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The Venetian

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews B & B Ristorante (The Venetian)

3 Stars Rodger November 30, 2013

Meal wasn't anything special, pasta was undercooked, and its way over priced. We arrived with high expectations, and left disappointed.

2 Stars John Phillips December 22, 2011

Way overpriced for what is basically bistro fare, poor service made worse by management. Bread service was ice cold, warm potato salad served with the pork pastrami appetizer was also cold, when asked the server about this he said "that it comes from the cold station", huh?

5 Stars J Stotts August 11, 2011

Very good meal, great romantic restaurant.

5 Stars Dominator April 01, 2011

A major highlight of our trip. I grew up with very good simple Italian cuisine, which is hard to beat, except when you add the flair of world renown chefs. They had my wife and I on the edge of our seats with the flavors that were presented. It was more than we usually spend at a restaurant, but we definitely did not have any regrets. Treat yourself to one of the best food experiences you may have. Bravo Mario!

5 Stars Michelle March 26, 2011

Best restaurant experience!!! Waiter was well informed of menu and staff is excited and confident in food. Elegant tasty food to make your taste-buds dance and ask for an encore. Try the Italian flan for dessert!!! Sigh. So good :)

5 Stars Gvegas August 06, 2010

Without a doubt, this is the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy. With its rich and dark interior it sets the mood for a spectacular meal.
Keep an open mind when eating here, because you won't find pasta with red sauce and they have a very diverse menu. The lambs tongue salad is amazing, and the gnocchi is like pillows of heaven. Sauces are rich and heavy and the pastas are handmade works of art.
They have tasting menus as well that are out of this world. The wine list is heavy on Italian but, that's the way it should be.
If your a diner, be prepared to spend $100 a head or more. If your not a diner, the food court is down the hall.

5 Stars Stacy April 04, 2010

Mario Batali is a master!

5 Stars Shelby February 28, 2010

Wonderful dinner. Most dishes very delicate, designed to challenge the diners.

5 Stars Mark August 25, 2009

The trick to retaurants such as this is to sit at the bar. Ask the bartender to recommend something. At higher scale places the bartender will know the menu AND be able to add flavor to your visit. Can see the general traffic area and can people watch. Had the pork chop on the regular menu, and seriously, the pig was proud to have died. The cheese bread sticks at the bar worth the price of a drink.

4 Stars Chris C July 20, 2009

Had the lobster pasta it was pricy but good

3 Stars Abed Nader March 21, 2009

Food was amazing but a little too snooty for me. Go eat at Wing Lei at the Wynn. You will get the snooty but just enough that your nose doesn't invert itself.

2 Stars Trevor November 12, 2008

Overall not very good. Decent service that made me slightly uneasy at times mixed with below standard food. I prefered the davidd Burke restaurant near this one. It has way better food for cheaper prices. Sorry batali ...

0 Stars Nelson June 17, 2007

If you like service with attitude and food that his hit or miss this is the restaurant for you. We were greeted by very rude hostess and manager. The bar tender was equally unpleasant. The food was all over the board. Our starters were incredible but the majority of our main courses were aweful. I don't recommend this restaurant.