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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Citizens Kitchen & Bar (Mandalay Bay)

3 Stars Dave W. August 17, 2014

We hit this place for the takeout selections as such options are limited at Mandaly Bay. Food is good but way overpriced. A cup of chicken soup was 9 dollars and they charged me an additional 3 bucks for a piece of bread. A skinny slice of cheesecake was also nine dollars and was no better than average. Sandwiches run 10 to 13 bucks and re pretty tasty.

4 Stars Karen December 05, 2013

Great fresh food. Ate here 3 times during a recent conference. It became a favorite spot.

1 Star Mel May 20, 2013

Horrible late night replacement for Raffles. Raffles wasnt great, but it was cozy, quiet, and casual. This place has a very limited menu. Food wasnt great. The crowd was of the douchebag variety. Also, we came in early and couldnt check in yet so we grabbed a bite like we used to at Raffles. We were not dressed to the nines so we got some stares. Decor was cute, but ambience was cold. Service was okay. Skip it.

3 Stars Brendan Dentino March 15, 2013

I think there is a huge untapped market for mid-price, sit-down restaurants on the strip that serve all meals. There's only a few (Central in Caesars comes to mind), so Citizens fills in that gap nicely. Ate breakfast here and it was just fine. The potato hash thing that comes with most dishes are f*cking awesome. They still have a few kinks to work out (service was slow, "patio" way too dark) but this place will work for what it is.