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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews China Poblano (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

3 Stars Ian May 15, 2014

Food was good, bit it's just bit right. It's difficult to construct a meal from the choices offered. The Chinese and Mexican offerings are too separate.

5 Stars Hank and Jr December 05, 2013

Great food, a bit spendy, but overall great staff and tasty food!

3 Stars Snoopy'sMom June 25, 2013

Menu a bit confusing Portion sizes small. We were hungry 2 hours later after spending $70 for 2 people (no alcohol). Wouldn't eat there again

5 Stars Mike February 04, 2013

We loved it! We ordered 3 items and it was perfectly cooked perfectly sized for us to share. The Chinese and Mexican taste in one place is awesome. I recall eating at a Mexican/Chinese at NYC and this is almost like it. Unique dining experience. A must attend.

4 Stars Mac78130 November 02, 2012

Great atmosphere. Carnitas tacos and When pigs fly are highly recommended.

5 Stars Adrian October 18, 2012

Really great food in a fun place. Drinks are also very good. I was extremely impressed, and this was the best place I ate at on my trip.

4 Stars Hunter October 13, 2012

Carnitas tacos are insane. So good. Must have.

5 Stars Marc September 24, 2012

This place is awesome! The food is so expertly crafted & the service was top notch. I tried the 20 vegetable fried rice & added shrimp. I'm still thinking about it. I felt bad for the last few times I visited Vegas & didn't stop by this place. For those of you who do nothing but bellyache about the prices - 1.) you're in Las Vegas at a new hotel. 2.) you're not at home. I say it's a great place to get away & I can't wait to visit again!!!

5 Stars Mike Cannon April 25, 2012

Great concept! We enjoyed a creative dinner here, and we loved being able to follow up dim sum with tacos or a bowl of noodles. Great atmosphere, server was pleasant and efficient, and overall a great time. Highly recommend.

2 Stars John January 11, 2012

While some of the food was tasty, we found the entire dining experience to be quite disjointed. China Poblano features two kitchens for each style of food and the food is brought to the table whenever it is ready. It was also overpriced for the quality of food served.

1 Star Redcivilian June 28, 2011

The tacos are tasty if you don't mind paying $4 bucks each for a semi-small taco. They are really good though and the take out window is convenient. The ambiance in the place is really neat, however besides the tacos I left the restaurant disappointed. I had REALLY slow service and the Ocean Nest soup I had was ok, but not worth the twenty two dollars they asked for. I went for some pizza later after a few drinks. Also, if you order a soda, it's $5 bucks for an 8 oz. bottle! I'm not a cheapo by far, but it is just a straight up overcharge for no reason when you consider overall the type of place it is and the food they serve. Mon Ami Gabi charges $3 for a soda WITH refills. To be honest, the place underwhelmed me. The prices, combined with the SLOW service left me feeling that the $50 bucks could have been spent on a far better and even more expensive restaurant. It's easy to get sucked into the place because I love both Mexican and Chinese food, however I am also used to paying mexican and Chinese prices. Also, the menu does not not do any kind of blending of the two types of foods as much as I thought either. I didn't read anything on the menu and think it was a unique take on different food. The most creative thing i saw was duck tacos. Other then that, it was just Chinese or Mexican and take your pic. Another big factor is the seating. If you get your own table your fine, however they seated us at this long table where we sat on a big bench that you really had to stretch your legs to get over. I would feel sorry if any ladies came into the restaurant in a tight skirt. Furthermore, if it is just the two of you and you get a long table, you get to sit next to at least 8 other people whom you don't know and they can stare and watch you eat as they wait for their food too.

4 Stars Richard June 01, 2011

Waiting to award the fourth star for when I can sit inside and enjoy the full restaurant. On our last two stays at Cosmopolitan, we have really enjoyed the to-go windows. The tacos are fabulous but it's even nicer getting them to go and taking them back up to our room when we don't feel like a long dinner.

5 Stars Hunter April 20, 2011

I dunno if you will find better tacos on The Strip. The carnitas are to die for. Run, don't walk. So good.

5 Stars Chefmike February 28, 2011

Awesome food , amazing tacos and dim sum love the concept

4 Stars TBONE February 16, 2011

Had the mongolian beef salad and lobster tacos... AMAZING!!!!!

5 Stars William December 30, 2010

Awesome! There's some unique cooking going on here, all of which is fantastic.

3 Stars Hunter December 18, 2010

The restaurant wasn't officially open but we got a preview. Tacos were super tasty. Affordable price points and a lot of interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to coming back.