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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Carnegie Deli (The Mirage)

4 Stars Brandon July 10, 2014

We order 50% meat on the sandwiches. We always like this place. Good breakfast also

3 Stars Kevin in KC January 16, 2014

Tasty sandwiches but service wasn't greet and lines usually annoyingly long. Took us a really, really long time to get our food.

3 Stars Stuart November 17, 2013

Good food but the portions are too huge. Decent service and a bright deli decor make this a nice spot for lunch.

4 Stars Pokerbucketlist April 21, 2013

Fast take out. Way too much meat on the sandwich. Good location for a simple bite if staying at mirage.

2 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 22, 2013

I've had better experiences. The pickles were the best part of this meal.

3 Stars Matthew Lambert January 31, 2013

Giant oversized sandwiches. "Can I get you anything else?" Yes some horseradish and 3 more people. Great fast service. Fast turn around, just like New York.

3 Stars BordFan September 04, 2012

Stopped for a quick breakfast before heading out to the Canyon early one day. Nothing special but not bad either.

4 Stars Brandon July 22, 2012

We ordered a salad and turkey dinner and took it to go. It was very good. Very good considering we ordered at 4am.

4 Stars Karen March 02, 2012

Pricey but not if you share. Sandwiches are huge. Two egg sandwiches fed four people. $10 per breakfast sandwich. Good cheesecake. Get a small one and take it back to your room for a late night snack. They offer to-go service which is nice because the place is kind of small. They are open early in the morning which is also nice.

3 Stars KK February 09, 2012

Soup=Great. Sandwiches......I just don't get it really. Service= slow. Cheesecake=Very good.

3 Stars Mario October 01, 2011

I tried this place because not a lot of places in Hawaii you can get a great pastrami sandwich. When I ordered the pastrami sandwich I asked the waitress lady if it is the same one advertised on the table and she said yes. On that note I was thinking I wasn't going to finish it all so I decided to share with my girlfriend and her friend. When my sandwich came out the size in the picture and the actual sandwich was not on the same size level. Plus I was charged a sharing fee only because I thought it was too big and it was a lot smaller then advertised. The pastrami sandwich was good but not the best I had but they sure give you a lot of fries which was nice. I would give it another try since that was only one thing I ate from the whole menu.

1 Star JD & Co. September 19, 2011

Good food, but priced the same as New York City deli's. Even tack on sharing charge if you split a sandwich. Around $25/sandwich plus anything else you add. Not worth the cost by a mile to try even once. This is Vegas, not 2nd Ave. NYC.

4 Stars Jenny August 14, 2011

Well worth the price! Kerri from Cali was our waitress. Friendly and super fast service!

2 Stars LaylaB August 07, 2011

Food is better next door at TI's Canter Deli! This food isn't worth the money!

3 Stars JamieB July 17, 2011

Huge portions, but very expensive!! A turkey sandwich was about 3/4 pound of turkey (no joke!!) between 2 pieces of bread- no dressing or veggies- for $15. It was fine, but I probably won't go back due to prices.

3 Stars E July 09, 2011

Had the burger here. Ok not BLT Burger quality. Better choices on the menu.

4 Stars MS April 16, 2011

This is my second time here, and again just got a good 'ol hot pastrami on rye. We decided to share a plate this time since the sandwiches are so large. They charge $3.00 extra for sharing, which I guess is OK since it is still cheaper than buying another sandwich. That being said, the waitress did not charge me the sharing fee since my wife "hardly ate anything". Ended up taking a doggy bag back to the room, just like last time. Overall, they are just like the delis here back home. If you like deli food, this should serve you just fine.

3 Stars Liza April 08, 2011

After the show, we shared one of their cheesecakes with fresh strawberries because we had been seeing them every time we walked by the restaurant. It was quite good. Service was hasty and very diner-like.

5 Stars Giantjunk April 01, 2011

This place is top notch. It is pricey....but u get what u pay for. The sandwiches here are so big and juicy u wanna slip a $1 bill between it and see if it will do tricks on a brass pole.

3 Stars Ayla B March 07, 2011

Huge, excessive sandwhiches. Which were just okay. Prices might seem high but you get a ton of food!

4 Stars Cody December 29, 2010

Cheesecake so good it should be illegal. Excellent deli. Always stop in at least once when I'm in Vegas.

4 Stars Christopher September 17, 2010

I'm a penny pincher, even in Vegas, so when I saw the prices on the menu I balked. But I'm glad I stayed. The sandwiches were as big as my head! I'm a big guy and I barely managed to finish half of the Woody Allen. Brought the other half back to the hotel for a midnight snack AND breakfast the next day.

5 Stars Daniel September 09, 2010

Great sandwich! At $23 it was well worth the charge for the amount of food served. We had leftovers for lunch and they were just as good the next day. Best value in Vegas if u ask me.

5 Stars Marianne September 04, 2010

Great food. Huge portions. Great cheesecake

4 Stars Marc August 30, 2010

Great $20 turkey sandwich (hey it's Vegas). So big, too. A python couldn't bite down on it, had to eat it like a salad. Nice service.

2 Stars Russell Sauve August 15, 2010

Should have finished my meal before posting. Rarely saw my waitress and had to wait ten minutes to get my check.

3 Stars Russell Sauve August 15, 2010

Really good meat, huge sandwiches and a hair over priced.

4 Stars MG - London August 07, 2010

Does what is says on the tin! Portions huge, just need to share, decent quality, very nice

3 Stars Ryan August 07, 2010

Food was great but obviously too big! Our waitress was pretty bad, rude and not happy we split a sandwich.

5 Stars Nathan M July 28, 2010

Awesome food... Come with a major appetite though, or you will feel bad leaving so much on your plate.

