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Downtown Grand

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Downtown Grand

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews The Commissary (Downtown Grand)

5 Stars mike_ch March 16, 2014

Though you can find some Mexican food here, the "Latin Kitchen" is apparently an international flair to what Americans would typically call a food court. You have your stations dotting what is the ground floor lobby for the northern tower (the elevators are behind the barista service.

That said, it's a resort-operated, premium kind of food court experience and not a collection of chains. The dining area has that funky post-modern furniture that seems designed to appeal to the Zappos set working a block away, and the questionnaires neatly placed at every table suggest they are listening for feedback. The selection of music over the sound system is about the only suggestion you're at a "Latin Kitchen" while you have your cheeseburger or cappuccino.

I've had a few varieties of the gelato at the coffee bar, and the flavors are very authentic compared to similar places at other hotels.