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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews The Buffet (ARIA)

4 Stars Andrew August 20, 2014

Cannot fault the quality of the food available at the breakfast buffet. Service was pleasant and attentive within the buffet but the lady taking payment at the front desk needs to find a new job. I arrived a few minutes after it opened, a good option if you are dining alone.

4 Stars Robert May 19, 2014

I had great breakfast. Was it pricy? Yes! Could you eat a lot more for a lot less on the strip? Yes, but the selections are great ranging from Japanese to Indian to hand carved ham, turkey and beef. If you value quality over quantity, you will more likely appreciate this buffet. If you want to stuff yourself with the usual high carb traditional American breakfast, there are better options on the Strip.

4 Stars Timm March 21, 2014

Decent but overpriced. We paid $70 for two people at 3 pm on Monday afternoon, so I'm not sure how anyone is paying $18 a head. Food is good, ambience is ok (rather cafeteria like to me), service was great. I will return if discounted or comped, otherwise no.

3 Stars Salvegas24 April 28, 2013

Aria Buffet
My wife and I went here three times on our most recent trip. It's less expensive to go to the buffet than to the cafe. The service was slow on all three occasions. I love their new format and I think the food is great. Omelets were fantastic, nice options and variety and most of the items in the lines were really good. This is one of my favorite buffets.

3 Stars Nick Papagorgio March 03, 2013

Price was reasonable and food was of decent quality. Problem was that with the salmon, all of the food is "okay" not bad, but not really good either. I will not be back.

3 Stars Brandon March 03, 2013

It's ok. The fresh naan is the only thing that stood out and we ate here a couple times. If cafe vettro wasn't terrible we would go there but the buffet is probably the best brunch option.

5 Stars Scott Wolff February 19, 2013

Feb. 18, 2013. 11:00 am I thought the $18.00 price was very reasonable for the selection of food and quality of food. I had paid $23.00 for the wicked spoon buffet at the cosmopolitan. If you are mainly looking for meats and salads and main dishes go to "the buffet" at aria. If you are looking for amazing desserts and jellato go to "wicked spoon" at Cosmo. Both very good buffets. I would have to rate my experience at "The Buffet" as excellent for price/ overall value/ food quality and flavor. Very satisfied. Defiantly would go back.

4 Stars TInker February 10, 2013

We stayed at Aria and part of our offer - 2 buffets per day. We used them for breakfast. Overall, pretty good - lots of selections, food was good quality, the selection was very good. Service was OK. At $18 we wouldn't have gone twice - but for free was worth the second trip

3 Stars Richard September 01, 2012

Decent buffet. Nice space. Not the best food but it's of bad for a buffet.

5 Stars Jason August 17, 2012

Atlantic crab! Say no more......

5 Stars Darren L. May 16, 2012

Best buffet on Strip.

5 Stars Nathan May 03, 2012

Great food. Huge crab legs. Hint dinner food comes out at 4 get through the line at 330 to 4pm. Save 10 bucks and get dinner at lunch price . Line can be insane. If you have a pearl mlife or above card use it to bypass the line. I talked to some people that had been in line 2 hours. I was past line 30 secs.

2 Stars Soko April 29, 2012

Not worth the price. Not much to choose from and most of the food was very bland. Service was pretty good and very nice. Crab legs were served on ice people had to ask the chefs to heat them for them. Planet hollywoods buffet is 10 times better and waAaay more selection its unbelievable cheaper too!

4 Stars R March 17, 2012

Better than Bellagios buffet. King crab legs, can't go wrong with those. Desserts were nice also. A big selection. As far as regular foods, the prime rib was great, other "fillers" of the buffet line so do speak, but overall, I'd go back.

3 Stars Mary March 08, 2012

We had 2 free buffets with our room so we went Friday morning. We walked right up to cashier, charged it to our room in a quick transaction and waited to be seated. And waited. And waited. There were 3 hostesses who were nowhere to be found. We finally got a lecture for waiting in the wrong spot and were then seated. The buffet was good (not great but it was free). The hostesses treated most everyone poorly and yelled at four Asian businessmen for wanting to "save" the table next to them for other friends meeting them for breakfast. Totally uncalled for. I wouldn't rush back but I'd go again if it was free.

