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3 Stars Gary D. December 31, 2015

Not a great place for dinner. Prime rib is decent and they have snow crabs both hot & cold and that is the extent of the good stuff. Everything else is average to poor. Desserts are a disaster. They need a new chef to oversee that area. I did have breakfast here not too long ago and it was very decent, a good value. Have the breakfast, avoid the dinner.

4 Stars Don December 31, 2012

Surprisingly good. At half the price of Bellagio the value is top notch. Enjoy the dessert selection.

4 Stars Emily May 23, 2012

Great dessert bar. Short line. $20 for dinner. Good food and variety for the price!

3 Stars Fenix May 18, 2012

The dinner buffet was decent. If you register for a Total Rewards card, which is free, you get $2 off making the dinner buffet $18.99. We had a 2 for 1 coupon so this was great. They had an alright selection but nothing fancy. The prime rib was well done so I had to wait for another fresh one that was medium rare. The wait was worth it. While I was waiting I had some crab legs and other various things on the buffet. There were a few sections I didn't touch, like the mexican and asian foods. The most impressive thing here, for me, was the dessert section. Every dessert I tried was delicious!! There was bread pudding, bananas foster, and gelato. Best thing is you can get cotton candy or gelato to go when you leave. Just ask the person behind the pastry counter. In all, the quality was good and this was very affordable.

3 Stars Richard March 06, 2012

Had the lunch buffet; used a half price voucher that also entitled us to go ahead of the line which was nice. The food was average, though and nothing really stood out as better than anything else. There are better buffets to be found but this one will do if you're nearby and hungry.

3 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Just decent. No frills but clean. Probably wouldn't go back unless it was a comp.

4 Stars Texas-T July 03, 2011

Good selection. $25 per person for dinner. Food could have been warmer. Had a 2 for 1 coupon.

1 Star Katrina March 29, 2011

We went for the breakfast buffet and the food was cold and tasteless =\ reminded me of hospital food.

2 Stars Brad February 10, 2011

This buffet did not offer a wide variety for breakfast. The food was not bad but not worth going back and not worth the $15.99. We purchased a buffet pass but were charged an additional $17.00. When my wife questioned the cashier she said it would drop off after 24hours. We will see...it also took the waiter about 10min to get our drinks and by that time we were half way finished with our food.

2 Stars Paul January 30, 2011

Deemed more like a cheap cafeteria - we were not impressed at all.

4 Stars Sk January 23, 2011

Great for Saturday:Sunday champagne brunch. Good selection, great desserts and complementary mimosas and champagne!

5 Stars John Walker December 23, 2010

Food and service as good as any in Vegas. Friendly people. If we. Stay close by, we dry

2 Stars Shaun November 06, 2010

Sushi was dry, the prawns tasteless, crab legs were nice, as was the ribs. Wouldnt go back.

3 Stars Kvstick October 21, 2010

7 Buffets in 24 Hours Stop #2 on 10/21 @ 1pm: Better selection than the Imperial Palace. Various ethnic selections. Food was good and fresh

4 Stars Michael Dutterer October 21, 2010

Slightly above average buffet. Nice selection, decent price. Don't go out of the way for it, but if you're at Harrah's anyway, it's a good choice.

2 Stars Rob Toppo August 28, 2010

Was OK. Could have been a lot better. Food was very average. Try at your own risk.

4 Stars Rob Toppo August 28, 2010

Pricey, but overall surprising nice buffet overall.

4 Stars Hawkman July 16, 2010

WOW what an improvement in the quality of the food and assortment. Breakfast spread is awesome. Staff was very friendly.

1 Star Gene June 07, 2010


4 Stars Cynthia June 03, 2010

I went there last year with my mom and her sister's(4) and they loved the buffet they could barely make it out the door with all the good food they ate, they said.

3 Stars RobC May 10, 2010

Much improved buffet. Needs a little more work to be elite.

4 Stars Pete April 02, 2010

Not a bad buffet, not the best, but definitely not the worst. It has the standard buffet food along with some specialties. The wife enjoyed the cotton candy that she snagged before leaving. Seating is standard buffet seating (I think this could be improved a bit). For the food, it was good, not great, but not terrible. I would go back. I'd rank it ahead of Flamingo, but behind Mirage if that helps.

4 Stars Greg March 07, 2010

One of my fav buffets for the money. Selection is large, food is fresh and hot, staff and service are great. Dont forget your cotton candy on the way out. Dont go im expecting the wynn or bellagio and you wont be disappointed.

2 Stars Anna March 04, 2010

Pretty good!

4 Stars Sandra February 01, 2010

Great food, lots of dessert options, easy to find what you want, friendly staff. Only negative is that it took 6 plus minutes to get a refill on my drink. I'd prefer to get my own refill, but this place isn't set up for that.

3 Stars Lara November 15, 2009

We ate breakfast here on 11/13/09 - I was pleasantly surprised. The bacon was perfect and the chicken fried steak was decent. I would recommend for breakfast.

