Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Costa Di Mare (Wynn Las Vegas)

5 Stars Bud August 30, 2013

This place was incredible. The service was outstanding and the food was even better. The wait staff almost read our minds and even provided items that weren't on the menu. Everything was perfect.

5 Stars Kim August 26, 2011

Wonderful experience!!

4 Stars Charles April 06, 2011

The chef's tasting menu is to die for. Even if you're not usually adventurous, try it. Blows you away.

5 Stars Shawn February 17, 2011

Bartolotta is amazing!!

3 Stars Stuart November 13, 2010

Ate there on nov 2. I would recommend asking for a table at the cabanas outside. Very atmospheric sitting by the pool. Inside it lacked a little. Quite expensive. Ok, very expensive. My prawns to start with were $20 each and were two small mouthfuls. Fish nice and fresh and expertly deboned at the table. Excellent service. Overall though I would not say it was worth the very high price but if money is no object and you sit outside I would have no complaints.

0 Stars K May 29, 2010

Do not get gnocchi like glue. Did not enjoy Atmosphere at all

1 Star Dave February 16, 2010

I would not recommend this restaraunt to anyone. For starters, the service was terrible. After taking an order wrong and delivering the dish to us, the waiter was politely told it was not how she ordered it. Instead of responding professionally and respectfully, the waiter felt it best to defend his mistake and argue with her. Even after 4 of us kindly telling the waiter she nevered ordered it that way, he still argued. As for the price of the restarant compared to the quality, food, and service...way overpriced. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

5 Stars Sara January 06, 2010

The BEST seafood I've ever had, including the plate I sampled at Jean Georges in NYC. Stellar!

4 Stars LilyThePink May 19, 2009

Waited for a table in one of the cabanas outside - definately worth it. Wonderful ambience. Very good sheeps milk ravioli - the best pasta I had during our trip to Vegas. My husband had the slipper lobster which was very expensive and comprised of about 3 mouthfuls. Even so we enjoyed it here.

5 Stars Charlton November 04, 2008

Incredible food and wine. Our waiter was on top of every need & walked us through the most spectacular evening. The wait to sit outside is a no brainer.

0 Stars S. Sholem May 18, 2008

We were in Las Vegas on business and had 3 of our staff and myself. This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had in a restaurant. Starting with the service: miserable, slow, and uninspired throughout. Menu: almost impossible to understand. Waiter explained that the portions would be very small (they were) but the menu says you can increase the quantity for double the price per dish. Fish: sold at $14-15/100 grams (3 oz). What they don't tell you is that you are paying for the whole fish and that must be shared by 2 or 3 persons. Oh, the waiter warned that it would run $50-60 per person for the fish (it did). Avoid this place like the plague. If you like being fleeced, you'll love this place. Needs a complete overhaul, from top to bottom, starting with a more reasonably priced, understandable, AND honest menu. Do not eat here!

0 Stars pinkmilk April 20, 2008

I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone, period.
Bartolotta was where my family and I had the most expensive meal of our lives (having ordered the family tasting menu) and all of us felt duped. First of all, the food was overrated. Sure, the seafood was fresh and the pasta delicious, but I've had fresh seafood and delicious pasta many times over. There was nothing spectacular about any of the dishes we had. Mind you, we had the tasting menu so we tried a lot of dishes. Considering the price we paid, the food wasn't the least bit satisfying. Secondly, the service was absolutely awful. Consider this: We made a reservation for 7:15pm since we were catching a 9:30pm showing of Le Reve. We arrived at 7pm. By 7:30-7:40 we were finished ordering and ready to eat. By 8:30, we had already notified the staff we were catching a show, basically letting them know to hurry up the food. By 9:15 our dessert still hadn't arrived. So yes, we had dinner for 2 hours and was thus late for our show at the SAME hotel.
Pretentious food, exorbitant prices, frustratingly slow service, what more can you hate?

0 Stars Dale May 28, 2007

Wynn hits home run with Bartolotta. Unlike other reviews found here I rate service as high as the food and setting. One can easily forget that they are in Las Vegas here due to scenery / greenery. Our waiter was more than happy to bring my classic martini knowing full well that it was to usher in an enjoyable evening. Before long he was back with a tray of fresh whole fish. We made our selection and off he went. Appetizers of seared sea scallops and gnocci were perfectly prepared and measured to not overstuff before the main course. The waited then returned with our fish which I assume was steamed or poached. The fish was filleted table-side and was fresh as one would expect for the price. I know I had dessert but honestly can not remember it.

The only concern here is the prices. Not unexpected given the place and circumstances but at some point it is still just a single meal.

My recommendation: Bring someone along and enjoy Wynn's mostly well-executed vision of a pseudo-european paradise.

0 Stars User August 03, 2006

With great expectation, we were satisfied with the seafood and disappointed with the service. You couldn't ask for a better presentation and environment---if only it was backed up by the same on the service side.

0 Stars User August 03, 2006

The food was almost worth it (this is Vegas after all). The service was typical for a third world country.

0 Stars User May 18, 2006

My two friends and I had the best dining experience here. The staff was incredible. Our server went out of his way to assure we had the best food off the menu for our budget. Right away he asked us if we were on a time limit, and also our budget, so that they could accommodate us accordingly. He hand picked our menu, all the way down to desserts and champagne. The manager personally presented us with a bottle of wine and gave us a brief tutorial on how to present wine and identify its freshness and quality. Everything was brought out in a timely manner, and our glasses were never empty.
I would recommend this place to anyone!

0 Stars User January 13, 2006

The service was horrible which was very insulting considering the prices charged! The menu left alot to be desired ... too fancy and too many ingredients in a dish. I would suggest viewing the menu first before making reservations. We waited an 1.5 hours for the dinner portion of our meal to be served and we only had one course before our main entree which also came out cold after calling the wait staff twice to the table to inquire were it was. This all took place while the head chef sat in his uniform at the table next to us drinking wine and having a jolly time. Even after asking to see a manager the service did not get better it got worse. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant for any reason.

0 Stars User December 04, 2005

Beautiful atmosphere and delicious food, all spoiled by the incredibly slow, incompetent and arrogant service. Bread took 30 minutes to be delivered. The fish choices were confusing and measured in grams---an unfamiliar genre for most Americans. One drink order and one meal order were completly lost. Waiters fought after a substitute took our order when our party was left to ourselves for over 10 minutes attempting to hail our first waiter. The fish prepared at our table was slightly above lukewarm by the time it was served. Great ideas in the kitchen, but poor execution by the waiters.

0 Stars User September 07, 2005

Arguably the best restaurant in Vegas.
You will not find the fish selection that Bartolotta carries, period.
Seductive atmosphere, gracious service compliment the attentive, professional staff.
5 Stars all the way.

0 Stars Hunter June 24, 2005

This is easily the best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. The soup is amazing!

0 Stars User May 02, 2005

As a Milwaukee resident I was thrilled to eat here on the opening day. The food was fabulous, and the service was wonderful. A Bartolotta restaurant is exactly what Vegas neded. I will certainly return!