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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Carnival World & Seafood Buffet (The Rio)

3 Stars Allison February 29, 2012

Very average. I was looking forward to this one since it is supposed to be the "best" of the Caesars ones but I dont know about that. Most things I had were "pretty good" and some things I did not like at all. Not horrible but wasn't impressed

3 Stars Jeff January 28, 2012

Average buffet with above-average prices.

2 Stars Kyle June 30, 2011

Heard that they stepped up their game to try and compete with some of the newer buffets in town so I decided to give them another try. They have some new items like pre made hamburgers and hot dogs. Hmm not a big selling point for me. A few additional Mexican selections and that was about it. I usually do mostly crab legs and the made to order Asian soups. Snow crab legs were small and tasteless. I would have passed this buffet up when I went by because of the line but remembered they have a Diamond/Platinum line. One of the few properties that seem to cater to platinum players. However service in that area was terrible. Drinks did not come until 1/2 way through the 2nd plate. And the dirty plates piled up and were not cleared until we were done with dessert. Used $5 coupon and comp points otherwise I would not pay the $20 for lunch prices. To sum it up: Meh

2 Stars Vegas Girl April 06, 2011

The brunch menu was very par. Nothing exciting about this place! Ask the rewards center how to get a twofer on this buffet! You have to text a word to some number and you get a two for one. It's not worth 30 a person! Also if you have rewards points, they accept them! We ended up paying 7 bucks for two buffets! Now THAT is worth it!

3 Stars Matthew Lambert December 11, 2010

Had both the breakfast and the lunch buffet, and was happy each time. Great dessert selection.

4 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Great place. All buffet lines are long. No food to really blow your mind but all good and lots of choices.

4 Stars D3wayne October 17, 2010

We waited in line for a very long time, but it was worth it. I'm not a big fan of buffets. But I do like this one. This is one of the few buffets I will make special trip to.

4 Stars Capri Vegas September 08, 2010

One of the better buffets where the food quality is a step above average. One caveat: the line moves slowly...subtract one star if the line is long.

3 Stars Rob Toppo August 28, 2010

Reasonable food for what you pay and a huge selection too. Though getting entry into the place was a shambles. One narrow line catering for locals, coupon holder, card holders and cash/CC users which breaks up into multiple lines at the door leading to confusion as to when and where to wait. Too top it off for cash/CC users they need to use a automated ticket machines which lead to chaos when they malfunctioned. They should just get rid of the machines and add a couple more staff. At least that will give the impression of customer service focus business rather than a profit driven one.

1 Star Darren L. June 01, 2010

Dreadful. Breakfast awful. Poor quality food. Don't go!

4 Stars Jay May 23, 2010

Ate brunch and bought the harrahs all day long buffet pass which was a great deal. The food on the carnival world buffet was excellent. Many choices and most everything tasted good couple of things I wouldn't go back for but I would def eat there again. The crab legs were awesome and the breakfast food was great. I would have to say I compare the quality of this Buffet just below the wynn which I gave a good review of as well. The only downfall of the Buffett is the service which I never had my drink refilled but they will if you ask Hope everybody enjoys the buffet.

4 Stars Steven S. March 31, 2010

I found this buffet to b more than adequate. It's not Vegas' best by any stretch, nut very reasonable for the price. You won't leave hungry.

1 Star FrenchAero March 16, 2010

If you have already been to brazil, you can't be satisfied by the meat. The quality is poor! Do not go there!

4 Stars Cody March 11, 2010

This place is great!! Lots of choices and all of it tasty. Full bar in the buffet. What else is there to say?

3 Stars Lara November 15, 2009

We ate dinner here on 11/14/09. A very large selection of foods - we only tried about a tenth of them. The desserts were memorable - especially the canelloni. I think the key is to get there early. We went around 5:45 - there was no wait and everything was fresh.

1 Star AC September 01, 2009

This place ranks up there as pure crap. Jammed in seatting and food was nasty. I had to spit my pad thai out in the napkin. I had to dig through the pancakes to find 2 that were not hard for my daughter. Mongolian grill was watered down. Service was horrible. Drink only filled once. Total rip off of 25 bucks for Sunday brunch. Had a group of 12 and nobody liked it. Would never go again. Spend the extra and go to Wynn, Bellagio, or Mandalay Bay.

