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Texas Station

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Austin Steakhouse (Texas Station)

5 Stars Ginger October 12, 2011

Their prime rib special was a Great deal for $15 a person! The flavor was to DIE FOR!!! But sadly they no longer offer that deal and don't serve prime rib at all. No other restaurants prime rib can compare, I am so spoiled and sad :( PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

4 Stars Thomas W. November 23, 2010

In terms of value, it's hard to beat, especially if you use a restaurant.com coupon. Outstanding filet steak.

5 Stars RapidRich March 29, 2010

Was told this place had one of the best ribeye's and was truely impressed. The onion soup was also to die for. Costly, but worth it.

0 Stars jeffkauf July 15, 2004

Superior steak house. As good as anything on the strip and probably better for a more resonable price. Worth the trip even if you are staying on the strip. The hotel is alot of fun as well. Give it a go.