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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Beijing Noodle #9 (Caesars Palace)

2 Stars Brendan Dentino March 15, 2013

Food was okay, but the prices don't justify what you get. It makes sense, though, considering Caesars Ent. is basically bankrupt. As a response to angry review below, they probably get dozens of requests a day from uncoordinated tourists for forks, so they probably just do it just in case. Asian restaurants are generally not known for their service, and this one follows suit. The best way to enjoy #9 is from the window, as the noodles are theatrically being made. After the show, head down the street to the Gold Coast and get outstanding (and cheap) Chinese food.

4 Stars Eve March 03, 2013

We were looking for a unique place to enjoy good food we have eaten here before and yes their are many Chinese people who eat here but that to us is a god indication that the food is great and it did not disappoint us food was good and we found that the service was good as well. They did bring us a fork as well but who cares we set it aside asked for bowls and enjoyed

1 Star Michael Simonds December 31, 2012

Horrible service, loved the food. I felt like I was treated like shit by the staff. The special touch was being the only Caucasian in the room at the time, and the lady brings me a fork. I took a good look around and there was not a fork to be seen. I know how to use chopsticks, thank you very much. Then I had to chase her down to pay my bill. I seriously considered walking out without paying, and I probably would have gotten away with it.

1 Star Ian November 07, 2011

Very expensive considering the quality of the food. Service was poor and the floor and table were really dirty. I expected much more considering the cost.

5 Stars Abby April 06, 2011

Great place for a meal or a noodle snack. I had the sliced beef noodle soup with hand pulled noodles. Yum! and very affordable. I would definitely eat here again.

5 Stars Shawn February 17, 2011


5 Stars Jonathon December 17, 2010

Awesome experience!

1 Star Jedislime October 13, 2010

This place is way over priced and the service is terrible, which is a shame because i was really looking fwd to eating here, the food itself wasnt bad but, trust me, you can find better.... Your in vegas..

3 Stars G Moore October 02, 2010

Way cool design & interior. Service great. Food good not amazing presentation very good! Worth a try.

5 Stars Roger Gimenez June 22, 2010

Gran restaurante, muy bien de precio, impresionantes noodles, muy buen servicio, y la chica de fuera una modelito

4 Stars Dianne April 17, 2010

We ate here at the of March and althought a little big pricey for us it was certainly not unreasonable. The food was lovely. Good size portions, good service and a really nice atmosphere. Would definitely go again.

4 Stars Dave in Calgary April 04, 2010

The noodle house was one of our frequent dining spots during our last trip, and previous trips alike. The first thing that intrigues the eye as you approach this small eaterie is the flush wall aquariums at the entrance, not to mention the tall gorgeous size zero Chinese hostess. I estimate a thousand goldfish. Once you enter, the senses are zapped with an extreme case of the whites, as in ornately design-cut white sheet metal walls, curving gracefully into a ceiling with the same. The food was reasonably priced and quantively adequate. The eggplant noodles and asparagus was to die for. People who like massive quantities of beige fried food will not like it, but your circulatory system will thank you. Staff was abundant and happy to please, and very speedy. This is my main incentive for ever navigating the catacomb confusion that is Caesars.

4 Stars Mr & Mrs Vegas October 19, 2009

Had a takeaway lunch from here one afternoon on our holiday and was really impressed. It satisfied my urge for some Chinese food and comes highly recommended. Food really fresh and tasty! 4 stars from us and we would definately order from here again.

0 Stars 1st timers September 10, 2009

After looking for hours for an affordable snack we found Being Noodle. Great food at an affordable price. Will be returning tomorrow for dinner. Looking forward to it.

0 Stars Hunter December 25, 2004

Not one of their best restaurants... It tries hard but doesn't quite pull it off.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 11, 2004

I would call this an "Average" experience.

0 Stars jengee August 29, 2004

The food was very tasty. Originality and creativity in each presentation. The atmosphere is great especially if you like to watch the kitchen in action. Prices very high expect $100 per person.