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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Buffet at Bellagio (Bellagio)

3 Stars Timm October 19, 2015

It's too pricey. I've eaten it 3 times, including 2 weeks ago because my wife likes it, but it's too many dollars for what I would consider a slightly above average Vegas buffet. Selection for lunch is just ok. I think you're paying for the name and could do better elsewhere.

4 Stars MarkFTL September 20, 2013

Old faithful upscale buffet. Line can get long so plan accordingly. Weekend dinners are higher in price due to some additional offerings, but I'm just as satisfied going mid week.

5 Stars Lori Johnson September 01, 2013

Only went to the buffet once during our stay -for breakfast. It was delicious. The service was great. We didn't get in line until about 9:15 and we were only in line for about 15 minutes. The menu had everything you could ask for. And in typical Bellagio style, everything was clean, orderly and the staff was professional.

3 Stars Karen December 21, 2012

I was really looking forward to eating here but ended up feeling a bit disappointed. Went for lunch. The food was passable, but I expected a larger more varied selection from what is arguably the "gold standard" buffet in Las Vegas. A couple of the things I got could have been hotter and better tasting. Other things were very good. The dessert selection was best of all--definitely above average. We went at 2:00 and would have passed on it altogether if we wouldn't have been able to skip the line with our Pearl mlife cards. The line was ridiculous for a Wednesday at 2:00. We still waited 10 to 15 minutes to be seated. We ate and came back out and saw the people who were from midway to the back of the line still waiting with lots of time left to go. This was silly because there were plenty of empty tables while we were in there and an entire room of tables not even being used! I didn't see any reserved signs anywhere. I thought this was comparable to the Mirage buffet and probably not much better overall than other MGM buffets. I probably wouldn't go back unless I was nearby, really hungry, and didn't have to wait in line.

4 Stars Brendan Dentino November 18, 2012

Ate here for a Sunday brunch as soon as they opened (with any of the famous/strip buffets, go early or when they open and just take your time eating. The restaurant will fill in around you and you'll get the food when it's hot and fresh). It was fantastic, I didn't expect it to be so good or have that variety. Can't recall specifics, but had to see why they called it the best and I believe it is.

4 Stars Jesica August 03, 2012

As others have said, the wait was horrendous but the food choices were very good. The dessert selection was stunning. Well worth the visit.

4 Stars Phil July 21, 2012

Great food. I didn't try anything that I wouldn't want more of. Delicious. The wait in line to get in cost this buffet the full 5 stars.

5 Stars Brandon July 17, 2012

For a buffet it's great. I like the fact they will warm up the crab legs. Sure that's minor but it's the little things that make it our favorite

5 Stars Toots June 21, 2012

Never had a bad experience here. A tip I learned is to go at the end of breakfast then you pay for breakfast while having lunch items. The lines can be long during peak hours so beware of that but the food is definately worth the wait!

2 Stars Jessica May 09, 2012

Go for dinner, not brunch. It was mediocre at best. I've been there for dinner and it was worth it just for the snow crab legs.

4 Stars Trish April 19, 2012

Line wasn't to long and the price on Sunday is a little high, but the selection of brunch food and service is excellent and very much worth it.

4 Stars Michael April 17, 2012

I went here for dinner and the line was LONG. Luckily, I recently had a Mlife upgrade on my card and one of my new benefits was a buffet line pass, so that helped out a lot. I have not done much buffets, but so far this is easily the best one on my list. There are many gourmet options to choose from that I am not use to seeing at a buffet. In the desert section alone some of the offerings included Bananas Foster, Creme brûlée, and Carmal Flam. Our server was on the ball, and kept our glasses full and empty plates clear as soon as we took our last bite. For the food offerings, I thought the price was decent as well. My only negative thing I could say is its popularity. If you do not have a line pass, YOU WILL be waiting a while. Other than that, if you like buffets, I think you will love this one.

5 Stars Ashley March 15, 2012

The best is Vegas- just wait In line you will be glad you did!! Service was excellent!!!

5 Stars Roy Goodwin March 14, 2012

We had eaten at several other venues and had avoided the buffet because of the long lines, but when we did try it--WOW- it was incredible. And slightly cheaper than the other venues. We will be back----and often!

4 Stars Josh March 09, 2012

We hit this buffet up every time we are in Vegas. In fact, it's the only one we've eaten at while there. Real nice selection of food and deserts. We go here for diner, but not lunch. Simply because we would rather eat more food than at lunch. Will most likely return on our next visit.

5 Stars Amy February 27, 2012

Best buffet I've been to in Vegas.

3 Stars Salvegas24 February 26, 2012

Maybe I caught the Bellagio Buffet on a bad day but I was very disappointed with the breakfast selection. The place was quite empty but it took forever for us to be seated and get our drinks. The food was mediocre. It could have just been a bad day but our first time here wasn't good.

