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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Circus Steakhouse (Circus Circus)

4 Stars Rich October 28, 2012

Did the CC Steakhouse on our most recent trip for the first time on recommendation of a friend we met down there. Was definitely well worth it. Had the big Porterhouse and it was cooked perfectly. Wife had the petite cut prime rib and couldn't finish it, it was so big. Sides were good as was the French onion soup I had as appetizer. Service was great with very personable waiter. We split a tiramisu slice for dessert and it was to die for. Wholly enjoyable evening In an old school place. Recommended.

5 Stars Pat May 31, 2012

Outstanding!! Old school Vegas steak house with great service and even better food. Don't miss this hidden gem.

5 Stars Chantel April 15, 2012

Great service, great food. Steak was good. Had the lobster tail and it was big thought it wasn't going to be good but it was the best one I had ever.

5 Stars Stephabie Penn January 22, 2011

Circus circus I always stay at this hotel when I come to Vegas I have know problem and know complaint I will stay here every time I come to Vegas the hotel is very good!!!!!

5 Stars John&Archie September 24, 2010

Delicious... Thank you

4 Stars Rooksy August 04, 2010

The place looks like it is straight out if the 70's. But it did have great food. The steaks were done perfectly!

0 Stars The Steaker April 27, 2010

Don't miss out on this well kept secret! It is excellent and well worth the money

4 Stars LVSPARKY April 11, 2010

Sunday Brunch at the Steakhouse was well worth it and every bit as good as advertised. In my opinion it is the only reaseon to visit Circus Circus. We have no desire to stay or visit the casino here.

4 Stars Sarah Louise March 29, 2010

Really lovely. An unexpected treat in an aging giant!

3 Stars AL SanDiego March 29, 2010

This is NOT the best steak in Las Vegas, nor is it the best house in Vegas. What it is though is a very good, solid dining experience for steak lovers reminicient of the deals that could be had, and far lost, in Las Vegas during the mid 80's to early 90's. This joint gets it right, delivers, and it's a treat! The only prime aged meat served is the prime rib, the rest of the cuts are CHOICE. Don't be discouraged though, the steak is cooked perfectly. STICK to that for a bargain run here as the sides are less than ordinary. I've been dissapointed in everything here from the mashed to the shrimp apps. This aint the place for that, get a caesar salad and a big steak, and you'll be on board with the raves.

Friendly, attentive service.

Cheap wine options.

Come here for a good steak done well and nothing else, and it will blow your expectations.

5 Stars Loststooge100 March 03, 2010

Best kept steak secret in Las Vegas, the Steakhouse is excellent, it's just to bad you have to walk through Circus Circus to get there. Excellent service, best steak I have ever eaten, very reasonably priced. My wife and I visit Las Vegas twice a year and always dine at the Steakhouse. I am surprised that Harrahs or MGM has not lured it away from Circus Circus and put it in a better prime location.

5 Stars Stephen January 07, 2010

Great place! Food was excellent. Service was excellent. Great old school atmosphere. Don't be scared off by the Circus Circus hotel, this place is fantastic. I will be returning.

0 Stars Chris & Sara October 01, 2009

This is our favorite restaurant ever. The atmosphere and food are fantastic! But even better is the exquisite service. The staff there make you feel like you are their most important customer. Great food at a great price! After eating there once, you'll definitely want more!

5 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Fantastic! Great meal and a wonderful staff. The only problem is that it is located inside Circus Circus. If you can manage to walk through the "living carpet" and make it inside The Steakhouse you are in for a treat. Seriously, there are people strewn all over the floor.

0 Stars The steaker August 24, 2009

Very Good!!!

5 Stars Martay May 21, 2009

I had a very good meal at the Circus Steakhouse on May 7. They cook the meat on a central grill visible from the dining room. The wonderful smell is worth the trip alone. I had the petite filet for $37. It was a great cut of meat, and came with generous sides of asparagus and garlic mashed potatos included in the price. I drank gin and tonics from the bar and had a nice chocolate cake dessert. The decor is dark and rich, like a steakhouse ought to be. Overall, my experience was excellent, and my dining mates agreed unanimously that we will be back.

5 Stars Billy Matters April 11, 2009

By far the best steakhouse in Las Vegas. We go for dinner on every visit to LasVegas.

5 Stars RON WATANABE November 17, 2008


0 Stars Rajan Patel January 31, 2007

One of the best steaks I have ever eaten...cooked to perfection, whatever your style.
The cost of alcohol? Well, let's just say that I ate at Smith & Wollensky's 2 nights prior and had a bottle of South African Shiraz (2004) for about $120...in the Steakhouse it costed $60!! YES! half price. Service great, waiter was attentive and approachable...left a fat tip!
Just don't have any starters/entrees....they will haunt you afterwards when you think about how much they cost and how pathetic they tasted!! MAKE SURE THAT YOU RESERVE A TABLE...it's hard to get a table on the fly! I recommend this place for any steakophiles.

0 Stars Hunter September 09, 2004

Another great meal at this restaurant, often overlooked by folks looking for a nice dinner.

0 Stars lingguist May 25, 2004

an incongruously-located restaurant that serves well-aged, excellent meat and charges fair prices. the atmosphere suggests an understated classiness that definitely belies its garish Circus Circus surroundings just outside its doors. service was great, food was delectable (sides dishes were nothing to brag about though), and the prices weren't outrageous. i would definitely go again.

0 Stars Wiggy April 01, 2003

Absolutely superb. Fantastic food with great service at affordable prices. Beautiful and tasteful decor with a calm and elegant atmosphere make it seem so out of place within it's garish surroundings.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Anyone that knows me knows that the crazy clowns here scare me... I was reluctant to eat here but I'm so glad that I did. It is really a great restaurant hidden in this scary circus joint. The portions were large and the service was good. The prices were low but the meat was great. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good steak.