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Wonderful sandwiches and soups!!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Wonderful sandwiches and soups!!

4 Stars Keel June 04, 2010

You have to have the right expectation here. This is a transplanted new York deli, which means very good quality sandwiches, with a truly insane amount of meat. So share a sandwich, they're delicious.

4 Stars RobC May 09, 2010

Great deli. Recommend you bring at least two people. The portions are huge.

3 Stars Tito May 06, 2010

Ok. So this place's gimic is that every sandwich comes with a pound if meat. So just factor that in when you order. The cuts of meat are pretty good, and you just get a bonus of a meat platter on the side. A bit pricey, but what do you expect? It does look a little silly to see 24 slices of salami in between the bread, but that's their deal.

4 Stars Pdzierba April 26, 2010

Can't believe people complain about the portion size! They are huge portions an good too. Woody Allen is fn good. It's not the real Carnegie but it's an acceptable remake. Good food and good service every time I've gone.

4 Stars Sylvia M. April 26, 2010

The food here is fantastic! But beware if you're ordering one of their specialty sandwiches (the $20 ones) they are HUGE! make sure you are either super hungry or splitting it with someone. Their fries are also good and the cheesecake is to die for! It gets pretty busy here so service isn't the fastest sometimes but they are very cordial and try their best.

4 Stars MikeE April 22, 2010

Great burgers and fries here. It tends to get crowded even on weeknights so finding comfortable seating is usually a challenge. The portions are massive, so much so that you will feel guilty having to toss so much food away. I'd almost prefer they continue charging the same while easing on the sizes.

3 Stars Bill April 16, 2010

The food was fantastic, especially the mile high pastrami sandwich. While my family was waiting in line I needed to use the restroom, when I returned, the restaurant hostess had refused to seat my family because I wasn't in line. I thought that was pretty bad but once we were seated the wait staff treated us like royalty. I would eat there again.

1 Star Jim Wilson April 09, 2010

I had one late night meal at the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage…which was crap, how do you screw up a grilled cheese and fries? Well start by bringing the wrong order to start with and then argue with me that I really ordered a burger, meanwhile ignore the people at the next table and trying to tell you the burger is theirs! Then bring the grilled cheese but make sure it’s cold and then wait 10 minutes later to bring the fries, but make sure they are also cold and taste like they have been sitting in oil that hasn’t been changed in weeks. There were 5 tables in the whole place so being busy wasn’t an excuse.

4 Stars Mike P April 06, 2010

I love this place! I go here every visit and they have the best sandwiches and chopped liver in Vegas. This is a must visit. One of the best delis in the country.

3 Stars John M. April 05, 2010

Food was ok. Had the open face turkey sandwich. Portions are huge.

5 Stars Stacy April 04, 2010

Better than NYC!!!

4 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

The sandwiches were as big as your head. Maybe even bigger, but we knew that going in. My husband got the combo Ruben and I got bologna. I grew up with New York cold cuts and you just can't get that flavor where I live now - it was heaven! Neither of us were able to conquer our meals but they were so good, we gave it the college try. We were not even interested in dinner until about 8 hours later.

I only have two issues with the place. Even though it is non-smoking, it is in the center of the Casino so if the folks play the slots are inhaling, you will too. The other is the $3 split plate charge. That seems a little much, but you can avoid the up-charge by getting takeout.

2 Stars Babygirl January 17, 2010

Portions so huge my heart sank .. Order one normal size sandwich to share and even then expect half a cattle herd to appear on your plate. Service ok.

2 Stars Dazza December 08, 2009

After a long wait I found both the food and service avergage at best.

4 Stars Steven S. November 25, 2009

Had the roast beef sandwich. But only a shark could bite into it. Stacked! You definitely won't leave here hungry. Fast service too.

0 Stars Jim September 25, 2009

Very much enjoyed the prime rib sandwich. Large portions - thx!

4 Stars Didi September 18, 2009

The rueben is to die for

5 Stars Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

Fantastic food, enormous portions, too much food for one person. Oh wait, you can share. I live this deli.

1 Star Bee May 23, 2009

Worst food ever! Menu is new York style and they do not offer foods that are common or even look good to eat. I don't recommend it.

4 Stars Dave B. April 29, 2009

Pricey, but excellent food and alot of it.

4 Stars Jaime November 07, 2008

My boyfriend loved his late night snack at the deli. He got a pastrami on rye and the sandwich was completely loaded. Definitely a place to check out.

0 Stars Lynn Holliday May 22, 2007

We enjoyed our meal at Carnegie Deli.
Everything is huge, and paying the $3 to share a plate is not a bad idea. We didn't manage to finish more than half of anything.

Comparing with an earlier visit, both my son and I agreed that the pastrami is much more delicious than the corned beef which we found dry.

The dessert portions are just as huge as everything else - again, sharing might be the order of the day.

Our server was attentive and cheerful and we felt we received good value for the money ... which would have been improved even further if we'd had the foresight to share instead of ordering individual plates.

0 Stars Doug Shimrak April 16, 2007

If you like authentic deli sandwiches, this is as good as it gets. Quality ingredients and prepatation, and they're huge.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 26, 2006

Carnegie Deli was great - TRY THE PASTRAMI...

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 23, 2005

Poor service and mediocre food. Bears little relationship to the original Carnegie Deli in Midtown Manhattan, which is too bad---good idea but poor execution.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2005

Matzo ball soup was the worst I've ever had. A family of New Yorkers at the next table agreed. It tasted more like grits than a matzo ball. I mentioned that it was awful to the hostess on the way out. She smiled and said "I know".

The waiter was reasonably attentitive but was clearly unfamiliar with the menu.