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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Five50 (ARIA)

4 Stars Mark B (FTLToday.com) March 16, 2015

This is awesome pizza at a great price. Crisp crust and tastes great. We went a few times in our trip.

2 Stars Jane Public March 07, 2015

I stood at hostess stand for 5 min. Then a very unattractive hostess asks me if I want to sit at the bar for slices and seating in dinning room is only full round pizzas..what kind of crap is that??? Josie was my server, she's a nice gal but didn't know what hot sauce was at all and brings me saracha and not Tabasco, she got schooled afterwards as well as in her tip. This place was only a quater full at a prime time on a Friday which was odd because the casino was booming w/ gamblers and there in a prime spot w/ a ton of foot traffic. I should have just stuck w/ ol reliable Wolfgang Puck Cuchina and Pizzeria hands down best service there and right around the corner in Crystals mall...uhhhhh

2 Stars DaveW December 16, 2014

You can get much better pizza next door at 800 degrees at montecarlo. Slices were loaded up with toppings but were so greasy that the crust was soggy. At five bucks a slice, you can do much better

5 Stars Andrew August 20, 2014

Had a slice & draught at the walk-up counter (there are stand-up tables available to eat from). Pizza is the thin & crispy kind and piping hot.

4 Stars John Miller August 07, 2014

Great pizza. Good service. Plan to return next visit.

4 Stars Ian May 14, 2014

Absolutely solid. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Great choice of beers and good pizza.

4 Stars Timm March 21, 2014

This is good, but is far from special. Toppings and cheese fine, sauce is great, but crust is just ok. Perhaps it's just me, but the crust makes the pizza and this crust is bland, especially when you're paying $40 for a 6-slice pizza.

5 Stars Hank and Jr December 05, 2013

Good to go, good pizza pie!

5 Stars 8postal8 September 14, 2013

The Blanca pizza is probably the best pizza I have ever had! I was very impressed, going back for sure!

5 Stars Craig August 31, 2013

This place is great. We were here three days out of the five we spent at Aria. The apps appear simple but are high quality and addictive. Pizza is some of the best I have had. Crunchy thin crust, not to thick, not doughy and not dry. It reminded me of Antico Pizza in Atlanta. (Yeh, atlanta isn't known for pizza. However, Antico has wood fired ovens from Italy, Italian owners and imported Italian ingredients.)