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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Excalibur Buffet (Excalibur)

5 Stars Lance Alot July 07, 2013

For the price, Excalibur has one of the better buffets on the Strip. The food is good. And the separate drink station is a great idea. I don't have to wait for my waiter to bring me another drink. I can get up and get a drink myself.

3 Stars Wendy June 06, 2013

Food was ok, guess that is what Buffett is about, some food you like some you don't, didn't look like the food had been left out for ages which was a big plus,point.

1 Star Wilhelmina February 07, 2013

This was my first Vegas buffet...and the worst I have ever had. The facility was dirty, the food was old and just nasty.

1 Star Richard September 30, 2012

So not worth the money. Go to the Luxor or Mandalay Bay if you are staying close.

1 Star Rob West August 28, 2012

The person who gave this place 4 stars must be eating out of garbage cans. This was the worst buffet I've eaten at I'm Las Vegas by far, even worse then the wretched slop at the stratosphere. Avoid this place at all costs, it's barely a step above cafeteria food.

1 Star Brent May 17, 2012

awful food, bad service, will never eat there again. total waste of money

4 Stars Joe-Z May 07, 2012

I don't know what people are complaining about, we paid $32 for an all day buffet voucher that we could use in both the Excalibur and Luxor hotels, you get what you pay for, ok the choices were a bit limited but the food was grand, we didn't complain about a thing and found it great value for money, breakfast lunch dinner and super for 32dollars? Bargain!!

2 Stars Celeste B. March 06, 2012

My boyfriend and I came here for some promotional deal and we ate for free which was awesome. We came for the dinner service despite the negative reviews. I tried a little bit of everything and I only like the tilapia and the fresh fruit. I feel bad about how much food I wasted because it was too gross to eat. The buffets only saving grace was its dessert area. I wouldn't recommend spending money to eat here.

3 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Sorry the prices in end of july were. $15 for breakfast, $16 for lunch, can't remember dinner time cos never went but around $20. Mind add tax cos it's not included.

3 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Went for breakfast and lunch and there's not much diffidence between the two. The price goes up $1 at lunch. I thought it was decent enough, plenty of meat to choose from, pizza, chinesse food, plenty of salad choices, stuff for kids. Defo worth a visit with a hangover.

0 Stars CCampos June 07, 2011


3 Stars Tim A. May 29, 2011

It's not the Wynn, but it doesn't try to be. The staple are all here. Shrimp (fried and frozen), orange chicken, pizza, carving stations with prime rib and good dessert. You also won't wait on slow servers for drink refills as you fill your own (which I prefer). The employees do a great job here and have probably seen their fair share of non-tipping cheapskates, so tip the crew. I still dont get where all the jazz against this place come from. Just be thankful your not starving in a third world country and eat already. At $25 all you can eat in 24 hours, sign me up.

1 Star John May 06, 2011

Terrible. Just terrible.

2 Stars Isacc April 01, 2011

Great price for all day buffet but if u like French toast as hard as a brick this is the place for you!

5 Stars Jess February 17, 2011

Very great price. The food is definitely not bad at all!

2 Stars Brian October 16, 2010

This is lunch lady cuisine. The positive is you can refill your own drinks. Great place for a drunk dial.

0 Stars Deb Gary Tanya n bob September 11, 2010

Don't waste your money

1 Star Brian R. July 01, 2010

This was by far the worst food I've ever eaten in my life.

1 Star RobC May 10, 2010

Very BAD! Not much more to say.

1 Star Kit May 06, 2010

Everything was too tough or overcooked. I didn't have a single thing that made me think "man that's really good." If you get it for free, then MAYBE you should go. But seriously, it's not good at all.

1 Star Frank Campbell May 01, 2010

Just about one of the worst buffets ever! When they were scooping the mediocre eggs with a plastic shovel into a hog trough like holder I almost barfed.

0 Stars Jim Ehrsam April 14, 2010

Terrible - DON'T GO!

1 Star Russell Sauve April 05, 2010

Don't go. I saw the empty package of a Stouffer's lasagne tray. The meat selections were poor and mostly dried out te veggies and fruits were not fresh. The only way I'd go back is if it was comped and even then, every other dining option available to me better be closed.

1 Star Eric from Fing Vegas March 29, 2010

Brown, Hot, and Lots of it.

The admission was comped, and it was worth every penny I spent.

I would not return. The tables were filthy, the variety of food was limited.

1 Star Jei April 25, 2009

They're running a $25 eat all day special & honestly

1 Star CrunchyGuero April 05, 2009

When you can't tell if the food you're eating is apple cobler or mashed potatos with cheese from just looking, that's bad. This place is bad.

1 Star Mike February 17, 2009

It's terrible...