5 Stars GregK January 29, 2012

I had to write a review just to let people know that anyone giving this a 1 star rating must have been expecting Picasso! I have been here at least ten times and it has been good to excellent each time. Sea bass, kobe beef, quail, rack of lamb, bison, king or snow crab, sushi,... the selections and quality are similar to Wynn buffet. Drink service has always been timely. I have been to the following buffets: Aria, Paris,P.Ho., Mirage,T.I., Harrah's, Circus Circus (a true 1 star), and Wynn. The Wynn buffet is the only one that may be a notch above the Bellagio. The comment about the "not eating in line" sign would not indicate the "clientele", but the fact that they care enough to let people know they shouldn't do this. No casino can control the "clientele", that would be discrimination. If anyone is disappointed with this buffet, they need a serious reality check!

5 Stars Brad October 29, 2011

LOVE the pesto mashed potatoes! Worth the price and then some.

4 Stars Jason October 09, 2011

Good food in an average atmosphere. Long lines move rather fast. Probably the 2nd or 3rd best buffet in Vegas, with the Wynn Buffet being #1. Next time in Vegas will probably skip this one to try others I've heard about.

3 Stars Mario October 01, 2011

I've been here two times just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind but this buffet is average at best. Looking forward to the crab legs which by the was was very salty the second time around. I'll have to admit you'll need to get here early or you'll be waiting outside like you would a night club. probably wouldn't make it back here unless friends wanted to meet up here on vacation.

1 Star Ralph September 27, 2011

This was my first time in Vegas people are talking about the the buffet at the Bellagio and the price was $32 for that kind a money the food should be good I did not like anything the quality off the food sucked service sucked and on top off all that you have to wait in line for 25 min for that kind of place I will not go back to Bellagio

4 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

I went here twice this past weekend that I was there for brunch. Only cost $17 but the food is amazing, the only thing I didn't enjoy was the scrambled eggs which I found to be too runny. Great food and complimentary drinks as a plus!

1 Star Jayne G September 20, 2011

Went for Sunday breakfast (8am). They were serving roast dinner! Food quality average, process awful. No class. Signs telling you not to eat in the queue summed up the clientele. Never again.

4 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Been a fan of the Bellagio Buffet for years. It's more expensive than most but you get what you pay for. I would put this just below Wynn as the second best buffet in town.

4 Stars Warren August 09, 2011

I thought the selection was good and the food was pretty tasty

3 Stars C M Piscitelli August 05, 2011

The Bellagio Buffet used to be the best on the strip. I can only imagine that more people are choosing buffets in these economic times (which sounds funny) and the product is suffering with the increased demand. The food quality was average-good where last year I would have rated it much higher. Perhaps it was an off night but we were disappointed.

4 Stars Howard July 31, 2011

Great food but be prepared to queue for a while.

0 Stars Chris July 31, 2011

Buffet at the Belagio was hands down the best on the strip!! We ate at several on our trip and the food was the best!! Line was over and hour long and the bartender Jim came and took us out of line and took us to the bar and sat us instantly. We were done and paid by the time others that were in line with us had even been seated!! Jim was the best and so is the Bellagio!!!

5 Stars Dawn July 24, 2011

Great place to eat. The chocolate covered strawberries were AWESOME!!! Went around 3:30 waited in line for a few but had the best of both worlds. Paid lunch price and had lunch & dinner to choices on the Buffett.

5 Stars Mel July 10, 2011

Went last year & it was great. Came back this year & it's still great. A wonderful variety of food that's fresh & well prepared. Something for everyone. Yes, there's a long line but it's well worth it.

5 Stars Nick June 21, 2011

Still the best buffet in Vegas IMO. Seafood of course is king here but, I also had the lamb which might have been the best Lamb I have ever had. Everything here is top rate. You will have to wait and it is expensive but, in my mind at least it is worth it.

1 Star Texas Noni May 19, 2011

Read alot of reviews about it, couldn't wait to go. Very disappointed. Servers were dismissive, food was boring, attendants were rude, enjoyed Burger King at O'Sheas more.

3 Stars Chelsea H May 17, 2011

Had Saturday Brunch and got my fill on yummy foods and had a really sweet server. Rated the buffet three stars because it was good but I was expecting more food of the lunch variety... It was mostly breakfast.

0 Stars Caitlin May 02, 2011

There was a band aid in the middle of my creme brûlée ... And food was not good, literally disgusted right now

3 Stars Maxx April 13, 2011

Came for dinner tonight and really looked at reviews before hand. Service was not great, server did not want to be here. The food, all things considered for the price it's not bad but not great. Crab legs were the worst I have eaten in some time. The rest of the food was good. Hope this helps anyone looking as I am a picky eater and would come back for the sure ease since I am staying here, would not make a special trip.

3 Stars Reviewer April 01, 2011

The wait staff was attentive. Food was average and much better than spice buffet. Would warn against taking a date here as it was disgusting watching mine gorging herself.

