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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Border Grill (Mandalay Bay)

2 Stars Les October 05, 2013

Food was okay. I expected more. Service was slow and not very responsive.

4 Stars Salvegas24 February 26, 2012

Great gluten free menu. My wife has a gluten allergy and she looks forward to the Border Grill all year. The fresh guacamole is so good and I recommend it highly. Our meals were very good. She had the kobe beef tacos. Service was excellent. If you like Mexican and want to try something slightly different and creative, this place us for you.

4 Stars Timm October 18, 2011

Actually I think it's 3 stars but my wife gives it 5, so we will compromise at 4. I was just underwhelmed. Food was good, not great. We each had the $42 deal that includes app and dessert. I was a little disappointed but my wife loved it. My fish tacos were nothing special, but she raved about her dish, the name of which escapes me. ( This was last week.) Service was great. However, we ate outside and it was so loud we could barely talk - all the sound is captured by the small room and it bounces around, making it seem as if you're sitting in a funnel. With drinks and tip we spent $150 and I think it wasn't worth it. My wife disagrees. So be forewarned - and sit inside when they ask you to go to the patio.

3 Stars DjS June 28, 2011

Just ate at Border Grill last night.. Sat in the bar and ordered the "ultimate experience" tasting menu. The service was great.. We loved our waiter. The apps were great and creative. I thought that the plantain empanadas were excellent. I was looking forward to seeing the best that the two hot tamales had to offer, but I left unimpressed. For the main course, I had the skirt steak and my wife had the chicken enchiladas. My steak was tough and under seasoned. I have made it better myself many times. The enchiladas were good, but nothing special. Ultimately, I tasted nothing that was "top chef" material. Overall,I think that you will find that this is a nice place for fresh Mexican food and tiny $15 margaritas.. But make sure you set your expectations low.

3 Stars John May 09, 2011

Above average for Vegas "Mexican" food. Tasty and reasonably priced, but typical bad service. Not good Mexican food, just good Vegas Mexican food.

4 Stars Squid April 11, 2011

The food and service was very good. Not too happy about being auto charged for "filtered tap water". Otherwise, we thought it was a good place to eat.

3 Stars Reviewer April 01, 2011

It's ok nothing special. Came here for drinks and appetizers. Nice view of the Mandalay pool.

5 Stars technoqueen December 30, 2010

This was the best Mexican cuisine I have ever tasted. Visited the establishment for an after wedding dinner and was blown away. Food was excellent and service was top rate. Will eat here again on a heartbeat.

4 Stars atdleft December 08, 2010

I couldn't help it. I just HAD to return. I needed my Border Grill fix! And hey, I also wanted to see the new "Top Chef: Masters" specials.

So how was it all. Fantastico, as usual. The guacamole was just too good to pass up. It was so creamy, so tangy, so subtly spicy, so perfect. The homemade chips went nicely with this picture perfect guac.

And from there, it was onto a nice, big chile relleno. What, you thought I could pass that up?! Oh come on, it's so tasty! The poblano was roasted beautifully, with that perfect balance of spicy and smoky and slightly sweet flavor. The panela, manchego, and cotija cheeses all blended together in just the right balance of creamy, tangy, and salty. And the coating was just right, eggy enough to satisfy without feeling too heavy. The accompanied rice & beans tasted fresh and supported the "star attraction" quite well.

I also ordered the black cherry mojito off the special "Top Chef: Masters" menu, and I was quite impressed by this! I must admit, I like my liquor nice and sweet and fruity... And this hit all the right notes for moi!

Oh, and before I forget, I MUST talk about the tres leches cake with passion fruit and prickly pear sauces. Oh, and I ordered it a la mode (with vanilla ice cream). Oh jeez, this was something else! All those layers of creamy sweetness! And the sauces added just the right tangy, tart, fruity notes needed to complete this dish!

All in all, it was another meal muy delicioso here. Thank goodness I'm only 8 miles away. :-D

5 Stars Salvegas24 November 08, 2010

Everything about this place is awesome. The food is fairly priced and absolutely to die for. The table side guacamole, margaritas, entrees, desserts, ambience, and service are all top notch. My wife and I have been to Vegas many times and this is one of our top three favorites.

5 Stars The Traveller October 13, 2010

Nice staff. Solid Mexican food. Asked for jalepenos, got kickin fresh sliced peppers... The steak tacos were really tasty, but the carnitas seriously, really, i cannot overstate this, were kick ass!!! Really... Get the carnita tacos. They gave a healthy shot of Patron to aid with the digestion...