4 Stars Salvegas24 February 26, 2012

As far as buffets go, the Aria Buffet was well worth the money. Great options. Gluten free items are clearly labeled. Nice desserts. Better than the Bellagio buffet.

3 Stars Brandon January 25, 2012

It's ok. Nothing bad. But nothing that stood out

2 Stars John January 11, 2012

The Aria Buffet was disappointing from beginning to end. It was a run of the mill space with run of the mill food. Certainly not worth the prices charged and we were even dining on resort credits.

The buffet frankly seems out of place at Aria. We were also disappointed when the first server provided a free screwdriver, but the second server returned with bill for the second drink. While we would stay at Aria again, we certainly won't be dining at the buffet. Skip this buffet.

1 Star Bill January 10, 2012

Agree 100% with the last reviewer. This place is definitely not worth the prices they charge. Minimal selections and not very tasty either.

1 Star Bette December 09, 2011

Worst buffet in Vegas for the price the only good thing was the service. Variety of food was small and not very tasty....Our first trip there a year ago was good. Its really gone down hill.

3 Stars Michael (jinx) November 19, 2011

Completely average in every aspect, decor, preparation, taste, and choices. There just isn't any reason to recommend this place over Bellagio and Wynn buffets. One positive our server did a great job of keeping champagne glass full.

3 Stars Colleen October 13, 2011

Good, but not worth the $30 plus cost. Service was good. Pre-made salads instead of a salad bar. No cheese for taco station. Pizza not that great. Rotisserie chicken and soup good.

1 Star JohnR October 09, 2011

Not worth it. The hotel is great. The buffet is not. Went on a Saturday night. The sign said 29.99 but the price was 39.99. The cashier didnt explain the difference. My waiter, who was good explained that this was their gourmet dinner that came with lobster (half) and all the wine you wanted. The lobster was tough and I dont drink much wine, so the price increase was not worth it to me. The rest of the "gourmet" food was not and the selection was very limited. Very disappointing. All the last reviews are correct. The first reviews here are wrong.

2 Stars Kevin August 06, 2011

Not a good buffet. It's expensive as always but the food isn't as good as other places. Hop on the tram and go to Bellagio.

4 Stars Tom May 28, 2011

Good crab legs good shrimp good panang don't get the flan, not that good.

2 Stars Chelsea H May 12, 2011

The good thing? The price is decent compared to the other places in Aria. It was $15.99 per person during breakfast hours for all you can eat and drink. Bad thing: the food. Ate at The Buffet two mornings in a row with my family and was dreading going back the second day. There was no part of the breakfast that stood out for me at all. Muesli was good, but bagels are tiny, French toast was bland and selection was small. For having 4,004 rooms, one would assume the buffet would be larger in size and offer a wider selection. But no.

3 Stars Brandon March 16, 2011

I wasn't crazy about this place. Really felt like a highschool lunch room. Food was ok. But not nearly on the level that I think it should be. Nothing stood out. I would save the 10 extra bucks and go to a cheaper place. Your literally paying extra here just for the hell of it. Not for a better product.

3 Stars Karen November 17, 2010

Was so looking forward to this but turned out to be average only for breakfast. Dishes cold despite chefs preparing fresh food regularly. Choices good but not great.

0 Stars Harvey October 23, 2010

Average dinner buffet and costly considering what they offer. I am not saying it is the worst in Vegas, that honor belongs to the Excalibur, but you'd expect a brand new mega resort to be much better. Bellagio and Monte Carlo out the ARIA to shame. Buffets are over rated and over priced, unless you are some big fat lady eating 12 plates worth. Go to Ellis Island to eat. Ask for their $6.99 sirloin steak dinner. It is fabulous and comes with all the trimmings. It is not on the menu so you have to ask. I think that Binions still offers a fairly inexpensive 22 oz porterhouse steak after midnight. And if you have false teeth, leave em at home and ask them to put the steak in a blender, otherwise bring a chain saw to cut that SOB. Buffets in Las Vegas just aren't what they used to be, low quality food and high prices.

4 Stars Andrew October 08, 2010

Breakfast was excellent. We did go at 7.30 in the morning and nearly empty so table service was prompt. The one place in Vegas I found crispy bacon!

