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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Fellini's Ristorante (The Stratosphere)

5 Stars Glenn May 14, 2014

One of the best steaks I've had in Vegas! Will definitely return!

5 Stars Matt September 07, 2011

Excellent food, excellent service and decent price. Will definitly return.

5 Stars Brett February 17, 2011

We absolutely loved it!

4 Stars Mark January 15, 2011

We eat hear once on each trip to Vegas. It is moderately priced and the food is good. Have never been disturbed by kids. Wait staff is good and formal. When asked if you would like something assume it is at additional cost. Decor is nice. It is a great break from buffets.

4 Stars Gembs August 16, 2010

Food and service were good. We got here around 8pm, got our appetizers within 15 minutes; price a little high, but is Vegas I guess. I would come back.

1 Star Kelly March 15, 2010

we ordered pasta and the waiter asked if we wanted soup or salad (sounding as if it came with the meal) and bread. We said yes and they charged us $8 for each salad and the bread! Our bill ended up being over $60 and it wasn't that good. Very disappointed.

2 Stars Mark October 22, 2008

I just ate at Fellinis and it was probably one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had in Las Vegas. The waiter was rude, didn't know how to open a bottle of champagne, and added a 20% tip to the bill after I left. (I saw it on my banking statement the next day, still trying to get the money back from them.) The risotto, if you could call it that was not risotto at all, just some decent rice. My wife got the Gnocchi and it was way under cooked. After the waiter brought it back it was still under cooked. And then he had the nerve to insult her by saying that it was cooked correctly and she probably just didn’t like it. THE WORST DINING EXPERIENCE IN VEGAS!!

0 Stars mike_ch January 10, 2007

Thought we'd use a player's club coupon discount to eat here but then read the fine print and found out it wasn't valid. Who cares, this stuff is great! Lasagna was incredible. Costs a bit more than the cafe does although if you're accustomed to eating at places like Wynn the bill won't make you blink.

Only thing to be wary of: If you order an entree and are asked "soup or salad," they aren't offering you a complimentary, so the answer is "no" unless you're willing to pony up.

It's almost impossible to find in the casino, but if you're here and/or you want to host a party of people for Italian, you could do a lot worse than here.

0 Stars Dennis January 07, 2007

The Italian restaurant I ate at in the Stratosphere is Fellini's Ristorante. The room I sat in was the one that had the pictures of the canals all over the walls. I ordered Osso Buco Milanese. This is veal shank braised in a sauce of vegetables and tomatoes until it is almost falling off the bone tender. Served with risotto Milanese. This was the best Italian food I have ever eaten. The service was impecable. The server was very tentive and courteous. I gave a gratuity of about 28%. Yes it was high but well worth it. Most of the time I tip from 15 to 20%. Being in customer service for a NBA franchise customer service is really important. I would strongly recommend this restaurant when anyone comes to the Stratosphere.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

Excellent Italian food. Great service and atmosphere.

0 Stars buffbc August 24, 2004

This place is incredible. Tucked away in one corner, it is a slice of heaven if you enjoy Italian food, and not just pizza and pasta. While it isn't exactly cheap, you get what you pay for, the food is top quality and the service is fast and efficient. We ate there twice and never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a table. The antipasto was wonderful! Definitely the best restaurant at the Strat.

0 Stars Redster April 28, 2004

A couple of years ago my husband I stumbled on this little restaurant at the Stratosphere because the line for the buffet was waaaaay too long. Boy were we glad! Tucked away to the right of the buffet is a small hallway that takes you to a small retreat with good Italian eats. :) The garlic cheese bread was light and tasty -- a wonderful change from most restaurants' greasy and/or soggy offerings. The Fellini Salad (baby field greens tossed in raspberry vinaigrette, topped with toasted pine nuts & fresh raspberries) boasted probably the best raspberry vinaigrette I've tasted in a restaurant setting. Hubby said the lasagne (with Italian sausage in the mix, no less) was wonderful, and I (the vegetarian in the family) had a marvelous penne primavera in a garlic/oil/white wine sauce that was so much better than the usual heavy sauces used in what should be a dainty dish. We were off to a UNLV basketball game and couldn't sample the desserts, but we certainly will this time around and I'll be back with an update. :)