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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Craftsteak (MGM Grand)

3 Stars Stuart Poyner July 01, 2013

Large restaurant, tables close together and gets noisy when full. Service ultra fast, bordering on the rushed. Food good but nothing special.

5 Stars Gabby February 07, 2013

This restaurant is top notch from start to finish. Had Kobe surf and turf. Best meal I ever had in Vegas. Pricy but, worth it. The desert menu rocked. The lemon cake is to die for. The staff is knowledgable and very polite.

5 Stars Bess May 14, 2012

Incredible meal all around! Wonderful staff and even better food! A must try, for any steak lover! (and try the scallops too!!!)

5 Stars Bobbi S February 21, 2012

Best steak in Vegas! Great ambiance and service! The Kobe skirt steak is to die for. This was our second visit and we were not disappointed and will be a staple every time we visit.

5 Stars Amy October 26, 2011

Would recommend this restaurant to anyone! The shrimp stater was amazing and their speciality 'corn' was to die for. The staff were attentive and friendly and made me and my fiancé feel totally at home. My fiancé can vouch for the quality of their steak as well! All I can say is that the portions are huge, starters were amazing but also meant we couldn't even contemplate finishing our large main courses.

5 Stars Stacey March 17, 2011

Definitely second previous entries being the most expensive meal we have eaten- but definitely worthwhile and worth every penny. We had cocktails- definitely try the espresso martini- delicious! Husbands steak and lobster were fantastic- should have shared-- plenty of food. All items are a la carte so a side of risotto was way too much for us. End it with cinnamon ice cream!

4 Stars Bob March 02, 2011

Great scotches by the glass--second to Mandalay Bay's Stripsteak. Goes well with fantastic steaks!

5 Stars Stevekking December 23, 2010

Wow! The most expensive, and probably the most tasty meal I have ever eaten. Service was outstanding. Had the Fall tasting menu, which included Brussels sprouts and roasted beets with goat cheese. That may sound suspect, but you would have to eat it to believe it. This is a great place to celebrate a special event. Definitely recommended.

5 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Holy cow! (no pun intended). This place is quite expensive but incredibly good as well. Quite possibly the best steak I've ever had. Great atmosphere and terrific service.

5 Stars Johanna August 21, 2010

Amazing!!! I love to eat here. If your gonna spend alot on a dinner spend it here you won't be disapointed!!!?

4 Stars C M Piscitelli July 27, 2010

Craftsteak is a solid choice when looking for a good steak. The corn-fed ribeye is the best option. Pair it with 'Hen of the Woods' mushrooms and gnocchi. It might not be the best steak you've ever had but you won't leave dissatisfied. Service was excellent.

5 Stars Dodie June 07, 2010

Ate here for our anniversary. Everyone there was very friendly. Food was excellent!! We had a great time!!

3 Stars fshowalter June 04, 2010

Once upon a time, Craftsteak was the best steak in town. Sure, the service never quite matched the food, but that was okay, because the meat was in a class by itself. Lately though, all is not well in the land of Craft. The food is still very good, but no longer the clear favorite over the likes of Botero or SW. The service still tries, though on our last visit we had over an hour between sitting down and our food showing up (and it was early, AND they knew we were trying to make a show). But perhaps most troubling of all isn't what's lacking, but rather what's been added. Putting Tom Collicio's name on the joint is a tell-tale sign that the place is looking to coast a bit on his Top Chef celebrity, rather than the food alone. But the real gall shows in thier reservation system Want to book a reservation of more than 8 people? That'll be a $75 reservation FEE, not deposit, FEE. For 6pm on a Tuesday night, that's just greed.

5 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I was lucky enough to sample a summer tasting menu that was jam packed with some of the best things on the menu. I think I dropped $100 there, which isn't bad at all, figuring the place could easily run you $200 or so. If you're a scotch/whiskey person, definitely spend some time at the bar. Our bartender was very knowledgable and pointed me in the right direction of some high end whiskey to taste. Cool ice cubes as well. Seriously.

4 Stars Bob April 29, 2010

Second visit. A tad off from last visit. Very good single malt selection. Veggies perfectly done as per reputation. Steak good, but I enjoyed Stripsteak's better. Still, a classy place and always worth a visit.

5 Stars MikeE April 21, 2010

A solid steakhouse in every respect. Love the food, service, and atmosphere. Be sure to try their family style tasting menu with wine pairings. I'd go back to Craftsteak again and again.

5 Stars ALSanDiego March 26, 2010

The chef's tasting menu is one of the best meals of my life. I can't say enough about how exceptional every dish in this 20 piece meal was, it was all wonderful, exciting, and satisfying.

I can't believe that the tasting menu offers such perfectly prepared appetizer offerings because it reads in the menu as quantity over quality. No fear. These dishes SHINE, I was overwhelmed!. Masterful takes on classic appetizers are not from an ironic point of view, there's nothing here that requires a waiters instruction to eat, you just dig in. Before you know it, you realize the entire appetizer course works together with every dish complimenting the other. Its a beautiful thing, a great thing, and it doesn't feel like intellectualized menu building, The appetizer dishes are confident, perfectly prepared and mouth watering. You're blown away at Crafsteak by the first act!

The steak was as tender as butter, but ROBUST, given a kick with an update of an all to familiar reduction of beef juice that STILL works wonderfully. They don't try and out do or sensationalize the main course. Its a high end piece of meat simply seasoned, and cooked perfectly with a simple sauce over the top that doesn't run all over the plate. The steak remains the star.

Desert was amazing, the home made style gourmet ice cream was sensational and refreshing, the monkey bread over the top, the small donuts and cookies delicious. Even the dinner mints freshly prepared were sensational.

