Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Dishes Buffet at TI (Treasure Island)

3 Stars Rich August 01, 2012

Had the TI buffet in May during our annual trip. Was given couple of coupons on check-in and decided to use them so it was free. Having said that I wouldn't have paid full price. Drink server seemed to disappear for long stretches. The food was just ok and the selection was limited compared to other buffets. Wasn't terrible but definitely unmemorable. Think you can do better elsewhere.

1 Star Ashley March 15, 2012

Food wasn't good- doesn't compare to bellagio or Caesars . Bellagio breakfast was cheaper 15.95 !!! And loads better!!! Can't get a drink refill in time to enjoy

2 Stars Simon October 25, 2011

Breakfast was fantastic, visited twice, and great value for $18.99. Dinner was a different story, with cold, bland food and a server who didn't want to be there, and at $26.99, wasn't worth queueing for 35 minutes for!

4 Stars Dige August 24, 2011

Fantastic food and drink illimitate! Much expensive!

4 Stars GHL July 27, 2011

We liked the food and the selection (only buffet we visited). Dessert were amazing and we had good service. Worth it with the 2 for 1 coupon as you eat for 10$

3 Stars Alex July 25, 2011

Worth it only if you use the 2 for 1 coupons with the room. Food was very good, but there is little selection and you have to wait at every station, which never happen at the 4 other buffet we tried.

1 Star The Honeymooners April 26, 2011

For the price, the food should be way better! Very disappointed in flavor and selection, would have rather gone to the buffet at the Bass Pro for that price!

2 Stars John January 16, 2011

The service was not good. It took a while to get drinks an then the server rarely checked for refills. The selection of food is limited, but

4 Stars Dax Powell January 08, 2011

Food was very good with many choices. Great dessert bar. Well worth the price.

1 Star DMF August 18, 2010

This buffet is similar to a old country buffet. For $23 it was not one of the better buffets in Vegas. The bellagio buffet is only a few dollars more and the selection is much better and the food quality is WAY better!! The treasure island buffet has limited selection and the food you do eat is bland. Lines form with most of the food because you can't make dishes yourself for example the pasta bar and even salads you can't make yourself so you have to wait for a worker to help you but they are in charge of more than one station so be prepared to wait. The only good thing about this buffet was the dessert bar, however when compared to the bellagio's dessert bar it still doesn't compare.

4 Stars Aymeric April 25, 2010

I did a lot of buffet in vegas and this is the one I enjoyed the most. About 18$ for lunch, you can order pasta made in front of you and they are really good, everything I tried there was nice.

1 Star Luciano February 13, 2010

We paid 48 and we didn't like it, we are Argentinian maybe we are spoiled, but in Argentina we get more stuff for half of money.

4 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Good buffet. Like the sushi station but it's dinner only. Also have a fresh pasta bar and salads made to order. Deserts are fantastic! The mini donuts and creme brûlée are great. And who doesn't love cotton candy?

4 Stars Alex August 28, 2009

Very good buffet with wide variety and great desserts. Very nice setting aswell.

3 Stars Jamie April 08, 2009

Best word to describe this place is average! And remember, average is not bad! Literally!

1 Star Sam March 06, 2009

we payed 48 dollars for two and we didn't enjoy much of the food. The choices were very limited. The pasta sauce tasted like it was a cheap store band can of sauce. The Sushi was ok, the chinease selections were either left out too long while others were flavorless. The only good thing that my fiancé and i had to say was that the servers were friendly. We left still hungrary and ate McDonalds later that night which we found more satisfying.

4 Stars Stefan February 20, 2009

Great good Buffet

4 Stars Olli January 30, 2009

Was there over thanksgiving 2008 and it was very crowded. But the food was okay for that mid-prize. Good selection. Service was pretty fast. I'll come back.

5 Stars D October 25, 2008

Best buffet on the strip. Huge selection, reasonable price!

0 Stars Hepcat79 February 03, 2008

I have stayed and played at T.I. for the past 5 years and I love the place. If you happen to get a comped buffet, or free with a promotion do what I do. Enjoy the free food. If I was going to pay for a buffet I would go to Cravings at Mirage. The Wynn is overpriced and Bellagio is a little high as well. For free or 2 for 1 this place is awesome, I enjoy the food very much especially the pasta station and the sushi station, but don't expect the best food in town for a mid priced buffet. Enjoy.

0 Stars mike_ch October 29, 2006

Formerly known as Dishes, this buffet has now been renamed "The Buffet at TI." But to explain the name on all the plates it's subtitled "America's Favorite Dishes."

