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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Bistro Buffet (The Palms)

4 Stars Nick Papagorgio March 03, 2013

Lunch was 7.99 with my players card. I thought the selection was great and the quality was good. Great way to get off the strip for a minute and take. A break

3 Stars 360 Vega Mark July 31, 2012

It was good. Nothing spectacular so don't go out of your way to try it but it's serviceable. The decor looks nice but the seating area feels a bit like a cafeteria. You could do worse in Vegas but you could also do better.

1 Star Eric April 25, 2011

Terrible! I am not a picky eater but I would give this buffet zero stars if possible. Ate here on Easter and honestly found nothing that tasted even average. They need to seriously revamp or just give-up and close it down! Come on Palms this is sad!!!!

1 Star Tammy February 28, 2011

We had not been to the Palms before and were curious. We tried the Sunday Brunch and between 3 of us we had a hard time finding enough food to eat. We tried the Lebanese food and it was the best but very tomato flavored. The dessert area looked messy, sticky and unappetizing so we skipped it. We tried the espresso machine but the versions we tried tasted strange. We had to ask our waiter for drinks several times. Overall this was a major disappointment and definitely not worth the wait or the charge- we received the players card discounts too.

5 Stars Sara February 17, 2011

One of the best! Amazing decor and cuisine to match.

1 Star Cody September 01, 2010

Extremely disappointing. Selection was poor with very little to choose from. If I'm paying $20.00 plus per person I would like a bit of variety. Will not return.

2 Stars Shane July 20, 2010

At over $20 this is a scam. The food isn't even as good at Golden Corral and very expensive. You can eat much better at the 24/7 Cafe for less money. I am not sure why anyone would eat here more than once. It only takes once to know this place sucks.

0 Stars Dee w May 26, 2010

Good breakfast. Would come again.

3 Stars Kara C. April 06, 2010

Ate breakfast, March 2010.

Average breakfast spread, but excellent service. Our guy kept the many drinks we ordered filled correctly.

3 Stars Gia March 29, 2010

Wonderful buffet and best price.

3 Stars Frank January 04, 2010

Very, very chic. Deserts were great!!

4 Stars Cindy January 04, 2010

Great buffet!!

0 Stars mike_ch May 16, 2007

In the last month the old Fantasy Market Buffet has reopened as Bistro Buffet. The last buffet was very underwhelming and this one promised to bring the Palms atmosphere to the dining room and hopefully improve the food as well. With an $8 lunch and $12 dinner, the price is competitive with the downtown greats, and the hype ("a buffet dream come true!") made it sound great.

I'll admit I walked in here fully expecting to be bumping the Golden Nugget out of the top spot and calling this the best lunch buffet deal in town. Perhaps I set my standards too high, because upon leaving I really felt like most of the renovation money went to marketing.

Atmosphere: A pearlescent color is dominant, but black mingles with all sorts of colors, from red and green to (largely) orange. Keeping with the Palms' image, heavily photoshopped pictures of women are on the walls. My favorite is the one where the woman has her mouth open wide and is holding an apple over her mouth. Anything natural about her appearance has been photoshopped away, meaning that her nostrils and the inside of her mouth (which is all the same color) seem prominent.

Tables are placed very close together in this medium-sized dining room. Bigger-bodied people should avoid the booth seating. Also, the frequent use of black splotches over an orange background remind me of the old color scheme for Toys R Us. Your usual top-20 soundtrack from the casino plays overhead. It's certainly better than what they had before, but before they had almost nothing.

Food: Unlike what the hype on some sites (*ahem* vegas-dot-*cough*) have suggested, I saw no cheeseburgers or foot-long hot dogs being served. Maybe this is only for dinner, but such food seems like all-american lunch fare to me. What I did see was prime rib, which was surprising for a lunch buffet in the under-$15 category. The salad section seems to be rarely visited by staff but it's there, asian and seafood exists but is minimal. The pizza is "designer pizza," which means they've put extras on the pizza, like the pepperoni also has bacon bits on it (not a good idea IMO.)

Dessert section has a small variety of cakes and an ice cream machine. Overall about even with most locals casinos but not as good as what you'd find on the Strip or even the good Downtown buffets.