3 Stars Ray December 31, 2008

We ate there on New Years eve and they had a holiday menu for $17.99. Notable was the prime rib which was excellent -even better than the prime rib at the Bellagio buffet where we ate last night. You have get your own drinks at several soda/juice fountain stations which had a good variety. Basically, the only thing your server does is bus the tables. It is basically a no frills restaurant and some food is there actually pretty decent.

0 Stars Tom September 16, 2008

One of the worst buffets imaginable. Golden Corral is way above this.

0 Stars Rick January 30, 2008

I'm not much on buffets so this one was not too impressive. needed better main entres. otherwise ok

0 Stars Aiona B. May 03, 2007

We've eaten here twice, and both times, we all got the stomach flu later that evening. Third times a charm, perhaps, but after that last episode, I'd rather not chance it. The food was actually pretty good going down (albeit not coming up). The floor always seems so messy there, slippery around the drink aisle in particular. The last time we ate there, a family was sitting next to us, and a three-year-old was crawling under the table next to them, where she picked up a half-eaten corn cob off the floor and started eating on it. It was that dirty. Mom glanced at her and wasn't worried. Is this how it was in medieval times too?

0 Stars Tiffany November 11, 2006

I loved the Roundtable Buffet! I do not understand the negative reviews. This buffet was delicious. My sister and I stayed in Vegas at the Excalibur for a week and we ate here on several occassions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast buffet is absolutely fantastic. I thought the lunch and dinner buffets were excellent as well. My sister doesn't eat meat and she still found plenty of great choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We tried the Luxor buffet and we thought the Excalibur's Roundtable Buffet was much better. I can't speak for anyone else and I notice a lot of complaints, but at least for me, this buffet is a wonderful place to eat! Great food and great service!

0 Stars mike_ch October 29, 2006

(For those who don't care to read the foolishness below: Worst buffet I've ever been to, though I've never tried Circus or IP or Sahara.)

Lords! Ladies! Countrymen! For a mere pittance more than this royal banquet, one can have a more satisfying experience at Ye Olde Egyptian Tomb next door!

For those brave souls who do dare to feast in Camelot, thou will pay money and be immediately shuffled through a most un-regal cattle call! Salads, warmed over pizza, and other regional flavors (assuming they have flavor at all) are yours for the taking. But be warned, says I! Take as many riches as you can handle on your first visit, for this area is nigh-impossible to access a second time. Since all hungry dragons must travel through this trench of food once they enter, a return visit means you will be fighting against a stream of hungry beasts the likes of which Arthur had never seen!

Once you are overburdened with this treasure, someone will seat you. But hark, there is no drink! The king's servants only take plates away, they refuse to serve you drink, and it is up to every peasant to be his or her own drink servant. Numerous "islands" featuring every flavor of the kingdom and several more you didn't know existed are within reach by repeatedly cris-crossing the banquet hall for more drink, or by being greedy and filling up several glasses at once. Don't worry, nobody will break out the shackles and stocks if you do.

Since the buffet lords do less work on average than their cafe/restaurant brethren, and the ones here do even less work than most buffets, one wonders exactly why we still pay a percentage tribute to them at the end of the meal. Perhaps they will soon feel that they shouldn't have to take away the dirty plates, either.

The offerings themselves are lacking in taste. Turkey reaches a level of bland formerly not achieved by turkey. Mashed potatoes were heated to mediocrity in Merlin's finest microwave. The desserts must have been left to sit for 12 hours prior to being served.

None of this seemed to be the fault of the people working the front lines here, mind you. Blame the manager(s) responsible for making a buffet that cuts every corner and doesn't pass the savings on to you.


0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 10, 2006

Food is not very good. Try other places to eat.
With children, it was convenient.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 16, 2006

If I could give a zero review I would but that option was not available. The prime rib they advertise is sliced paper thin and chewy. There is not taste to it unless you drown it in salt and pepper. All the other dishes taste similar. Just a bad place to eat. Save your money and go to McDonalds..the food is better!
I think it has to do something with the chain of casinos. Luxor is just as bad and Mandalay Bay has gone downhill. We have noticed that ever since MGM tok over these casinos that services are getting worse. Worst buffets in town.

0 Stars lisabatty August 28, 2003

Awful experience... not recommended at all. Food was mediocre, a few good dishes, though by the time we were shown to a table (not a busy time) our hot food was almost cold. The cleaned tables were still grubby and even though it was a quiet time many tables were still stacked with dirty plates. We hardly saw any staff and those we could see were gossiping in the corner oblivious to anything that was going on.

0 Stars sweetnest August 19, 2003

If you like tons and tons of poorly made instant food, this is the place for you. The service was abysmal, and the food even worse. I was so disappointed in this institutional food that we ate very little there, and ended up eating elsewhere that night. By far my worst Las Vegas experience. I wouldn't have minded the service so much if the food wasn't the worst ever. STAY AWAY!

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

This buffet has slid a little downhill. Average food and a poor set up. What happened to the awesome beef ribs they used to have?