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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Bacchanal Buffet (Caesars Palace)

4 Stars Kevin in KC March 05, 2014

Very pricey, but the food and selection were terrific. New standard for Vegas buffet.

3 Stars Cody April 14, 2013

Was looking forward to trying this place since I read about it. Did not disappoint but did not really wow me either. Good food, tasty and well prepared. Space well put together and pleasing to the eye.

1 Star Brooke Reid February 27, 2013

The food was decent, but not the best buffet by far! The team seemed to be rather overrun, and could not be less concerned about customer service. We couldn't even get a refill on water! You are better off going to the Wicked Spoon or The Wynn Buffet.

5 Stars Sofia February 16, 2013

Best buffet in Vegas - by far. Great choice - great food. Fantastic service - would recommend.

3 Stars Frederick Y January 15, 2013

Went on opening week. Waited in a long line. It was a fun experience breaking in the hot new buffet in town but we had a really hard time finding anything truly delicious. Disappointing but still a fun time. We would probably try some of the other hyped up buffets before returning.

2 Stars Jeff C. January 13, 2013

Late lunch and a seventy minute queue on a wraparound line to reach the cashier area, which was badly bottlenecked and staffed with trainees-in-training and one harried supervisor. Once inside (and you can't easily see inside from the queue area) we were surprised to see the venue largely uncrowded --- dozens upon dozens of empty tables, making that long wait and line seem inexplicable. As a way of falsely promoting the venue as a "hot ticket" though, it's masterful on-site advertising.

The interior consists of a few connecting areas done up in various styles ranging from Swedish Airport Modern to Wood Grained Motel Lobby. Unremarkable, instantly forgettable and geared to not causing you to want to linger.

Food service counters set in angular, confusing arrangement, No inidication of where a line starts or ends. Plates are fairly well hidden under the counters or tucked away in little cut-away alcoves at either end of the counters.

About half of the offerings are set out in little cumbersome plates --- some square, some triangular, which poses a logistical problem because if you want to take back more than one little dish to your table you have to either hold one in each hand, or try to fit both on a standard round plate, which doesn't work very well as evidenced by the sound of dishes crashing to the floor throughout our lunch. Offering standard rectangular lunchroom trays would solve this problem.

There are little signs in front of each menu offering identifying the food, but they're printed on brightly polished metal which means that the bright overhead lighting renders them all but invisible unless one stoops downward or picks them up.

Lured by online publicity releases, a promotional video and artfully lit photographs prior to the Bacchanal opening, we eagerly sampled a wide variety of offerings:

Crab Legs & Stone Crab Claws: Largely frozen and only half defrosted, these were tasteless and had more ice-crystals inside than seafood.

Little Bits of Chicken & Waffle Fries in a Miniature Faux Fryer Basket: Discounting the cunning little basket, the waffle fries were the star here --- hot, crisp and nicely seasoned. You've had better chicken at Popeye's, though.

Brisket & Prime Rib: Hand carved, both were quite good, especially the brisket. We felt that while Bachannal does justice to the old classic buffet offerings, it's when they try to be cute or cutting edge that they fail.

Design Your Own Pizza and or Pasta: Both prepared right before your eyes and cooked to your specs, this was a pleasant surprise and success.

Desserts: Most are tucked away behind a counter, so you have to ask one of the young ladies positioned there to please take a moment from decorating various baked goods to hand you what you want. Expect sighs, eye-rolling and other similar dramatics. A good many people walked away without anything, having been put off by this odd arrangement and intimidating pastry artistes.

All in all, the reality of Bacchanal never once lived up to the pre-opening hype. Would we go back? Maybe for breakfast, and only then if there was utterly no queue.

2 Stars Pete December 16, 2012

We had high hopes coming into this buffet, as it was the only buffet we planned to hit on this trip. The lines were horrible in the place, so that our food was cold by the time we got to the table, and the food quality was about equal to the buffet at Luxor. Overall, this is not worth the money that it costs, save for Aria, Bellagio, or Cosmo buffets.

2 Stars Cindy November 24, 2012

First off, it's $50 for brunch. So is it that good? Well, no. I'm not a meat eater, and from my perspective, only a meat eater could be impressed by this assortment. They do have some interesting samples, and that made the brunch an event. I liked the baby beet salad and the sweet potato tater tots, but the omelette was the worst I've had at any brunch. My friends had crab legs and found them very mediocre. To be fair, their crepes are wonderful. Add as much fresh berries as you want. If I recall, fresh berries was one of the things that disappeared off the Wynn brunch and Paris brunches

5 Stars Diane November 06, 2012

Oops forgot rating 5 stars all the way

5 Stars Sk October 26, 2012

Awesome food choices. Went around 230 and hardly any wait. Best buffet on strip by far.

5 Stars Kire October 23, 2012

Went just after 2:30, was ten minutes after 3 by the time they got through the 10 people in front of us. Then told us dinner prices start at 3pm. So $100 for two people at 3pm, seems a little early to me. Food quality was good and the pho lived up to the hype. Leave extra room for dessert. Getting a drink took flagging down multiple people. While multiple people were tripping over the diamond member beside me. 5 stars for food 2-3 stars for service.

5 Stars JohnR October 15, 2012

Great Buffet! Please note thae any of the older reviews here ( pre-Sept 2012 ) are not relevant to the new buffet. This one is new and completely different. Loved it!

4 Stars Danny Ocean October 14, 2012

Very good selection of food and good quality. Poorly organized and managed. Only 10 people in line and it took way to long to get in. Also, when I left, there were 200 people in line and there were at least 6 tables around me for the hour I was there empty. The buffet setup inside is a bit awkward. But the bottom line at a buffet is the food and the selection and quality are as good or better than all in town.

5 Stars NoDeuces September 26, 2012

Some of the reviews on this place are absurd. The quality here on a Saturday night was fantastic. Combines all the great features of Wicked Spoon and Wynn Buffett. The food is great. GREAT! Service may be rough, the place is constantly packed. I sat in the Diamond section and may have received better service but openings in Vegas are always rough...right?

5 Stars Worth It September 17, 2012

The one to go to! Well worth the 2hr. wait to get in. I think the long line was because everyone wanted to go somewhere "new". Food was great. Not your typical buffet selections. Crab claws instead of legs, pho, aspargus spears. Bellagio and Spice Market need to be careful.