4 Stars Glenn March 21, 2011

Decent but trust me, wicked spoon buffet at cosmopolitan next door blows it away or wynn buffet tops it by a mile. And they both cost less

4 Stars Hoganswinger March 15, 2011

Great buffet for brunch! Can't wait till next year.

2 Stars Rachel February 26, 2011

I wasn't impressed with the buffet, mainly sea food and that's it. There's a big variety but I would of rather taken my 30 odd bucks and spent it elsewhere!

5 Stars Rob February 13, 2011

There is an absolutely HUGE variety of excellent food at this buffet. We went to The Monte Carlo buffet and it was a joke. The food at the Bellagio buffet is top notch. The prime rib was my favorite, the chef behind the counter even heated up our crab legs for us! This was the best buffet I have ever seen and had the PLEASURE to dine at. The price was $36/person but think about how many times you spent $100 or more on one sushi night! They had some sushi at this buffet too! The variety alone is well worth the price. With prime rib, crab, ribs, salads, fruit, tons of dessert, pasta, pizza, sushi, soups, etc. How could you ever go wrong! DON'T PASS THIS ONE UP!

5 Stars Jill February 10, 2011

Amazing selection and good quality food. Be sure to take small amounts of everything because there is such a big variety and you will run out of room on your plate fast. I loved the tortelinni, spicy tuna hand roll and lox. $30 for a buffet is pricy but it's worth it.

5 Stars Tony Bates January 21, 2011

Great dinner buffet, all fresh, huge choice, fantastic selection of food. A great tip is to arrive ten minutes before 4pm pay the lunchtime rate 19dollars 99cents and save 10 dollars as the price goes up to 29.99 after 4pm so yo get the dinner menu at lunchtime prices plus there's. No queue. Highly recommended buffet knim

5 Stars Trevor C January 05, 2011

We have it every time we come to Vegas! It's absolutely amazing compared to many of the buffets around town. I would suggest this as my favorite dinner buffet with Wynn being my favorite breakfast/lunch.

4 Stars NRF December 31, 2010

Great buffet! Loved it- had lots of variety and Huge! Would definitely recommend it

4 Stars Cody December 29, 2010

About a half hour wait but well worth it. A lot of choices and all of them are excellent. Best tasting buffet I've ever had in Vegas. A bit On the high side but well worth the expense. Recommend highly even if you only do it once.

5 Stars LAURENCE AUNG October 26, 2010

Great food and services. We managed to cut in line with an invited guest card.

5 Stars Michael Dutterer October 22, 2010

Terrific buffet. Bit pricey but well worth it. Try to go during off hours as lunch and dinner lines can get a bit long

5 Stars Chris October 04, 2010

This may be the best buffet in the world, never mind Vegas. The food includes some high-class dishes I've never seen on any other buffet. You could make a meal on their salad and antipasto sections alone but many more quality selections are offered. On my last visit I had grilled swordfish, coq au vin, creamed spinach, and vanilla/almond ice cream that was straight from heaven. Make room in your budget and schedule for this one; you won't be a bit sorry.

0 Stars D September 09, 2010

Went for brunch and couldn't believe it costs $32 . Food quality was good but I thought the choices were not great ! Needed to have more choices of food like MGM buffet !

4 Stars New orleans August 31, 2010

Most expensive buffet and at least hour wait but worth it for the whole experience.

4 Stars Dan July 29, 2010

Good food, long line. My tip: you might be able to skip the line and sit at the bar if your by yourself. Expect hour + wait. I thought it was worth the wait.

3 Stars Dave July 16, 2010

$30. If you are a bit picky this may not be for you. Though it is a huge selection, there are many weird menu items. Good dessert though. Also it us extremely crowded and a bit dirty. The staff seemed to not be eager to help you. Overall. Pretty good

5 Stars Brad Holden July 14, 2010

Hands down best brunch in Vegas. If you go around 11am you get a great combo of lunch and breakfast. At around the 20$ mark it's excellent value. Our group ate brunch there 3 straight days and look forward to the next time

1 Star Laurie Anne July 06, 2010

The food was mediocre at best , I could have gone to a local picadilly and ate about the same. He place looks old and feels like dennys . I felt rushed . We had to wait in line for like 45 min . a couple who had been to both this and he whynn Buffett said. After that whynn was so mug better so next time I'm going to the whynn

4 Stars Matt July 01, 2010

Champagne upgrade for $5 dollars at 1pm-the start of the best day in Vegas- drop your bags off and aim directly at the Bellagio and don't stop moving until you hit the queue. When you see the queue, don't walk away, it goes fast, and it's worth the wait.

3 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

Was looking forward to this buffet but was a bit disappointed. The selection was just okay and the decor was a bit tired and nothing special

2 Stars Darren L. May 30, 2010

Dissapointing. Decor feels very tired. Service poor, got no drink refills. Food quality and choice ok but presented in a cannot be bothered way. Aria and Wynn buffets in a different league.

