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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Cafe Bellagio (Bellagio)

5 Stars Lori Johnson September 01, 2013

I loved the food and the service. I really enjoyed the location - at the garden.

1 Star Jane Public August 09, 2013

The service the last 5 times has went down considerably with the new staff, change in management and the over changing on menu several different times. Takes too long for service and to get even seated. Even asking for special requests is out of the question if you have dietary needs as I have witnessed at at table next to me.

5 Stars Trish May 05, 2013

Great food and service. I come to vegas at least twice a year and always have breakfast at this place Only down side is very long queues from 9am

4 Stars Brandon July 18, 2012

For a 24-7 joint this is very good. Consistent food and service.

5 Stars Jared May 16, 2012

good food, good service.... reminds me of a tea room with all the pink decor & plush chairs

5 Stars Ashley March 15, 2012

Great service and food! Beautiful view of conservatory ! Thean that helped us didn't make us feel like nagging tourists, but like guests. I really like that.

5 Stars Pete / Linda uk. Hull October 26, 2011

had fantastic meal great service wonderful people lovely restaurant very good steak

4 Stars Brandon October 02, 2011

Good for a late night meal. We liked everything we had. Good chicken strips. Lettuce cups and French onion soup. Service wasn't the best but we were there at 3 am.

5 Stars Pete / Linda uk. Hull September 22, 2011

had fantastic meal great service wonderful people lovely restaurant very good steak

0 Stars Nat September 18, 2011

I wouldn't recommend it. My friend got food poisoning.

4 Stars The predicament September 02, 2011

I like this place. I had a great breakfast here. I would definitely eat here again. If u haven't tried it u should!

5 Stars Paul Vilja August 22, 2011

Best breakfast location. Once found, had wonderful breakfast here for four mornings. I stayed at Caesars Palace.

4 Stars Dominator April 01, 2011

We had a great meal here! Had the shrimp cocktail, 4 huge tiger prawns, then my wife had the special southern fried chicken with mashed sweet potatoes& acorn squash, and she loved it. I had the chicken picatta, which was done as well as any Italian restaurant can prepare this, and I'm Italian. We finished off with chocolate raspberry & creme brule which was killer because it gave you 3 different versions, vanilla, praline, & pistachio. Crazy good. Excellent service, decent prices. You won't be disappointed.

5 Stars Josh March 28, 2011

Good food ,gorgeous restaurant, would definitely eat again.

5 Stars Bob March 02, 2011

Great service. Better than a buffet. Had fruit pancakes and applewood smoked bacon with espresso. Well prepared.

5 Stars The Honeymooners February 11, 2011

Best crab cake eggs Benny ever!!! Love the food here it is awesome!!! April 26/2010

4 Stars The Traveller October 13, 2010

Good, reasonably priced basic selection. Ate here a couple times. The fries and the hash browns were both qiute tasty here. You can play Keno while you dine. Good, spicy bloody mary to kick start the day served here. Tasty, real holllandaise on the eggs benedict. A fair ruben sandwich.

4 Stars Manda September 10, 2010

Was definitely decent enough. Good cheap alternative.

4 Stars Mike_Ch August 17, 2010

Probably the best choice if you're in the area and don't want anything fancy. My experience with staff here has run the gamut from people who just moved here from another hotel, to opening day people who have lived in the city for decades. Overall, the cafe isn't special but the prices and location mean it is an interesting cultural meeting ground among all strata of Vegas guests.

4 Stars Hutch July 13, 2010

Nice place to grab a decent meal after a show. Good selection.

0 Stars Natasha April 27, 2010

Great food :)

3 Stars MikeE April 21, 2010

Each time I've been here, the service has been anywhere from mediocre to just plain abysmal. The food is okay. Unless you can guarantee your party a table near the windows or one of the tables that overlook the conservatory, I'd definitely explore other options in the area.

0 Stars Oscar February 23, 2010

So good i Will go again and again!

0 Stars Jim and Norah February 23, 2010

Excellent coffe and golf service

3 Stars Dom & Denise October 22, 2009

Exactly what we expected. Better than average quality at an affordable price. Very friendly wait staff.

5 Stars Mr & Mrs Vegas October 19, 2009

Good prices and lovely Chocolate crossaints! Go here for a quick grab and go breakfast you won't be dissapointed. Nie coffee too

3 Stars Abed Nader September 04, 2009

For the Bellagio the food and service could have been better. I would go to Planet Dailies or The 24 eatery at the Venetian before the Cafe Bellagio. Room service was good maybe it comes from the same place but it tastes better from your room and it's faster.

5 Stars Matt&Cas March 28, 2009

Very good value and great size portions. Open 24 hours

4 Stars Jesse January 10, 2009

I have stated at this resort and even if I stay elsewhere I make it a point to eat here. The food has always been prepared fantastic. The service is always top notch! If I have any say in the matter I try to have the same server, Neil. He has worked there for a long time and even if it has been a while in between my visits he remembers my family and I every time. Nowadays you just don't find people who love what they do. This is a quality that does not go unnoticed! For the price the food and service is top notch.

5 Stars Colin October 22, 2008

This is a hard place to review. I've stayed at Bellagio on several occasions and have always enjoyed their resort. Lately, however, I've noticed a real decline in service at the Cafe. Long lines at any time of day seem to be par for the course, and understandable given Bellagio's reputation for excellence and opulence, but the amount of 'closed sections' in the cafe during peak times leads to those lines getting longer. And the problems don't end there, waiters are quite often rude and neglectful. Now, we all know how hard a waiters job is, no one can deny that, but this is a world class resort and as such guests will expect a better class of service. This is especially remarkable given the very high level found throughout the rest of the hotel.

This is not to say that you should avoid eating here. They offer great food, huge portions, and comfortable surroundings. The Cafe is perfect for breakfast or a late night snack, and offers a diverse, although pricey, menu 24/7.

0 Stars Jen November 24, 2007

Eat at the Caribe Cafe at the Mirage or the cafe at Treasure Island, but skip this place! Way overpriced and the food is much, much, better at the other two places. Service was horrible -- not only at our table, but at two other surrounding tables. Will not return.

0 Stars Mad Dog November 02, 2007

Stayed at the B for a week recently no complaints about the hotel, pool, casino, all were outstanding.......
However ate at the buffet twice and I just dont get it, ate enough food but I would rave about this at all, add to that the price, and average service and felt robbed. its cheaper to eat at Pallio,s which is fantastic for breakfast, or the Cafe.
Best Buffet for me is Cravings at Mirage.

0 Stars m55 July 21, 2005

Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Observation: The ice cubes in the iced tea here are made of frozen iced tea, so that you don't have water-frozen cubes watering down your drink. Nice touch!

0 Stars mesa December 18, 2004

Very good breakfast maryland crab cake benedict.

0 Stars Hunter June 03, 2003

Had two great meals here on a recent trip. The quality of food seems to have greatly increased, which is a nice surprise. A friend had some Eggs Benedict that he is now craving sine being home... Looks like Cafe Bellagio has kicked it up a notch.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

A good 24 hr coffee shop with good food but a pricey (comensurate with the surroundings.) Seating is always quite slow. A late night dessert is a nice way to end the evening, might I recommend the Creme Brule?

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Strictly average food and service. Some of the tables on the conservatory side have a nice view but this place really doesn't deserve any special mention...