5 Stars Jaime November 17, 2008

Delicious food and great variety! I went on a Sunday for brunch with a group of friends and we all really enjoyed it.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2006

Decent food, but nothing special. Basically, a buffet to pig out without being too discriminating. Good service.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 18, 2005

We eat here just about every time we come to Vegas. The food is good and fresh. Lots of sushi. Good Italian. Lots of seafood. Sood selection of sugar free desserts. They don't taste sugar free. Relatively small salad bar. Long walk from food to smoking section. However, we are getting bored with it and will not eat here so often, except maybe for breakfast. But if you haven't tried it, do so. You will come away full to the gills. It is very good.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2005

Have eaten here every time in Vegas. The selection is huge and good. The Italian food is very good. Salad bar is bigger than most other buffets in Vegas. Desserts are good. Some taste home made. Many breads to choose from and most are very fresh and tasty. Service is better than average but sometimes slow to refill drinks.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 13, 2005

!st visit left me with mixed opionions, great Mexican and Sushi selections, but roast beef tough and salad and dessert selections not great. Could not read the signs above the food, but emailed them to complain and food and bev mgr responded in two hours saying they would be replaced in two weeks!
Like Alladin and Paris better, can not complain too much as signing up for Harrah's players card got us comped for dinner, $48 value!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 05, 2004

Huge selection. Food was fresh. It was so large we worked up an appetite just going from one to other to see the selection. Everything was tasty. Service was good, but we had to ask for refills on drinks.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 13, 2004

Wow! What an orgy of food. This buffet is huge, yet most of the dishes were tasty and did not taste mass-produced at all. There was even fresh and quite good sushi. I made three trips for sushi alone. With a wide variety of food there's something for everyone here -- American, Asian, Mexican. I didn't try EVERYTHING (I don't think that is possible,) but I tried a lot of different dishes and was happy with all of it. The self-service pay stations looked to be causing some confusion to some technophobic customers, but I had no such problems. Definitely, one of the best buffets I've had in my many visits to Vegas.

0 Stars stevez49 July 25, 2004

It doesn't get any better than this!!! The best.

0 Stars HLDD July 13, 2004

The first of the "must see" buffets. Nice variety (though it has now been eclipsed) but the food can be bland versions of the real deal. Service is very good with your cervers always being prompt. This is still one of the most popular buffets so get ready to wait in line. The price seems a little steep now for what you get, but there is something there for the whole family to enjoy eating.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 23, 2004

Food was okay. Some if it was really dry. Lots of assortment. Service was good. If theres a short line to the buffet, it is worth a try but there's always a long line. Try the Aladdin's spice market. Its is much better and is a world buffet also.

0 Stars jakedduck February 22, 2004

Large assortment. But it's all awful. Either poor quality food or poorly prepared.. This buffett used to cost $3.95 and was quite good. Now it costs around $20.

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

The selection is the best in Vegas, and the food is good, but not worth the price or the wait.

0 Stars dwhalifax March 22, 2003

This was the most disappointing meal of our 5 day stay...it was the only buffet style dinner we had, so I can't make a comparison. We heard over and over about this buffet from locals and tourists alike. It was the PITS! My food was just warm enough to eat..tasted OK, my girlfriend's was awful. I don't know why our experience was so opposite to what we kept hearing. I like the RIO in general, but definitely do not recommend this buffet.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Always pretty busy, expect a line. A huge variety of dishes... Some really good, others a little bland. You can have a good meal here.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 02, 2001

I ate here two times the last week of September. The selection is
one of the best in town, but the individual food items are good,
but not great. The sushi bar and the peel and eat shrimp are two
things that really make this a great buffet. Had some kind of
orange/mango cake there that was gr

0 Stars RateVegas User August 20, 2001

Had the Breakfast Buffet every morning that we stayed there. We
were very pleased. Huge omelets made to order. Great selection of foods. Very clean. Never had to wait for juice or coffee.
Waited on as soon as we were seated. We were comped the last two days of our stay. Would go back again and again.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 07, 2001

while some of the buffet items were just ok...most were average to below average...overall this buffett is way overrated.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 23, 2001

Big selection. Food quality was excellent on some items, OK on others. People always rave about this buffet, and although it is good, I would not include in the top three of the Las Vegas Buffets I have eaten at so far. Maybe it was better at one time and slid?

0 Stars RateVegas User May 12, 2000

A very good buffet. The reason it's so good is because they have so many choices. You can get pizza, pasta, tacos, BBQ, burgers, chinese and a ton more. I would go back.