5 Stars Mel May 21, 2010

Great buffet! A wonderful array of delicious eats accompanied by great service. Go here!

1 Star Gabriel y Beatriz May 21, 2010

Espantosa comida, todo refrigerado y de baja calidad, es mejor comer algo en el Snacks que en el buffet, ademas el precio es muy alto para el sabor. Lo que si es que tiene una variedad enorme para satisfacer cualquier gusto, pero con cero sazón. Los postres no están tan mal, aunque pienso que también podrían mejorar.

4 Stars RobC May 08, 2010

9 times out of 10, It's a great buffet. I do recommend it. Very good selections.

5 Stars Michael April 30, 2010

We ate at the Buffet on our last trip, there were three in our party and we had two comps to the buffet. We ate on Friday night, which is considered a 'gourmet' night. The food was very good, I consider this the top buffet in Vegas, in a close race between it and Wynn's buffet. In my opinion the difference in spots is more to do with personal opinion then anything the buffets do.

Table service on our last visit was a bit spotty, but I've had other visits where it's outstanding, so I tend to chalk it up to an anomaly.

Friday and Saturday nights buffets offer a wide range of meats and seafoods that fit the gourmet theme, many of these are offered on other nights or days, but there is a bit more variety (in my opinion) on the weekend nights.

Desserts, salads, fruit, pasta, and side dishes are all plentiful and prepared nicely. The buffet also gets a large amount of volume, which greatly helps with the buffet problem of food getting dried out under the lamps, as with more customers, there's less food.

4 Stars Sylvia M. April 26, 2010

The buffet is expensive but I guess the food is pretty good. However, if you aren't a fan of sushi, seafood or meat such as ostrich, it will be hard for you to find much to eat. They have a few Italian and Asian inspired dishes, but it's mostly seafood and meats like quail and ostrich. Luckily I like sushi so that's what saved me! Don't get me wrong the food is good and the buffet is oveflfowing with food! The desserts were very good as well.

4 Stars Michelle April 24, 2010

The buffet is very good. The desserts and bread are outstanding. My one complaint is the crab legs were frozen

3 Stars Rev Ross April 16, 2010

Not bad for $16 but not worth the trip if your not staying here. Did not meet my expectations having read the other reviews but I must say the staff are the slickest around. Not the wynn buffet but that why it's $10 cheaper!

2 Stars RG2 April 08, 2010

The buffet at the Bellagio used to be the top buffet...but the last time..yuck. The line was forever, the price..gimmeabreak..was high. The food seemed to be either rubbery or tough. Some of it seemed like it had been sitting for too long, which, with the line seemed implausable. The deserts had gone way downhill. Eat at Wynn's buffet if you want to pay big bucks and get some great food.

4 Stars lucythesplainer April 08, 2010

great selection of fresh items, especially for vegetarian/semi veg diners. Good value at breakfast time.

5 Stars Kara C. April 06, 2010

Ate lunch, Nov 2009.

Still the standard by which others are measured.

Great selection, great food. Just average service, but you go here for the food!

Plenty of fancy-schmancy dishes available all the time, and the standard fare is prepared with care. The dessert selection is reliably excellent.

4 Stars Allen April 06, 2010

I'm not a huge buffet fan in general, but the food here is very good by buffet standards. When the line is long, however, it is not worth the wait. If you're willing to eat during off hours, though, and the line is short, go for it. I highly recommend the cheeses and the sushi is not bad. Wish bar seating had some TV screens, though

3 Stars Mike P April 06, 2010

After reading all if the reviews' I decided to try this buffet. I have to say I was dissapointed. It was not horrible, but it was just average. They have no shortage of selections, but nothing above buffet warm food.

3 Stars Robert Lupo March 31, 2010

The buffet at Bellagio was nothing spectactular. I prefer the Spice Market at Planet Hollywood or Paris. My wife and I tried it out and were okay with it, and only returned because of the convenience of being in the hotel we were staying. Next time, even if we were staying at Bellagio, I would not take advantage of this buffet - I'd rather go across the street to Earl of Sandwich.

5 Stars Steven S. March 31, 2010

Outstanding in every respect! Love the rubs and dessert chef. This is a must try destination!

4 Stars Lin March 26, 2010

My favorite buffet on the strip. Peeled shrimp! Be aware the have a bar inside and you can sit there and eat too. You can always go and sit at the bar without waiting in a long buffet line.

4 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

Pricey but worth it if you have the appetite. Lots of sushi and seafood options and some exotic meats as well as your more traditional buffet stations.

5 Stars Greg March 07, 2010

Best of the strip buffets ive tried. They have a wide selection of food from the ordinary to the extravagent. The split king crab legs are a dream come tru and the creme brulee was so good that i couldnt stop with just 1

4 Stars James February 06, 2010

Still the best buffet on the strip, however, the crab legs aren't as big as they used to be. I guess everyone has to cut back during bad times.

