came from etc.). The food was palatable, but certainly not exceptional. We will not return.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

One of the better restaurants in Vegas. If there were a way to have a combined rating of "value" to "cost of meal" this restaurant, with its 4 story wine celler, wine angel and table service would be first rate.

The food was well prepared but lacked presentation.

For one of the few times we watched the staff politely ask people not to use cell phones (especially between tables) and less than politically remove cigarettes and cigars from diners.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 05, 2000

Service was good... ambiance good, wine list was long, but the food was so/so. The most impressive part was dessert (dessert was excellent) but the entree and appetizer were everyday, run-of-the-mill food prepared by a good chef. No big deal, definitely not worth the price.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 13, 2000

This is a GREAT restaurant. Had dinner there back in May and it was fantastic. Try the fixed price dinner. Fantastic! Superb service, I highly recommend this restaurant.