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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Earl of Sandwich (Planet Hollywood)

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 20, 2015

The best sandwich in the world.

5 Stars Coasterphil November 20, 2013

Holiday turkey sandwich is always delicious and a great value for the price.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 28, 2013

Never disappoints

5 Stars Ricky J June 15, 2013

Never had a bad ... delicious - the constant queue says it all

5 Stars Thomas April 01, 2013

Are you retarded? If $7 is "kinda spendy" then you need to hit the food bank.

3 Stars Marah March 15, 2013

Bland tasting, but alright. Kind of spendy for a sandwich though. Pudding dessert was awful.

5 Stars Wilhelmina February 07, 2013

I didn't know a sandwich could taste so good! Great option...excellent price.

5 Stars Mandy January 30, 2013

Stayed at Planet Hollywood last spring and while the stay wasn't as good as we expected, earl of sandwich was. Ate breakfast here twice and for less than $15 for two people. Totally the best thing in planet Hollywood. Service was quick and the food was good and filling. Will eat here again next trip!

5 Stars Tony Bates January 08, 2013

Great place for sandwiches at a great price one was enough between 2 if a snack or lunch. We had a full montage for $7.02. The sandwiches are hot with all sorts of filling its better than subway

5 Stars Kire October 23, 2012

Never disappoints and free wifi, great if you don't have a data plan. They also serve a mean breakfast sandwich for $3.99 and you can get cheap Oj from the abc next door

4 Stars Chris October 18, 2012

Visited twice on my last trip, had the Full Montagu and the Hawaiian BBQ. Both fantastic sandwiches delivered up quickly with no fuss. Perfect drop in place.

5 Stars Ryan October 10, 2012

Never disappoints. Thanksgiving dinner sandwich was delicious.

5 Stars Remi August 18, 2012

Great grab & go place. Order your sandwich/salad at first register, grab whatever sides (bottled beverages, desserts, chips, etc.) you want & pay at the end of line. You'll be given a numbered buzzer to let you know when it's ready. Seating is kind of limited but usually there's an open table. Sandwiches are excellent. Would definitely go back.

5 Stars Desmond Shaw July 24, 2012

Best value on the Strip! And for such a great sandwich...one of the few places in town that doesn't mark up their prices for tourists! Dinner center strip for under ten bucks!

4 Stars Michael (jinx) July 23, 2012

Good prices and open 24 hours. Sandwiches are very solid and there is a variety. Soup options are very good

5 Stars Brandon July 17, 2012

Love this place. Can't beat it

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark May 18, 2012

Always a top notch sandwich at 5 am or anytime really. Their track record remains unblemished. I love you Earl of Sandwich.

5 Stars Craig May 15, 2012

Good. Fast. Cheap Enough said.

5 Stars Stephanie & Alex April 13, 2012

We love "Earl of Sandwich"! The Ham and Swiss Sandwich was like an orgasm in my mouth! The Cannonball is also really good! We will be back!

5 Stars Baster April 09, 2012

Earl is a great sandwich place. Stayed a week in PH and ate at Earl 4 times during m'y stay. Fair prices and excellent food, i highly recommend

5 Stars Josh and Melissa February 18, 2012

Very good sandwiches and great prices. I believe it is about $6.00 for a sandwich. We ate here about three times on our last stay in Vegas. I got the Cannonballs sandwich. Which was basically two huge meatballs between the bread. It was soooo good and very filling. We will return on our next visit.

5 Stars Simon October 25, 2011

Ate here a few times... Always amazing sandwiches, all though quite pricey, well worth every $!

5 Stars Mike October 04, 2011

A must do if you're in the area. Great late night dinner as well. Very affordable.

5 Stars Mario October 01, 2011

Great place to get a great sandwich. Prices are awesome and the meal itself is better than any Subway I have ever eaten in my life. If this place was to open in Hawaii near our shopping center all sandwich shops would close down. I come here every time I check into Planet Hollywood for a midnight snack.

5 Stars Heineken Whyte August 08, 2011

Sandwiches are $5.99 and served hot. One of best roast beef sandwiches I've had.

5 Stars GHL July 26, 2011

Great little place perfect for lunch. You get your sandwich for 6$. Had to wait 15 min in line but it was worth it

5 Stars Colin July 18, 2011

Heard about this place on Five Hundy By Midnight podcast. The hosts talked this place up something fierce...and they did not exaggerate. Earl of Sandwich makes the BEST food-on-the-go in town but be prepared for long lines as this place has a great (and well-earned) reputation. If you're in Vegas in November be sure to try the Holiday Turkey Sandwich!

5 Stars Ryan May 27, 2011

The most delicious sandwich I've ever had!

4 Stars Steve Cooper May 15, 2011

Excellent 24/7 sandwich joint

3 Stars Sherri May 01, 2011

The first few trips, (I'm a local) they messed up the order. Careless staff! The last two times, they got it right. Looked like management was hovering over the employees. Fair priced place. Tastes better than Subway. You could buy your drink 1st over at the nearby ABC store, then order food then sit down and drink or take to your PH room.

