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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay)

5 Stars Eric September 16, 2013

I make it it a point to come here when I am in Vegas. Love to build my burger with the plethora of choices they have.

5 Stars Karen December 22, 2012

Loved Burger Bar. Nice setting and easy to get to if you are staying at Mandalay Bay or Luxor. Server was friendly and attentive. I've eaten a lot of burgers and this was easily the best burger I've ever had. I got the Hubert Keller burger--buffalo with baby spinach and blue cheese. You can spend as much or as little as you want to build your own burger. Some topping options are cheap; others like the the truffles and half lobster are expensive. We spent $99 bucks and had four burgers, four orders of fries, and a dessert to split. I would definitely eat there again.

3 Stars Timm October 06, 2012

I was underwhelmed. The burger was good, but nothing that made me feel that it was worth $20. The service was fine. I went in wondering what a great chef could do to hamburger to make it a memorable, amazing meal, and I came out with the answer - nothing.

5 Stars KerenMark July 26, 2012

Have to give it five chips for the Rossini burger! Foie gras $ truffles. It was amazing. Skip the fried Mac & Cheese appetizer - not bad, but not memorable. Loved the skinny fries. Knowledgable staff.

4 Stars ten2vegas June 11, 2012

Best burger of the trip, 'designed' my own burger and it was very tasty, onion rings were huge, good fries and a good selection of beers. I'd definitely eat here again.

4 Stars Heineken Whyte April 15, 2012

Great burger and beer selection.

3 Stars C Zeitz January 10, 2012

Over all, very good burgers. Fried were nothing special, but the pepper jack balls were a killer appetizer. 2 beers, 2 burgers, 2 fries, and an appetizer for $60. Could have went to Smash Burger for the best fries and burgers around for 1/3 of the price.

5 Stars Gaylin October 04, 2011

Great burger and I'm from NYC if you didn't like it there is something wrong with your palette

1 Star John September 12, 2011

I agree with the reviewer that said this is not mall food; you get better burgers in the mall. Overpriced designer crap! Run away!

5 Stars JamieB July 17, 2011

Love this place. My husband and I make it a point to go every time we are in Vegas. Love the zucchini fries and skinny fries. Great service, although a bit pricy for burgers. Definitely worth the trip!!

5 Stars David July 15, 2011

Fantastic, quick, and reasonable prices..... Hot waitresses too!!!

4 Stars Redcivilian June 30, 2011

Had the Kobe burger and threw a lobster on their with sprouts, mozerella and chipotle aillo sauce. It was really really good, however I would order it well. I ordered medium and it was so red I was scared I was gonna get sick. Other then that I thoroughly enjoyed the burger combination I created. Total for that burger alone was $35. They also have blue moon, chimay and dogfishhead on tap. Cool place, but it is a little far from the strip. If your at Mandalay bay and your hungry for a great burger, stop by and enjoy. It was awesome. Also as a quick note, if you order the premade lobster burger, it comes with angus and not Kobe beef.

2 Stars Waren Peace May 26, 2011

After reading the reviews, I picked this restaurant as my leap into the "high end" burger. I was not as impressed as many before me. I ordered the Angus with Cheddar and bacon. After a long wait I received the Angus with American and bacon. With tickets to the Lion King there was no time to send it back, so I ate it "as is". Although a fairly thick burger, it didn't even fill the bun. I would expect a $17 burger to fill the bun. My date had the Salmon and it was very nice, very fresh, but you get exactly what you order so unless someone warns you to add some sort of sauce or dressing you will end up with a semi-dry sandwich. She had the grilled asparagus and it really made the meal. The zucchini fries were good, but generic. I have had similar from Sam's club. Ultimately, unless you are getting one of the very high end (Kobe) burgers, I would save my money and go to Fudruckers!

1 Star John May 09, 2011

Absolutely the worst service I have ever had anywhere. The burgers were inedible. Overpriced and overrated.

5 Stars Paulo May 07, 2011

Best burger I've had in my life. My girlfriend agrees. We tried the angus burgers. Service was only ok but the burgers are so amazing it's worth the wait and price. I am a regular in Vegas and trust me when I say burger bar is now a regular stop for me...

5 Stars Jay Holben April 14, 2011

There is not a trip to Vegas that I don't make it to The Burger Bar. Life-Changingly good burgers. Master Chef Hubert Keller knows his burgers, without question. DO NOT be fooled by the fact that this place is in a mall. This is NOT Mall Food. This is TOP notch cuisine that just happens to be burgers. It's worth the trip - no matter where you are staying in Vegas.