Had lunch here recently. They did a nice job making the room feel not like a cafeteria and the little donuts on the desert table are a nice touch. Offerings-wise it compares more with Golden Nugget than Bellagio, but it's quality is a cut below the Nugget (turkey wasn't even being cut off a piece per customer, but a tray of pre-sliced pieces was left under the heat lamps) and the cost is 50% higher at $15.

If you can travel somewhere else, including the superior Cravings buffet at Mirage, do it.

0 Stars User March 12, 2006

Food was just ordinary and cost $ 43.00 for two. Way overpriced. These big group casino's give nothing away. We could not even get a fefill of water. Bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Stars User January 19, 2006

Another tasteless buffet from MGMMirage.Breakfast is cheap,and that's about it.

0 Stars User September 29, 2005

this is one of the better buffets. it is a bit pricey at $15.oo for lunch but it had a great selection. There was a counter where they made a salad just the way you wanted it. The dessert bar had chocolate covered strawberries and bannanas. The pasta bar was also excellent it was worth the money and the service was excellent

0 Stars User September 17, 2005

The food is great. There is nothing not to love. service, freshness,variety, cleanliess. Just plain good.

0 Stars User June 08, 2005

Wow! The new Treasure Island buffet is super nice and super good! We are locals and we just went last night (6.07.05) to try it and we LOVED it! I'm writing this review while it is fresh in my memory. The food was really high quality stuff at every station.

The buffet had several different stations: a sushi station with hand-rolled sushi and other Asian items; an Asian station with assorted Chinese foods (beef, lo mein noodles, egg rolls, fried rice, broccoli chicken, general tso's chicken); a Southern / American station (collard greens, macaroni and cheese, corn casserole, turkey, dressing, mashed sweet potatoes, ribs with various bbq sauces, green beans, biscuits, cornbread); a cold salad station (assorted cheeses, veggies, cold cut platter, pasta salads); a made-to-order gourmet salad station (this was the best: chefs make up individual portions of gourmet salads like cobb salad, chinese chicken salad, chicken caesar salads and lettuce wedge salads right in front of your eyes -- the quality was as good as something you'd get at the Cheesecake Factory!); a made-to-order gourmet pasta station (with 5 different daily choices: we had lasagna roll, cheese ravioli, tortellini with pesto and sun dried tomatoes, and a mushroom rigatoni--again, these were made in invididual portions as you ordered); a brick oven pizza station (garlic bread and tons of pizzas with all sorts of toppings); and an American station (fabulous salmon grilled over a wood flame, beef tri-tip, sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and more); a "soup cart" that a chef pushes around to each table (we had a choice of Chinese rice soup, spicy veal chili or mild beef chili with all the toppings -- cheese, onions and crackers); a super dessert section (homemade ice cream with a gourmet sundae bar, homemade donuts, cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas, a coffee bar with cappuccino and hot chocolate and more, cotton candy, pecan pie, Mrs. Fields quality homemade cookies, and just about every sweet you could imagine)!

This buffet is a bit pricey at $20 for dinner during the week, and we were skeptical, but we loved it. I think kids would like it too, especially the pizza, southern food and desserts. It's also a great buffet for vegetarians, since most of the food is made to order and you can get it made without any meat!

THE NEGATIVE: This buffet is not your average Las Vegas buffet. You will NOT find shrimp, crab legs or prime rib here unless you go on the weekend for the higher price tag. If that's all you eat, then I would not recommend this buffet. We also found the buffet to be a bit dirty -- the counters had spilled food on them a lot of the time. I also think the layout is a bit cramped. It was hard to get to the food since they have it "roped off" with the new design, something that leads to long lines while you wait to fill up your plate. Also, the seating area is very open and not very private. If you are seated by the dessert station, there are huge windows and everybody standing in line at the buffet can look right in and see you eating.

All in all, we loved this buffet and will come back! We are locals but we love good food, and this is one of the best buffets in Las Vegas (we also love the Aladdin, Green Valley Ranch, Bellagio and Paris).

0 Stars User May 01, 2005

If you like getting sick, then this is your place. IF you want something good go to Mirage

0 Stars User April 13, 2005

The decor was nice, food OK but the line was awful. This is the worst set up I have ever seen. Take the tram to the mirage.

0 Stars User April 11, 2005

It Was Okay.. Nothing special... If you want something good go to Mirage or Bellagio

0 Stars July 12, 2003

It is your basic buffet but the bakery selection is super, the fresh fruit is fresh and the service is always good. The price makes it a great value!

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

An average vegas buffet, nothing special but no major complaints either.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

Small buffet, the food was adequate but for something better go over to the Mirage.