3 Stars Reviewer March 30, 2011

For salads, I would recommend asking for dressing on the side. The sandwich was decent, much cheaper than the other places I've been to (like Jean Philipe or Payard). Not a bad choice for a quick bite.

5 Stars Ohio Erika March 22, 2011

The sandwiches here are amazing!!! Good prices, and service. We will definitely eat here again!

5 Stars Traveller March 15, 2011

Amazing and inexpensive!!!

5 Stars Jason H January 24, 2011

Very good sandwiches, try the Jamaican jerked chicken!

5 Stars Brandon December 31, 2010

Awesome 24 hour option in Vegas. After a night of gambling and drinking. It always hits the spot

5 Stars Brian R. December 11, 2010

They need to put some of these where I live. Best hot sandwiches you can get. So good.

5 Stars Nicholas White November 11, 2010

The all time best lemonade I have EVER tasted! Incredible. Loved the sandwiches too, particularly recommend 'the original'. Brownie ice cream sandwich must be tasted to be believed. Great price, location, service, ambience. Go here!!!!

4 Stars Tobes October 04, 2010

Perfect sandwich to keep you going, great for on the go or just something to fill the tank!!

5 Stars Capri Vegas September 08, 2010

Best food value on the Strip, right off the Planet Hollywood casino by the entrance near Harmon. Delicious hot deli sandwiches on toasted bread made to order, and fast! Sandwich $6, beverage $2, even strawberry shortcake or giant cupcake for $2. The line moves fast. You will feel infinitely better having eaten here instead of McD's or BK.

5 Stars Mr&MrsCorlett September 06, 2010

Great sandwiches at a good price, just what we needed coming back to the hotel after an early show.

5 Stars Jeff in OKC August 25, 2010

High quality and, for the Strip, cheap prices make this a great choice!

5 Stars Erik August 15, 2010

Long lines mid day, but move fast. The lemonaid mixed with iced tea is worth trying out and definitely tasty! Most subs are under $6 and served hot.

4 Stars RoguePixel August 05, 2010

Yummy sandwiches. The bread is so good! Affordable meal any time of the day or night.

5 Stars Hutch July 09, 2010

Fast service, excellent sandwiches, great price. Had the Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich - spicy and tasty! $6 for a sandwich is a great value. Plenty of seating for people watching :)

4 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

Great hot sandwiches most are about 6 dollars. Very quick service too. Highly recommended.

5 Stars EarlFan May 28, 2010

They have the best tuna melt ever! I crave that every time I hear or think about Vegas.

4 Stars RobC May 09, 2010

Very good sandwitches. The portions can be a little bit bigger.

5 Stars Terra April 26, 2010


4 Stars J&S April 16, 2010

$6 for a tasty sandwich, $2 soda, fairly quick service - great place for a satisfying, cheap snack.

5 Stars lucythesplainer April 08, 2010

OMG! So good! and a great value!

5 Stars Pete March 31, 2010

Best cheap, quick and damn good sandwich on the strip. We've had this many times and each time we have not been disappointed. Had the caribean last time and it was awesome. We've even made the walk from TI to PH late at night just for one of these sandwiches as a midnight snack. I wouldn't recommend the Earl Tea for a drink, but other than that where can you get a good hot sandwich for 6 bucks on the strip? Highly recommended.

4 Stars Eric from Fing Vegas March 29, 2010

Sammiches done well at a reasonable price. Think Quiznos with flair.

The first time I went there the line was out the door, around the restaurant, and into the mall. I didn't wait in that line. The next time I went, I had the All American and was suitably impressed. It didn't revolutionize the sandwich, but it was good. While I would not turn down a sandwich from here, I also would not seek it out.

If you've never eaten here before, give it a go, after all, it's a sandwich, and it's hard to really screw that much up.

Compared to other sandwich shops, it's above average. For a quick lunch this place is good. I wouldn't plan a trip to Planet Hollywood around this place though.

5 Stars Shauna March 22, 2010

Really yummie and perfect meal for on the go.

4 Stars Greg March 07, 2010

Good, fast and cheap. Great option for a quick lunch or late night snack. I had the turkey w/ cranberry sauce and was pleased with the offering

0 Stars Jay February 12, 2010

This sandwich shop is great! Always enjoy for an inexpensive meal at least once every trip to Vegas.

5 Stars Ben K January 04, 2010

Sometimes it can be tough to find an inexpensive but delicious option for a meal in Las Vegas. Earl of Sandwich is cheap and excellent. Don't go looking for a fancy sit-down meal. But if you're on a bender and need something in your stomach, you could do a lot worse.

I ate here about 4 times during a 3 day stay.

4 Stars Cindy January 04, 2010

Great sandwiches and fantastic lunch place!

1 Star John April 21, 2009

Original sandwich was not very good. Roast beef was still bleeding. Threw it away.

3 Stars Abed Nader March 21, 2009

The sandwhiches are great. They are a great value when your luck begins to change In the casino. Just don't expect to me full they are tiny but you will be satisfied.

4 Stars Mike_Ch January 12, 2009

This chain is based in the southeast and for years has been popular with regular visitors at Disney World, who normally shun chains. This location is just as good