4 Stars Jane Public March 08, 2011

Sit at bar for best service,sweet potatoe fries r the best, veggie burger falls apart but very large portions. They give u a nice doggie bag to go. Table service is slow.

5 Stars Salvegas24 December 04, 2010

Best burger in Vegas. Sweet Potato fries are awesome. And the shakes are amazing. If you're looking for a great meal in a fun atmosphere and are in the mood for a burger skip all of the theme places and head straight to the Burger Bar. You will not be disappointed.

5 Stars Desmond Shaw October 13, 2010

I come to Vegas often and am always looking for the best burger. So far this is the best I've had! Not cheap to be certain, but you always have to expect a premium at any restaurant on the strip. The juicy filling burger and fries/onion rings I got was about 20 bucks with soda. Other Vegas experts seem to concur; this is the best burger on the strip!

5 Stars Rick Thames September 30, 2010

The best Burger we have had in Vegas. Delicious sides, good service & fun surroundings.

5 Stars JamieB July 02, 2010

Love love love this place!! Great food, excellent service. Try the zucchini fries and the sliders!!

5 Stars JamieB June 29, 2010

Amaaaaazing burgers. Try the zucchini fries. A bit pricy but worth it.

5 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

This is my favorite of the "gourmet burger" places in town. A GREAT beer selection, and I loved the Kobe burger I had on my last visit.

Skip the fries (just average) and go for the onion rings instead.

Lots of TVs in here, great place to watch a game.

5 Stars John M. April 04, 2010

Visited for 4th time in March 2010. Kobe burgers were great. Will return each trip.

5 Stars Arnie March 13, 2010

Kobe burger is best I've ever had. Never fails to deliver. Sweet potato fries are awesome too!

5 Stars Oscar February 23, 2010


0 Stars Jboogs February 12, 2010

Ate at the Burger Bar Superbowl weekend with friends and had the Rossini and a Twinkie milkshake and it was the best burger and milkshake I've ever had! Even though it was a $60 burger it was worth every penny!!!!!

5 Stars Ace macgregor January 03, 2010

You want it they got it! All buns, toppings, and a burger made to order at a reasonable price. Can't wait to go back

4 Stars Dazza December 08, 2009

Great burgers at a resonable price. Highly recommended

5 Stars Nash September 23, 2009

Kobe burger is amazing

5 Stars Lola followill August 20, 2009

Highly recommend eating here. Great atmosphere, excellent food and service especially all ofthe cute waiters!!

4 Stars Dorian August 16, 2009

Outstanding gourmet burger outpost in the hard to find Mandalay Bay shops. Chef Hubert Keller cooks up some of the tastiest hamburgers you will ever eat. You can build your own from an amazing array of high quality ingredients from caramalized onions to maytag blue cheese. Try the zucchini fries. Worth the trip.

4 Stars John April 21, 2009

Excellent Kobe beef burger

4 Stars Michael & Mike March 08, 2009

Excellent burgers with a large variety of toppings. Nice atmosphere, ok waitstaff. Prices are slightly high but reasonable for Vegas. Try the dessert burger!

4 Stars Melanie & Jason February 04, 2009

My husband & I enjoyed our lunch here. We found plenty of menu items to choose from for a very reasonable price. We chose angus over the Kobe beef of course - it was just lunch! He loved the onion rings - food was great =). Service was pretty good, but it gets kinda crazy in there, the room is very long and skinny and people were constantly bumping into each other and the small tables in the center row - I would opt for a booth next time!

4 Stars Chia January 08, 2009

Try the Kobe beef burger, it's awesome! No matter what your taste or budget you can find something on the menu that fits & is tasty. Sweet potato fries & zuchini fries are both great. If you really want something crazy try the $60 foie gras & black truffle burger.

4 Stars Ken December 22, 2008

I always eat at the Burger Bar when in Las Vegas. The sweet potato fries are the best.

0 Stars Mrs M. October 08, 2007

Ate here for dinner one evening. Friendly and busy atmostphere. Food excellent. Particularly loved the chunky fries and the custom made chicken breast burger I had with caramelised onions and roasted peppers. Delicious.

0 Stars Dale May 28, 2007

Popped in for lunch. Low expectations were easily exceeded. Just got a plain hamburger with onion, and tomato. Thick burger was truly cooked medium as ordered and was pink and juicy. Lots of choices on the menu.

A good choice if you are in the area.

0 Stars Anabella Stevenson January 17, 2007

A Very fun enviornment for everyone! Great burgers, great service and great fun! Had a plesurable time!