5 Stars SHUMWAY December 14, 2009

Get here at 10:55AM so you can get BREAKFAST and LUNCH!!!! ohhhh yeah lol!!!!!

4 Stars Lara November 24, 2009

We ate breakfast here on 11/16/09. Actually, it was more like brunch as we paid about 10:20 AM - so they were pulling breakfast off the line when made it through the wait. Perfect timing to beat the lunch rush at 11 and pay a cheaper rate - $14.99! The same price as other breakfast buffets, we should have skipped them all and ate here. Great variety, but the desserts were the best part - tiny works of art. Service was also above par - the first buffet where I wasn't reticent to tip.

5 Stars Mr & Mrs Vegas October 19, 2009

Awesome breakfast buffet, started my 30th birthday celebrations in here with the banana & chocate French toast! Ate way toooo much so good here you must try it! Cheaper on weekdays for breakfast . 5 stars

5 Stars Reid October 04, 2009

Hard to see how this buffet could be any better. Waiting time is about twenty mins when the que is out onto the casino carpet. Food is top notch. Crabslegs are pretty amazing for a great strarter. Lovely koby beef and enough deserts to please the sweetest tooth

4 Stars Tori September 24, 2009

Great food and service worth a visit!

5 Stars Lee Wales UK September 16, 2009

Best buffet in Vegas by far, loads of choice of meats, fish, pasta, pizza, salad, soups, sushi and loads more, the dessert is amazing if you room for more...... Service is excellent!!! A must in Vegas for $21 per person!!!!

4 Stars C M Piscitelli August 08, 2009

If you're going to do a buffet in Vegas, you'd be foolish to go anywhere but the Bellagio. The food is fresh and good. While featuring Kobe beef, the food winner was the baby lamb chops, absolutely fantastic. When you're looking for a more casual night, I would reccomend this buffet. The only other buffet to consider is the Rio but having experienced both in the last year, I would choose the Bellagio.

4 Stars MacPhoenix June 08, 2009

Got there for lunch at 11, and there was a line stretching back to the casino. If we waited until noon, there'd be no line and sushi, which isn't made until then. Still, an amazing variety of food.

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Get there for breakfast it is amazing. All you care to eat bacon and sausage. A crepe station and an omlet station. Great value for an early morning meal. Lunch is even better. Beat prime rib at a Vegas buffet. The prime rib beats the Wynn's 2 to 1.

4 Stars Jei April 25, 2009

This place is a mad house during brunch & dinner. Be ready to stand in line for hours. The food is ok with some items being better than other. They do have a large selection for all palettes. I like their jumbo shrimp which they have in abundance. Be ready to dodge people with your plate in the air b/c like I said b/f

5 Stars Matt&Cas March 28, 2009

Had the breakfast Buffett and all we can say is it was faultless $32 for 2 great selection well presented very good quality, we didn't eat lots but what we did eat saw us through till the evening, so much choice.

5 Stars Justin February 24, 2009

Best buffet ever!!!

5 Stars John Vilangelo February 21, 2009

Excellent in all aspects. An expensive buffet, but well worth it.

5 Stars Stefan February 20, 2009

Best buffet in las vegas

3 Stars tjmann February 15, 2009

Not bad but pretty expensive. If this is one of the best buffets I shudder to think what the bad ones are like. The food was quite good, and I understand the complexities of cooking for so many people, but a few dishes quite average. Breakfast is by far the best time to go. Make sure you go before 10 to beat the queues.

4 Stars Bob January 07, 2009

Except for waterlogged and soggy shellfish, the salads, entrees and desserts were fresh and tasty. Wide selection. Only downside is that advertised 'Champagne' Brunch is really a cheap sparkling wine. Shame on you, Bellagio!

1 Star chad December 16, 2008

i was not at all impressed with this buffet. i will not eat there again. i was shocked when the cashier told us it was $78 for my wife and i. the night before, we ate at tao, had two entrees, two drinks and shared a dessert and with tip, we payed $100! i can't beleive i paid almost the same amount for a buffet that i was not happy with. we only ate there because a friend of ours would not stop raving about it. the buffet had what was called "kobe brisket" i'm not sure if it was real kobe but it wasn't anything special. the guy who was carving it cut me a piece that was 80% fat. there was only a little bit of meat and it was surrounded by fat. i could not beleive that he would even serve it on somebody's plate. they did have crab legs, but it was served cold. never met anyone who likes it that way.

if you ask me, the world buffet at the rio is by far superior in every aspect. plus, if you're a seafood lover, the rio also has a seafood buffet that was $34/person the last time i tried it. that was good as well.

4 Stars Mike_Ch December 07, 2008

It's still the buffet by which all others are judged. The price is high but you still get your money's worth. Definitely worth it over the likes of MGM, but whether you'll prefer Paris is up to you.

