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The D Las Vegas

(Off-Strip)

The D Las Vegas

Derek Stevens


Four Queens | Fremont 


Restaurant Ratings & Reviews D Grill (The D Las Vegas)

4 Stars Donnymac November 07, 2014

Our first attempt to eat here back when they first opened was after a long night of gaming and we just needed food, after 45 mins of no food we left still hungry and found food back on the strip. This time we attended the #VIMFP jazz brunch. It was busy when we walked in and we overheard our server apologize to the table beside us for how long their food was taking, this was starting to sound familiar. We asked her if food was taking a long time and recounted our previous story, and she assured us it would be out in good time. So we stayed and it was a great experience. The food was above average hotel coffee shop fare and we would definitely return again.

3 Stars Kevin in KC January 16, 2014

We stopped by for a quick bite and have to say, everything about it was average. Nothing really stood out about the place, which is too bad because the D seems to stand out in just about every other way.

3 Stars mike_ch January 26, 2013

This place has a bit of an identity crisis. The menu is a little smaller than the typical coffee shop menu, while the prices are coffee shop standard. The new decor is fine for a coffee shop, but the Oldies blaring is a bit like a diner.

Food tasted fine, I give it 3 stars but it'd get a fourth if it either ditched the music or changed to something quieter inside the restaurant.