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Trump International

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Trump International

Trump Organization


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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews DJT (Trump International)

5 Stars Joey October 13, 2010


5 Stars Tom C. December 31, 2009

More than worthy of its Michelin Star. Fabulous!

0 Stars sophie27austin TX August 19, 2009

I've just returned from Trump Int'l Las Vegas and it's the worst experience of my life!!! First off, they lied to me at every turn when I reserved the two rooms--told me ANYTHING to get me to spend my money. When I got there, EVERYTHING was a lie. They added a $15 resort fee without telling me. The hotel is located in an industrial area with train tracks...and TRAINS blowing their ghastly horns all night every night--like HOURLY--sometimes four or five blasts at a time. They moved us to the 42nd floor and it was just as bad up there. There is no soundproofing in the hotel. The maid service is dreadful. The bed was so hard that I ended up sleeping on the couch. The facility itself is grand, but it ends there. I was told to arrive early and they'd upgrade us to a Strip view room. Folks, there is NO strip view from the Trump Int'l except for maybe Circus and one other crappy hotel down at that end. That's it. More lies from them. They sent me pictures of the rooms we'd have (two of them) and when we got there we were put in other rooms--nowhere close to the pictures they sent. When I called it to their attention, they said, "Oh that's a mistake but we'll 'upgrade' you for an additional $100/day." Isn't that called 'false advertising?" I could go on for days bashing them, but I just walked in the door back at home and it's 2:AM...the first thing I did was to come and tell all of you--business, condo buyers--EVERYONE!!! Do NOT get roped into the TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LAS VEGAS SCAM!!!

5 Stars Dixon Keller August 15, 2009

Excellent cuisine and service , the private rooms are great