5 Stars Cat lady November 10, 2008

Best buffet any where! Not cheap but but worth every penny! I eat there very time I'm in town. If you are not stuffed when you leve you did not try hard enough.

0 Stars Tom September 16, 2008

Way overprice in my opinion

0 Stars mike_ch August 17, 2008

I eat here once a year. Today was this year's visit. The past two visits were lunches and were not as spectacular as Wynn's and not as fancy as Paris', so lining up for today's Brunch expectations weren't too high.

Well, the service is good. How good? By buffet standards, it's Chef Mickey's good. No, don't laugh, the buffet at Disney World's Contemporary Hotel was where I met the most attentive waiter I've ever seen at a buffet and he was practically bowled over when I told him I'm from Vegas and the buffets at home are slow and unfriendly by comparison. Bellagio might not be quite even, but it's up there.

Let me put it this way: I'm like a soft drink sponge, I put away a lot of liquid very quickly (which is part of why I don't drink) and every casino restaurant visit has that moment where I have to stop eating and spin my head around the room trying to make eye contact with anyone for a refill. At this buffet, they will refill your drink even if you aren't finished with it, which is really something that should happen more throughout the strip if they weren't trying to eke out every fraction of a percent of profit available in these places.

Heck, it even means that the wait staff remember you're drinking Diet Coke while you're already into your meal, without having to stop and ask you what it was you're drinking. By churn-em-through buffet standards, that's nearly personal service.

I still believe this offers less than the other most expensive buffets as far as food is concerned. Bacon was typical greasy bacon, prime rib was good but not very mentionable. But brunch means you won't get every item you'll get at lunch (you can get steak, but no mashed potatoes) and I imagine every breakfast item wasn't out there too. So if there are multiple forms of, say, bacon, like there are at Wynn, you probably won't see them at brunch.

A special note must be made for the pancakes/waffles and syrup. The syrup is so good that you'll want to scoop it off your plate even after you're done with your pancakes. The waffles have little Bellagio logos embossed on them.

Desserts were underwhelming because I am a cheesecake fan and it was temporarily out of stock while I was there. Those green things with the white puffs and the red swirl (you'll know what I mean, search for 'bellagio buffet dessert') are so sweet that they could cause a nosebleed. Coming after so much pancakes and syrup, it's a wonder I didn't end up in a coma.

The price was $23 per without champagne, and that is high, but the service is so much better than the $18 buffets and if you threw $20 at a slot machine and it hoovered it and gave you nothing, then you certainly can't say this is a bad deal. In fact, I'd actually go so far as to say this was worth it. The $28 dinner, I don't know if I can go that far; but this buffet is certainly a treat for breakfast or lunch.

0 Stars Ralph October 07, 2007


They boast about their 88 chefs that handle the food at the Bellagio, they should fire 87 of them and send the 88th to the Mirage to pick up some decent food and some pointers.
This place was such a disappointment. Obviously a higher income crowd that seemed not to notice how tasteless the food was for such a high dollar buffet. Yes, there are a few exotic items, such as roast quail (dry pigeons), calamari (rubber), king crab legs (soaked in salt water making them emaciated and inedible) and beef wellington (WRONGINGton is the word here. Dry, overcooked and wrapped with FAKE bacon). This all sat like a brick in my discerning and disappointed stomach and was washed down by TAP WATER!
We should have stuck with the fried clams in the food court at New York, New York. They were delicious.

Our picks for buffets are: MIRAGE, RIO SEAFOOD BUFFET (get there before 5PM for better lobster tails) and Treasure Island for their delicious, creamy, beautiful CREME BRULEE .

0 Stars Gil Wheeler August 18, 2007

Food was great. Price is too steep. There are better buffets for the money.

0 Stars M Walter April 12, 2007

I try to have at least one meal here each time I visit Las Vegas, though the Buffet at the Wynn now offers some stiff competition for my buffet dollar. Although still very good, the Bellagio buffet is slowly going downhill. The food can get repetitive - another review mentioned that some items are now "dinner only", I think it's just that they rotate items, which as a repeat customer, I appreciate. The service can be pretty lousy. Often times there are long absences for drink refills, and when you finally spot you waiter/waitress to order, you may be looking at another 10 minutes before you get what you requested.

The buffet has the usual high-end Vegas buffet items: Crab Legs, Shrimp Cocktail, Sushi, Prime Rib, etc, but what I enjoy the most are is the wider variety of offerings: several kinds of fish, amazing artisan pizzas, cheese samplings, fresh berries, lamb, brisket, upscale Asian, etc.

Very much worth visiting, but I'd recommend the Wynn buffet over it.

0 Stars mike_ch March 26, 2007

I had a recent upswing in gambling luck recently, so I decided so I decided to try the weekend brunch here. I skipped the champagne but obviously if that sort of thing is up your alley then you should ante up the extra for it.