This is one of the best restaurants in America. It was a pleasure dining here, even though my party of 2 spent almost $400.00. The two hour experience was phenomenal. I will remember this meal for the rest of my life. Who thought a mashed potato puree would work this well? Who thought there was a standard of perfection when finishing Kobe? Who has the best saltwater prawns in America? Crafsteak. Crafsteak. Craftsteak. Amazing..

4 Stars Russell Sauve March 26, 2010

Loved ther Prix-fixe menu. A little bit of everything and it's plenty of food for two people. As a alcohol nerd, their selection of bourbons and whiskeys is top notch. They have one of a few special ice makers in the US that make solid sphere slow frozen ice balls it chills your whiskey, bourbon et al without wstering it down Again, I sat at the bar and had a fantastic server who knew everything on the menu and shelves behind her. Would/will go back!

4 Stars Johanna January 16, 2010

We ate here dec.08 it was wonderful we got the tasting menu steaks were the best we have had the deserts were truly out of this world! The service was awesome! Made us feel like V.I.P.s very expense but if you have an extra $300 or $400 bucks treat yourself it's Vegas afterall!!

5 Stars Tom January 04, 2010


5 Stars Elaine sales September 06, 2009

Had our wedding dinner here in 2007 fantastic, from Scotland

5 Stars Alix May 24, 2009

Wonderful food and service. The restaurant is decorated with a modern, romantic, rustic, and comfortable feel. Upscale but not pretentious. The sampler courses were good, but portions could be smaller. Servers were always there taking dishes away and bringing new dishes but we hardly noticed. Spendy but tasty.

5 Stars Anonymous May 24, 2009

Impossible to get a table. We wanted 5:30 reservations, but their earliest seating was at 10:15. Hope to try it soon! But boy, it's hard to get into so book about a week in advance. You MUST have a reservation.

4 Stars Ss February 26, 2009

I know steakhouses very well for working in the top ones and for a famous chef. with saying all that, this place knows what their doing. (Try it you will love it.) I can't wait to go back.

5 Stars Vegasvirgin21 February 11, 2009

Phenomenal filets, NY strips, tuna, wine selection, sides, salads, service and atmosphere! Best meal for as long as I can remember.

5 Stars Bob January 07, 2009

Wow! Lively atmosphere (without being noisy). Outstanding service. Very nice steaks. Had both roasted, dry-aged, and Kobe

5 Stars Ryan M. November 10, 2008

Top notch service. Top wine and bourbon selection. Service is unmatched. Highly recomended.

0 Stars Jeff November 03, 2007

I've dined here twice and the service and quality cannot be beat. A wonderful experience.

0 Stars Brittney Bowen December 03, 2006

This resturant was phenomenal! Everything from the service, to the food, to the wine. The kobe beef short ribs, and the quail were so full of flavor I thought my tastebuds were going to burst. The side dishes were great as well! I reccommend the aspargus and the potato puree. By the time dessert came we couldn't help but see what wonderful things they would have. We got the chocolate lave cake and the monkee bread. Both of them were superb! Not to sweet, ant still warm from the oven! All in all, I honestly think this is the best steak house in Las Vegas

0 Stars Gioconda Delgado December 03, 2006

These other comments are ridiculous! Tom Colichio is an amazing chef! Amazing enough to earn a 4 star rating at Craftsteak. Tom Colichio is one of the Judges on Bravo's TOP CHEF! Craftsteak offers different grades of Kobe Beef. They have grass fed and corn fed Kobe Beef. If you know anything about beef, Kobe is the best - no not the best the ONLY beef you want to eat. Craftsteak offered impeccable service and exquisitely flavorful cuisines.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 21, 2005

my wife and i ate there last april/04. the service left a lot to desire as we had different people serving us.they seemed disinterested in our dining experience.the food was alright but not worth the price.the side order of yellow beans were terrible.would never go again,and we both felt we were ripped off.

0 Stars Wired February 13, 2004

First off the quality of the food here is not enough to justify the cost. The service was fairly poor, not in that they wern't attentive, but in that the servers were not intuitive and when you're paying $40 for a 10oz piece of beef, they have to be. The servers were unable to describe the food or food preparation and when the menu is a la carte with no descriptions, they need to be able to. My meal, a medium Grilled NY Strip for $39USD was really just, ok. I'm a bit of a steak buff and the beef was precut into 5 pieces, served with the bone (what's the point of that? there was nothing left on it, and I wasn't about to take it home to make a stew), not pink throughout and really lacking any discernable flavor. The fries ($9) (which needed to be shared with 2 - 3 people) were quite good but really over seasoned/salted so you couldn't really eat many, so the fries had way too much flavor and the steak had way too little. My dessert was the Chocolate Peppermint Cake ($8), and when I prompted our server to tell me something about it (because it's just listed on the menu as "Chocolate Peppermint Cake"), he told me. "It's delicious". Yeah, gee, thanks pal. When the desserts arrived, they laid down a Chocolate Souffle(sp), when I pointed out I didn't order that they left it with me to have while I awaited the one I ordered. The Souffle was good and after tasting the (you guess it) bland Peppermint cake, I wish I had ordered the souffle (I gave it to others at the table to eat). Other notables at the meal were the sides provided compliments of the chef, which included roasted tomato purree with some sort of spread on a cracker with the appetizers (which I was told was good by the others) and a plate of spinach mid-way through out entrees). A nice touch and warranted given the price. Now with all that said, everyone else with me seemed pleased with the food and service but we all received REAL service and better tasting food and atmosphere (for less $$$) at Emerils two nights earlier. I think the lack of sleep was getting to them. And besides, what steakhouse worth it's salt serves steak sauce (A1, but who cares) in little jars before your dinner is served. I should have used some, the flavorless beef needed it. Not recommended.