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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Carnevino (The Palazzo)

4 Stars johnvic June 11, 2013

I have eaten several times at Carnevino and the overall meal is great and service is perfect. But the steak is inconsistent. Twice was amazing, once it was overcooked and the last time it was okay. Good, but not OMG good. Plus, since their thing is the aging, I think the aging should show in the taste. Honestly, this last time it didn't taste aged.

5 Stars Kelly Marsh March 20, 2012

Fantastic experience.Great steak,wonderful service.Can't wait to go back.

4 Stars L. Gough September 06, 2011

This is my 5th time eating at Carnevino and a great dinner.

2 Stars Price August 02, 2011

This was my third meal here and it was a very distant third. My steak was grisly and lacked flavor. Fortunately, the cream truffle sauce on top helped the dish go from terrible to good. I was also a bit stunned when I was charged $18 for a plain spaghetti and butter plate for my daughter. This was only a few dollars off of the normal complex pasta dishes. We were completely taken advantage of because we were with our child. In all fairness, my wife's halibut dish was exceptional and the busser that took care of us did a wonderful job.

5 Stars Brett February 17, 2011

Batali is the man!

5 Stars Matt December 30, 2010

Love, love Carnevino!

3 Stars Restaurant Rat September 17, 2010

Food was tasty but some dishes cooler when should be hot. Service was not good at all. Server more focused on winning wine sale contest than letting me enjoy wine list. Wine director was terrific. Overall good meal but not worth price.

3 Stars RG2 April 08, 2010

We were comped to Carnevino as part of a comp deal at the Palazzo, or I doubt we'd even consider the place. The decor is dark and drab with white tablecloths. Reminds me of a european bistro instead of a high end restaurant.

The food was OK. Nothing remarkable. We had filets, ordered a bunch of extra side dishes that weren't comped. The potatoes were good but too salty. The broccoli was broccoli. The manager who kept coming around and asking about the food. My husband told her everything was too salty... she said it was because the chef was off that day and his assistant was cooking and offered to replace them. Nice touch, but we declined.

The service was amazing, truly first class amazing. The entire staff was attentive to the point of being annoying. Our waiter even wanted to pack me up some goodies for the room since it was a holiday. Loved him!

Would I go back again? Probably not. The food was good but unremarkable. The service excellent.

5 Stars Mike P April 06, 2010

This was one of the beat meals I had. Definately rivals some of the greatest steak houses. Try the tasting menu. The carpaccio is the best with the quail egg.

3 Stars donnymac November 22, 2009

Had dinner at Carnevino on a Wednesday night with a party of 7. We were seated in a room in the back of the restaurant. The service was spotty throughout the meal with the exception of the sommelier who was outstanding. Food was good but not outstanding. Glad I tried it but I will not be in a rush to return. There are better steakhouse options out there (SW, Delmonico, etc) and better Italian restaurants (Nove, Fiamma, etc)

4 Stars sageblue January 11, 2009

Our food was very good, but the space and service were less impressive. The space is cavernous and fairly loud. Our service was made up of a cast of thousands and not very well coordinated. It made for less than an easygoing dining experience. However, the food was very satisfying.

2 Stars Bob Napoleon October 28, 2008

Terrible Service with average food. Arrogant wait staff.
Could have been one of my worse dining experiences.
Do yourself a favor, spend your money at some other fine restaurant.

0 Stars Hunter September 26, 2008

Carnevino was a great meat eating experience.

I had heard mixed reports on this place - some raves and other folks that just hated it.

I had a bone-in New York that was cooked well along with some gnocchi which was really well put together.

I'd certainly come back here.