0 Stars Dandy Don September 13, 2010

Lackluster buffet. Went to the Saturday night buffet where they offer one lobster for two people. It took them forever to get the lobster to our table. The lobster wasn't anything special, really small. Prime rib was cooked well done, WTF? They only offered cod and catfish as fish selections and I don't like king crab legs (too salty). Save your money. Only good part was being able to see the pools from were we sat and some pretty nice titties.

0 Stars Danno September 09, 2010

Very dissapointing. Thankfully our buffet was comp'd, otherwise it would have cost 37.50 per person. Went on a Saturday night where they feature one lobster for two people. We had to wait 45 minutes for our lobster to be brought to our table. By that time I was already eating dessert, so my wife ate the lobster. Our server kept telling us she ordered our lobster. They just don't have their ducks in a row here. They should have had the lobster at our table within 5 minutes. The lobster was very little and they make a big deal out of it. It looked more like a crawfish. Also, not a wide variety of selections. I had a piece of prime rib that the server cut paper thin and it was overcooked. Very limited fish selections. We won't be going back. Go to the Bellagio or the Monte Carlo if you want a great buffet. The Aria buffet really sucked.

3 Stars Lez davies August 22, 2010

Very light and airy ambience. The waiters/waitresses were very attentive and the seafood, considering it's a buffet was excellent. Now the reasons why it didn't receive five stars. There was a long wait even though the queue wasn't long and there were plenty of 'readied' tables available. We had the buffet at the MGM Grand the previous day which offered a far greater selection of food that was value for money.

5 Stars Brad August 10, 2010

Great food best on the strip! If you like crab it's a must eat but you will be in a line but worth it! Will return.

1 Star Rich July 22, 2010

Is this place being reviewed by the people that work here? Don't eat here. I've been to most of the buffets on the strip and this by far is the worse one. Food was hot but is that a reason for 5 stars? Not Much of a selection, taste was OK at best. I understand that people don't go here for healthy foods but the salad bar sucked and that's being nice. The desert bar was good but I could have gone to the bakery for that

5 Stars Daniel UK July 19, 2010

Our favourite buffet in Vegas. All the food was hot unlike Spice Market at PH and excellent choice and service!

4 Stars Lexer July 17, 2010

Nice ambience for a buffet,airy and bright, good selection of food especially the crab legs and prime rib and great desserts

5 Stars Robert June 02, 2010

Very good dining experience. A good variety of food and very affordable. ( incase your short on funds from gambling ) The staff was also very helpful. No complaints on our behalf.

5 Stars Darren L. May 30, 2010

Excellent. Great food quality and choice. The prime rib was as good as any of the top Vegas steak houses.

5 Stars Adam May 26, 2010

Very good buffet, better then caesars I thought. Great staff and service.

5 Stars Shell May 25, 2010

Absolutely delicious! Nice variety if foods

4 Stars Kri May 14, 2010

The king crab leg are so good, everything is fresh and the price is fair.

5 Stars Samantha April 18, 2010

One of the best!!

3 Stars Rev Ross April 14, 2010

Good value for money, front of house staff are poor on customer service and attention. During my visit the two cashiers were talking together and the seating hosts were slow and badly managed. Food was good but if you want that bit more go to the wynn but you will pay for it.

5 Stars Cathy April 04, 2010

One of the best!

3 Stars mike_ch April 01, 2010

Had a special event brunch, found it lackluster. Don't brunch here if you can help it, go to Bellagio (regular or fountains brunch) or Planet Hollywood instead.

3 Stars ALSanDiego March 25, 2010

I had a brunch time stop here and found the food typical fare for a buffet, but I like the design of the dining area, it feels open. Good move if you hit Crystals early and want to reward yourself for the calories burned.

4 Stars Sopher March 15, 2010

Good selection for the price. Nice spread out ambiance. Went for brunch. Would go back again. Nice lox and cream cheese flavors to choose from.

4 Stars Cody March 08, 2010

Great selection, waitstaff fast and friendly. Don't often see the attention to detail I saw here in a buffet. Recomend highly!!

4 Stars Emi February 27, 2010

Not many choices, but it's cheaper than alot of other buffets. Seafood like crab legs and cocktail shrimps are good. Deserts are good too.

5 Stars Patrick January 13, 2010

Great buffet, something for everyone, friendly staff. And a dessert bar to die for for!! :)