I ate here once before last year for lunch and didn't really pay attention to the quality because it was a special occasion. However, this one of those places I've termed 'duck lips buffets' because of their tendency to serve really exotic and out-there foods in all you can eat flavors, like lamb and buffalo and.. Uh.. Duck lips. If you don't get the joke, just keep reading.

While my lunch visit did not do anything to dispel the duck lips myth, this came closer. Normal pre-made breakfast goods were out, and the meat was less exotic than that lunch, with prime rib available instead of wild boar ribs. Turkey was great, prime rib varied from good to great, pancakes were akin to a sugar IV due to me being less than conservative with the powder and syrup.

As with the previous lunch, I feel that the desserts are more enjoyable for their artistic value (and the fact that they're being produced en masse) rather than their actual taste. The dessert bar is visually fantastic to look at, but overall leaves me wanting more.

Service was as good as you can ask for with a room this large filled with the lunch crush. Which is to say, it's more responsive than many other MGM casual options during their less busy periods. No complaints there.

A few caveats worth mention:

1) Although the salad table is up and running during brunch, this buffet, like many, has been criticized as being difficult for vegetarians. The addition of breakfast items makes the brunch more worthy in this regard, but obviously depending on your limits and tastes (i.e. dairy, eggs) you may find difficulty.

2) What's up with so many buffets putting mashed potatoes so far away from the meat and poultry? Bellagio isn't as bad as MGM when it comes to this, but you still have to cross a busy Asian and omelet station.

3) During my visit I found an unhappy guest complaining to staff about how five items she was looking for were removed and are now dinner-only. I chatted to her briefly about this and some of it is suspect (she mentioned lamb, which I saw on my first trip for prime rib but not on my second) but I wasn't interested in correcting irate customers. I have no idea if she was getting the run-around from staff or what, but if you've done this buffet before keep aware some items you might be expecting could be dinner-only.

A solid buffet that's a safe bet in almost every category, but expensive to match. Traditional food was tasty yet still not spectacular. I'm afraid somebody else is going to check the quality of the duck lips.

0 Stars raoul_777 February 28, 2005

Anyone who dislikes the buffet at Bellagio is an Idiot and should not be stepping in the doors of Bellagio because they are too good for you. Service and food is the greatest.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 10, 2005

Bellagio buffet is the best buffet in town. The selection is great, the food is tasty, with salt not being the key solution to flavor. I have tried most of the buffets in town and this one is the best.

0 Stars dlmoe June 04, 2004

Food was excellent along with the selection. The only problem was the service. We were finally noticed by our waitress after about ten minutes. I was just about to search for some one to bring us drinks when she came out of the back. Everyone else was served right away after returning from the buffet line. For some reason, our follow up service was the same.

0 Stars biegs March 12, 2004

One of the top two Buffets in Vegas - love it

0 Stars YoungGun August 21, 2003

This is my favorite buffet. It edges out Aladdin in quality but not selection. No annoying, "cute" French touches like the Paris. The food is great and the carving station having the selection that it did during lunch was amazing. The brunch is awesome. Props to the fresh juice station. The service is great too. The only reason I would not give the service a 10 is because of the host/hostesses. The servers have always been great, but everytime I've eaten there, there has been a problem with the seating. Perhaps it is because the seating area is small for a buffet of this size and popularity.

0 Stars sweetnest August 19, 2003

An excellent choice if you are looking for gormet food, and are not afraid to pay for it. I feel that the food was a little on the exotic side for the larger group that we traveled with. It was hard to find something plain and "normal" for our more picky eaters. However, desserts are PHENOMINAL, and if you believe that it's best to "eat dessert first" in life, this is the Buffet for you, even if it is expensive!

0 Stars jimstraz August 07, 2003

I would have given this buffet a 10 rating if they would not have changed some things. I have eaten at the Bellagio Buffet about 5 or 6 times. This last time I was very upset. I loved their Mango Chicken Salad that was a special on their salad station and made fresh to order. I couldn't wait to get some of it and when I went to the chef, it was nowhere to be found. I asked the chef where the Mango Chicken Salad was and she said that they are not making it anymore because they got a new chef and he is cutting out some dishes that were more costly.
I then headed for my other favorite - the Acorn Squash Ravioli with Safron Cream Sauce. They changed the sauce and it is no longer made with Safron. A big disappointment. That was my favorite dish on the menue. There were other noticeable changes that were for the worst. The deserts were not as grand as they once were either. I was so upset that this new chef changed the menu for cheap while the price got raised.

Honestly, I don't know if I will go back anytime soon. I used to love it so much, but now has faded. Don't get me wrong, it is still an incredible spread, just that it was better. Has anyone else noticed the changes? Let me know at jimstraz@aol.com

I will go back to the Paris Le Buffet first. It is wonderful there and more creative.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

This is my favorite buffet, but it is quite expensive, so you
better be hungry. They have an incredible selection of
seafood ranging from the usual shrimp all the way up to
crab legs along with drawn butter. They have many meats to
choose from, slices of pizza and an incredible selection of
desserts. I would suggest the cheesecake draped with their
raspberry sauce. The salad that is stocked is not like
at regular buffets with the cheese, olives, etc, but I am
not sure how describe how it is different. It's not your
basic green salad is the best way to put it.

