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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Bistro 57 (Aliante)

1 Star Blake T May 13, 2013

The food was ok not great and for the price i expect great. The customer service was horrible. I am not the kind of person to complain I work in customer service and I can forgive a lot cause its a hard industry where expectation are high. However when you give crappy service and then can't even figure out how to bill the customer for it that is just to far. On top of all that we had to wait around for an hour after we ate to get them to fix the bill and in the end all they did was give us $20 off the bill witch was over $150. This was on mothers day so someone might think "oh they where just busy" fist it was not very busy only about 30% of the tables had people. Second its mothers day schedule some extra help on one of the busiest dine out holidays.