1 Star UnhappyTamale August 28, 2010

The evening started with a busboy spilling an entire carafe of water on one of the members of our party, and quickly went downhill from there. Although we were quickly assured that we would receive "a couple of free desserts" by our waitress, we were unceremoniously dumped on another waiter when it became clear that we weren't thrilled with the service. After bringing out a variety of the overpriced appetizers and dishes, we didn't see the waiter again until it was time to pay the bill. After the superior service at Bouchon, being ignored by the waitstaff was a real letdown. Best of all, there was absolutely no money taken off the bill and we were actually charged for the water that was spilled on us! I'd recommend Garduno's or even Cozymel's before this dump.

5 Stars Brooke June 04, 2010

The best upscale Mexican restaurant anywhere. So good!!

3 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

My problem might have been that I'm a fan of more "easy" Mexican food than anything else and all of their plates are just a hodge podge of Mexican cuisine. I went in looking for a simple burrito (I didn't know at the time it was going to be so high end) but the food I did have was great. If you're a foodie, I think you'll like this place. However, if you like mojitos, you'll love it. I only drink whiskey but was talked into a watermelon mojito and was blown away.

5 Stars Cathy April 04, 2010

Chic, modern Mexican. Great cuisine.

4 Stars Erik April 01, 2010

Deck had misters. Good food and tasty margaritas. Service a little slow.

3 Stars Pete March 31, 2010

Again we were lured in via the restaurant.com coupon. This place wasn't bad, but not great. I think it satisfies ones need of mexican food, but it just wasn't mind blowing mexican food (not sure if and where that exists, but I digress). I wouldn't say avoid the place, the atmosphere was fun and service was good. I guess we were hoping this would be the goto place for mexican, but we are still in search of that place.

4 Stars Russell Sauve March 28, 2010

A higher end Mexcan experience. At least when compared to Pink Taco at the Hard Rock. Fantastic and inventive drinks like a jalapeño margarita that was mind blowingly delicious (it's not on the menu, but they offer it). And the food was amazing. It's more expensive than Pink Taco and I hate the Mandalay Bay refers to Border Grill as "casual dining" because the bill doesn't back that up but it's worth the money for a solid dining experience.

5 Stars Anna March 04, 2010

Loved border grill! Chic and upscale accompanied by a great culinary team.

3 Stars Naboozal February 01, 2010

Great guacamole and chips. Pork chop was tasty. Chicken enchiladas were nothing special. Charging per head to drink their environmentally friendly tap water was a bit much. Ok margaritas... But I prefered Mesa Grill's.

5 Stars Sandy January 13, 2010

Super chic and tasty cuisine!

3 Stars Trudy nevland October 26, 2009

Way over priced! Food was not hot and the salsa was not good or plentiful. Go to treasure island for great Mex food instead.

0 Stars Eric August 28, 2009

Thought the food was mostly filler and not much meat. I little pricey for the quality of food

4 Stars Jwm1952 May 25, 2009

Truly flavorful southwestern cuisine. Great service in a fun environment.

0 Stars John Anderson October 26, 2007

The food here is exelent I really enjoyed it and the atmosphere is relaxing.

0 Stars David Graver October 09, 2006

The food was little better than average here in Pennsylvania. Presentation was better but in taste an quality I had hoped for better.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 17, 2005

Great food and great setting,especially if you seat out in the patio.Horrible service !!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 02, 2005

When a table became available in the bar, we decided to take it and just eat in the bar. Unfortunately, our server thought that we took the check from the previous customer - so she completely ignored us (after subjecting us to a thorough investigation). When our name was called for dinner, our server and service got no better. Slow, slow, slow.

0 Stars Sonya June 06, 2003

We got some lunch to go and ate it in our room. There was a long wait for tables the day we were there and I wasn't in the mood to wait. The food was good. Not the best Mexican I've had, but it was yummy and filling. I would give it another try.


0 Stars lzcutter May 28, 2003

Noveau Mexican offerings in a very now setting but the chairs are so uncomfortable you can barely make it through the meal. The food is okay- it is after all the Two Hot Tamales ladies but the meal was not as good as the chips and salsa served as the appetizer. The drinks were the best part of the evening.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 07, 2002

The food was pretty good, but the service was the worst I ever had in Vegas. I suggest avoiding it.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 20, 2001

very pleased with the new menu items, service was slow at best, but the food was well received.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 20, 2001

very pleased with the new menu items, service was slow at best, but the food was well received.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 21, 2000

Awful service, horrible decor, and the most mediocre "southwest" food. I have ever had. Try Coyote Cafe at MGM, or any other place before this one