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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Chin Chin (New York New York)

5 Stars Vegas vacationer May 27, 2013

This place is always good and FAST. They are so friendly and the food is delicious. This place never disappoints. Their sushi, soup, apps, salads and hot tea is all great.

3 Stars Brendan Dentino November 18, 2012

Ate here for lunch and ordered some kind of noodle bowl and it was massive. Price aren't at Chinese take-out level, but the value is the same. Huge portions. On weekends I think they have some kind of sushi deal, which would add even more value to the menu. Fits in perfectly with NYNY setting and crowd.

5 Stars Blair & Lauren From UK July 05, 2011

We eat here every time we go to Vegas. If you want good honest Chinese food this place won't disappoint! Portions are massive, service is fast and friendly! Prices are on the money!

3 Stars Midnite$ June 25, 2011

Decent, but you should atleast give this restaurant a try.

5 Stars Robert August 18, 2010

A really good middle of the road chinese restaurant with reasonable prices in a casual atmosphere. I recommend the wor won ton soup and the tamgarine beef, both tastey.

1 Star Austin August 17, 2010

This review applies to the breakfast buffet ONLY.

On most (if not all) mornings, Chin Chin turns into a breakfast buffet. Absolutely not worth the money. Selection was tiny, mainly just fruit, pastries, and some hot dishes (eggs, bacon, and sausage). There was also potstickers and fried rice, which was strange.

It wouldn't be bad if it didn't cost aroudn $13. For that price, you can easily find an actual breakfast meal.

0 Stars Liz August 01, 2010

Went twice during our stay in June, great food both times, served quickly, staff friendly. Would recommend!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Incredible restaurant!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Incredible restaurant!

5 Stars Brooke July 04, 2010

Incredible restaurant!

5 Stars Brooke June 04, 2010

Amazing cuisine!

2 Stars Bw May 06, 2010

Read a review about a small breakfast buffet being offered here so I gave it a try. Sadly, I wasn't too impressed. The food was edible but reminded me of mall food court Chinese with some scrambled eggs and toast thrown it.

4 Stars Robert April 26, 2010

A really good middle of the road chinese restaurant with reasonable prices in a casual atmosphere. I recommend the wor won ton soup and the tamgarine beef, both tastey.

5 Stars Shaun April 04, 2010

The best Chinese! Surpasses the restaurant in Manhattan.

3 Stars Russell Sauve March 26, 2010

It's fine. No, thats not fair, it's pretty good and very fresh tasting;but it's a chain. Who wants to eat at a chain when you're on vacation? Generous portions, appropriately priced and fairly fast. I liked it a lot more before I found out it was a chain.

4 Stars Simon February 05, 2010

Firstly the service was brilliant. The breakfast was excellent, buffet style with traditional foods, Chinese foods and pastries, with as mush coffee you can drink. Evenings were busy, but still excellent service. I wanted to try other places to eat, but mostly ate here as is was great.

1 Star Big daddy January 31, 2010

Horrible service and food tasted like a frozen dinner than had been reheated twice and re served! Would rather have had a turd burger from mcdonalds

5 Stars Jesse September 22, 2009

Best food me and wife visit Vegas 2 to 3 times a year and chin chin is our first stop.

4 Stars Russell Sauve December 03, 2008

Good attentive service and both dishes I were tasty. The food is cooked to order so you can modify dishes as you see fit. Would visit again.

0 Stars drewlang March 25, 2004

Good food, reasonable cost. We used after seeing 'lord of the dance' - had a nice set meal with loads of it. Andrew . Wales UK.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Excellent chinese food at an abnormally un-Las Vegas resonable price. The portions are huge and of great quality, the breakfast Dim Sum is also very tastey.

0 Stars mmouse May 10, 2003

Apathetic waiters, waiteresses and hostesses. They mixed up our order three times and kept bringing out dishes we did not order. At first I thought the server was new, but after another server came to sort out the mess and take over, the new server still served us the wrong dishes and was extremely apathetic! The apologies seemed forced and the server seemed even a bit angry.

The restaurant wasn't busy either! We were one of the first patrons to arrive for dinner. We did not get served with our proper meals until an hour later! Perhaps they were ill prepared; whatever the reason, they had horrible service.

The food, although was small in portions, was good, but I would not recommend to anyone this restaurant! The service was extremely disappointing and they did not comp or give any sort of discounts, or empathetic apologies.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 14, 2002

Better than your average "chinese food", reasonable prices.
Not as good as P.F. Changs at the Aladdin.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 04, 2001

Great Chinese food!!! Huge portions & excellant quality. Very good value compared to most oriental food in Las Vegas. Service was prompt and professional in every way.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 04, 2001

We ate here last time we were in Las Vegas. Great food at good prices, very competent service. I recommend Chin Chin for some great Chinese food at NY NY.