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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Dick's Last Resort (Excalibur)

1 Star Squid March 14, 2015

This is a really dumb concept. The food is not very good, and the service is crap. I think a Chuck E Cheese restaurant would have been better. Sorry Excalibur, but I think you can do better.

3 Stars Nang December 28, 2012

I really like that restaurant:)

1 Star Rob West August 28, 2012

Worse then the Excalibur buffet if you can believe it. The food and service is just downright awful.

3 Stars Heineken Whyte April 15, 2012

Got 2 for 1 drink coupon and wings weren't bad.

1 Star Peter December 28, 2011

We were expecting a rude waiter/waitress but what we got was terrible service. The waiter barely around and food was awful . I'd rather eat at McDonalds.

0 Stars Jodie December 15, 2011

I waited 20 minutes for service for a drink at the bar, so I put my hand up and asked can I please have some service. So the bar tender looks at me and tells me his allocated area is to here and put his hand 30cm away from me. You tell an Aussie that and expect to get told to f*** off and a hell of a lot more. That guy was the biggest wanker I have ever met in my life. If he was working for me he would be fired, we go to Vegas once a year and just because of that tool I won't be staying there any more.

1 Star Pat November 24, 2011

If you think it's funny to pay more for horrible service this place is for you. Waiter got into his "sarcastic" behavior a little to much, plus the food wasn't that good.

5 Stars Leanna September 28, 2011

So much fun! Definitely have to ave a good send of humor, and you can't be easily offended, or you'll hate it. Our waiter was really funny. They pretty much talk to you and make fun of you In the same way you joke around with your friends, it's all in good fun. The service was quick,and the food was very good. I had the chicken tenders, it was very moist and delicious. Avg13 bucks a plate, kinda expensive for bar food, but not too bad considering that you're eating in las Vegas

2 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Didn't like it. There novelty is to be sarcastic to customers but in a funny way. Was kinda shit. The food was ok I got a chicken cesar salad wrap with chips the thing was massive, each wrap was the size of my fist. Only eat one. Folk next to us orders this past meal looked like puke and a heart attack on a plate so avoid the pasta. Avoid this place if you counting calories cos it will blow all that out of the water.

1 Star John May 06, 2011

Bad food. Warm beer. Bad service. Drunk morons. Yep, it's Dicks.

4 Stars Katrina March 29, 2011

Fun place to go if you wanna have a few laughs and get made fun of. Food was eh...but it was a fun place to check out. We plan on visiting Dick's again this August during our stay.

4 Stars AjMN March 22, 2011

Good drinks, ok food. Servers are obnoxious. Which can be fun.

2 Stars Kit May 06, 2010

The Dick's in vegas is exactly like other dicks that you've been to before (that sounds dirtier than it's meant to sound). The food is OK, the beer is what you'd find in a redneck's cooler and the service is what you'd expect. If you're drunk and want to be made fun of, by all means, this is your place. Not that those things aren't fun sometimes, but I like Vegas bc it has things I can't find anywhere else. Dick's is not one of those places.

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 27, 2010

You go to be entertained and not for the food. The food is average bar treats and the beer list is great if you like American lagers. But if you like insult humor and a disdain for your existence then it's a fun place.

2 Stars Anna March 04, 2010

More fun then food! Go for the drinks.

0 Stars Johanna February 15, 2010

The best frozen drinks on the strip!! Get one mixed with all the flavors can't wait for aug. When we go back to have one ok Mabey five! Love them they are sooo good!

4 Stars Kk January 05, 2010

Had a fun night here, got to watch Taco perform his own version of the bellagio fountain show... We got hats, some jello shots, drinks were strong, servers were fun and obnoxious, food was adequate for the type of place Dicks is, they didn't have the souvineer cup I wanted, mgr said he would ship it to me, we shall see but regardless we will be back!

5 Stars James September 14, 2009

Fantastic place. Had a ton of fun with the staff. I come here every time I visit Vegas.

5 Stars Leaves4Healing April 12, 2009

We had a blast. I can see the Excaliber has made a good choice in having Dicks as a perminent resident. The hotel definitly was much busier than previous years. A.... The dancer were a treat, the environment was fun, everyone had their cool hats on and my wife an I will be back.

2 Stars Jr March 16, 2009

Pretty neat concept but absolutely terrible service for sitting at the bar!!!!!! I won't be back

0 Stars Rick January 30, 2008

For a weeknight, it was crowded due to convention nearby but they could have used a couple more wairtresses. Food was fair and although they bill themselves as a place with "attitude" most people still want service. I've seen worse but i've also seen better.

0 Stars Kelsey September 10, 2007

This place was horrible. It not only turned me off from ever going to this restaurant again, but it made me not want to go to the excalibur.

The food was horrible and the management was even worse.

We were looking forward to the "cheeky" service, but all we ended up with was bad food and the rudest manager I have ever met.