Service: Mr. Maloof, stop being so stingy! The food here isn't bad considering the price, but is intentionally doled out in small portions only Paris & Nicole would love. Even one of the Grandma Of The Year types who visit the Palms on a weekday afternoon while Justin and Gwen are out of town was asking the man at the cutting board for a second helping. The deserts aren't bad, but small. Getting a drink refill was very difficult, even though I visited around 2PM after the lunch crush had long filed out and there were few guests. Everything just smelled of cost cutting for profit.

Overall: So close, and yet so far. This is an improvement over the last buffet. Now it's gone from a strong avoid to a non-recommend unless you want cheap all you can eat prime rib before 4PM. I can't see anyone who would want to go to this buffet other than the hotel's guests for the convenience or a frequent gambler for the comp. If you're going to pay, Gold Coast is cheaper and can be WAY cheaper during certain promotional periods, and those willing to pay for an A-grade buffet will find Rio and the Flamingo intersection hotels just down the street. (Food 3/5, Service 2/5)

0 Stars mike_ch November 29, 2006

The Maloofs put so much effort into being excessive with their suites, their clubs, etc that I had delusions of finding quality here. I mean, the Cafe isn't bad and Garduno's gets typically positive feedback, so how bad can it be?

The answer: Quite bad. Don't come here. You're wasting your money. If you're hung up on this location (a Palms hotel guest, for instance) then walk across the street to Gold Coast where you can better service and maybe a little better food at a little less cost (or maybe a lot less cost if they're having a promotion.) If cost is no matter, Rio is nearby and is far better.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 14, 2006

We play at he palms qften has have loads of points; however we rarely redeem them for food comps as the restaurants in the Palms are not good. I haven't enjoyed any meal at the any of the Palms restaurants except once aI had a turkey sandwich at the cafe. While the restaurants are below average; the buffet is like scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Just terrible. Reminds me of the buffet on National Lampoons Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase & Randy Quaid. When they're eating at the buffet and one of the characters asks the server for some red stuff and green stuff!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2005

We recently used some of our accumulated comps for dinner for 4 on a Sunday evening. What a waste of comps! This was by far the worst buffet we have ever been to in Las Vegas. While they offered some unique items that we have not seen on other buffets, gyros, for example, they could not seem to get the basics right. My husband could not eat the prime rib, it had an unusual seasoning on it that he did not like at all. All of the other items we tried were virtually tasteless. How do you mess up turkey and mashed potatoes? The desserts were also disappointing, not very much to choose from, and what was there was dried out from being out too long. The service was also bad, the server never came back to remove our empty plates, luckily the table next to us was dirty and unoccupied, so we could pile up our dirty plates on it. We will not be going back anytime soon to play there, this meal soured us on the whole casino.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 13, 2005

We have been to this buffet about 6 times, and have always enjoyed the food. They offer a few different items too, with a large selection. Making your own strawberry shortcake was the best idea anyone ever had. We really like this place, and I am surprised there are some negative reviews, because we have eaten at many buffets in Vegas, and this is fine.

0 Stars adz July 13, 2003

This is one of the better values in Vegas..excellent lunch buffett with standard choices but all prepared well..hot food is hot..cold food is cold..excellent selection of Asian and American stuff..yummy deserts...wonderful salads..good stuff..worth the trip..

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Had a breakfast buffet here and all was quite tastey.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 14, 2002

We ate at the buffet 7/26/02 I was disgusted by the buffet and will probably never return to the Palms. After waiting 45min for a table for 6, we headed to the food...every plate I picked up had crusty dried up food stuck on it, same goes for the knives at the table. The food selection was limited in comparison to other LV buffets. Most of the food was bland and cold. Didn't find anything I enjoyed not even desserts. Also the waitress spilled a full glass of pink lemonade down my boyfriends' uncle's back. It was a horrible experience, the only buffet I've had that was worse was the buffet at Stardust.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 09, 2002


0 Stars RateVegas User January 19, 2002

I had dinner at the Palms buffet on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2001. Cost was ten bucks, which was about what it is worth. Rather good, but standard fare for Vegas. It uses the familiar theme of International sections: Mexican, Chinese, Etc. A good selection of seafood, especially pull-apart shrimp. Overall, a good buffet, worth the money, but I wouldn go out of my way to eat there again.