0 Stars madge62 June 01, 2003

WOW! This buffet rocks. We were there for a late lunch, early dinner (3:00) on May 30/03 to catch the less expensive prices. The food was awesome, so varied and so gourmet. The teriyaki flank steak is worth going up for seconds. Had to try a little bit of everything, it tasted so good. The desserts.........well, I had to stop after 4 because I was so full. Anyway, definitely one to try.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Excellent buffet, the food is a vast variety and selection of the familiar to the exotic. I highly recommend the buffet, as it is a far cry from the old $.99 trough. The weekend brunch buffets have gotten a pricey though.

0 Stars billkat March 20, 2003

The greatest buffet ever ,we did champagne brunch well worth the money staff were great the food was the best i've ever had.. you must do it .

0 Stars billkat March 20, 2003

The greatest buffet ever ,we did champagne brunch well worth the money staff were great the food was the best i've ever had.. you must do it .

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Fantastic buffet food. All the dishes are very high quality and you get some crazy variation. From pizza to venison to crab legs to roast boar. Dinner can get pricey... Get there for a late lunch and you can sample some of the dinner stuff for the lower lunch price.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 16, 2002

the best quality food at any buffet on the strip. lunch was $16. eat at 3:15 and at 3:30 it goes into supper, which is $25. service was just okay. had 4 different people wait on us and they were not that friendly. but the food! oh my! gourmet and unusual, even exotic. if you're a meat and potato man, you won't be thrilled, but if you like exciting and different food, this is your place! much diversity. fantastic desserts. the cream of red pepper soup the best! huge,peeled shrimp, they crack the crabs lengthways for you. This was our #1 favorite buffet this trip.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 29, 2002

Line was too long--thankfully we got in VIP. It was a little loud, but the food was fantastic!! Something for everyone in our group. Our service was sketchy, because we switched servers midway through the meal, but it picked up again as the new guy got into his groove. I'd do it again if the lines weren't long.....

0 Stars RateVegas User August 23, 2002

We were in the back of the line at dinnertime and a server asked us if we'd like to sit at the bar (non-smoking) as he could seat us right away and save us 45 minutes of waiting. We jumped at the chance and had a wonderful meal. Worth the money!

0 Stars RateVegas User April 02, 2002

Excellent food in every respect - could be served this fare at a high-end restaurant and not be disappointed. For a buffet, it is simply amazing. My favorite buffet in LV. As a matter of fact, it would rank in my top 20 as a restaurant, period.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 30, 2001

Don't let the price send you away. For just a little more money you are getting the best buffet in vegas.Awesome food!

0 Stars RateVegas User September 22, 2001

I've gone through about 25-30 Vegas buffets and the Bellagio is simply tops. Not cheap, but the best QUALITY on or off the Strip. I'd do it twice as often if it cost a littlel less.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 27, 2001

We went to the buffet around 3:15 in the middle of the servers shift change. Server was rude. She yelled across the room and asked what we wanted to drink. Then we never saw her again after we got our drinks. After she went home,We complained to the manager about the poor service and he refunded the money we spent for the buffet and apologized profusely. Food was ok. Desserts are the only good food on the buffet. We will not go there again.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 15, 2001

Choice of food is mind-boggling. Something for everyone. Quality was outstanding, but service was poor.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 23, 2001

I'm pretty harsh on my Vegas Buffet ratings, but I have to say this is a great buffet. I would definitely eat here again. Good food. Good desserts. Rivals the buffet at Texas Station and Orleans (French Market Buffet) as my top picks so far.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 03, 2001

Very good food selection, quality and ambiance. The service was a bit of a problem due to a shift change in the middle of my meal. It is worth the money at lunch.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 30, 2001

Exotic meat selection, at least for my appetite. The pizza was great and I thought the deserts were the best part of the meal. My pre-cracked crab legs had bits of shell in them that ruined it for me and they are on ice. The server seemed to be timing the diners..here's your seat, what do you want to drink, get started, get out. I felt rushed at a buffet! I liked the Paris buffet the best.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 12, 2000

Ate Breakfast, excellent quality.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2000

Although a little on the expensive side, this is, hands down, the BEST buffet in Las Vegas. Went twice on the last trip, going again at least once the next trip.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 07, 2000

I visited the Buffet for the first time for dinner on my most recent trip. The selection of food is EXCELLENT!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 01, 2000

This is the best buffet in Las Vegas! I can't wait to go back!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 01, 2000

A wide selection of meats, seafood and an extensive array of salads make this buffet a winner. I went crazy for the alaskan king crab. The dessert selection left something to be desired.