3 Stars John November 10, 2009

Not a buffet guy so the rating might be wrong. I'm usually too snobby for a buffet but the price was good and the place was clean and the food was really good. I did breakfast and saw lunch coming out but was full. If you needed a reasonable breakfast or lunch and were hungry, I don't think you could go wrong here if you don't care about wait service at buffets.

0 Stars Pat September 14, 2009

Great buffet! The best we found for breakfast & dinner. Good variety & good service.

4 Stars Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

We really enjoyed this buffet. The best breakfast buffet we have had in Vegas. I can't vouch for the dinner or lunch however.

4 Stars (null) May 24, 2009

Great buffet and service! My wife and I ate there twice and enjoyed it both times. Definitly try the Brazilian BBQ!

3 Stars Kevin Crossman November 29, 2008

Fair vakue, including a very good set of desert offerings. I did like the chocolate fountain, gelato, and sugar free offeringing. The main courses were only fair and the atmosphere was lacking.

0 Stars Polly Lin November 28, 2008

All our four family members had a whole night of vomitting and diarrhea after we "enjoy" our Thanksgiving dinner at the Flavors buffett. We were almost died. What do you think my comment will be ?
We went to the Flavors directly after we watched a great magic show; we did not get any chance to eat anything else. I think they need to put more effort on managing the cleaness of foods or staff.
I don't think I will come back again

0 Stars mike_ch June 07, 2007

This may be the best lunch buffet deal for mid-strip. I only say "may" because I haven't tried them all, but of the ones I have this is it.

Lunch here will run you about $3 more than Treasure Island, but for that you'll get so much more. Meats, both the obligatory Asian and Mexican and Italian food stations, a surprisingly big salad selection, and a dessert selection so large it's overtaken a second section that used to be salads #2.

The meat selection includes the usuals, including typically non-lunch options like prime rib and sausages. The pizza unfortunately has adopted (or invented?) the "twists" on the familiar varieties that I complained about with the Palms buffet. As for desserts, they're alright although the creme brulee looks like the ones at Paris but aren't as good and don't have the hard thick topping.

I'll probably come back eventually, but since I'm pretty mobile compared to many visitors I'll probably stick with the downtown kings or the Palms for cheaper rates, or treat to something nicer like Paris or Planet-H for more.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 13, 2006

I had the displeasure of eating at Flavors twice on a recent trip. Possibly the worst buffet in town. The stations are in strange places meaning, there is no consistency between one area and the next. Beyond that, on both trips I had an extremely difficult time getting a beverage from a server. I actually made two trips to the buffet before I received my drink. Tables were not cleaned regularly either.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 18, 2006

The new Buffet is awesome, great food and great improvement from what they used to have. Everything else about Harrah's is way below average.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 20, 2005

Always eat here even if staying somewhere else. Food is always fresh and plentiful. Could expand the salad bar a little bit but all in all very good eating. Has a good selection of food that I like. Great dessets.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2005

Always get good service here. The food is above average, but I wish they had a bigger salad bar. The desserts are good. I always get too much and end up stuffed on sweets.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 01, 2005

Have eaten here every time I am in Vegas. The food is good, a littlle more home cooking type than say Rio's. The service is always very good here, but I have a Harrah's Diamond card and they cater to us quite a bit. They will bring a decanter of coffee or tea to the table for you so you don't have to wait on drinks.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 04, 2004

Large selection and good service. We have a platinum card so we got in very quickly. Just had to sign for the meal and it was comped when we checked out. Food is better than average for a buffet.

0 Stars HLDD July 13, 2004

Food has always been average here. Sure it's plentiful, but the variety is lacking and tends to be a bit greasy. The desert bar is definitly the best part. Service is slow, people rarely come bby to pick up your plates, and forget you cup overflowing with drink (make the glass the whole meal if you can!). Still, the line is never too bad here and it is still reasonably price.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 07, 2003

Haven't gone to Vegas without having the Buffet at Harrahs a few times each trip. The food, for the price that you pay, is very good and the desserts are excellent. Whatever you like for breakfast is there for your choosing and dinner is the same. I eat so much for breakfast, that I have never tried lunch. Service is very good and you can't go wrong eating there.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 16, 2002

this was the only place we could find fried chicken. excellent service. best coffee. food was flavorful and decent. there were less choices here than belliago or aladdin and they were less unusual. but for a basic buffet, this is a good choice. peeled shrimp, great bacon, desserts were some of our favorites. strangly, breakfast is $10 and lunch is $11. go at 10:30 and get in on both.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 26, 2002

The buffet has good food and selection. Price is reasonable and service was good too.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 28, 2001

Good selection. Reasonable price.
They serve drinks to you. You can't just drink what you want; you have to specify up front.
The server was changing the sweet N low holder and dumped it right on my napkins.. Dork.
Hot plates are very hot.
Some foods weren't replaced when they ran out.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 18, 2001

Good selection of food. Even if it was not a comp. the price was right.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 03, 2001

For a Buffet one of the better ones.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2001

Both times food was hot and quality was good. We visit once every trip now.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 19, 2000

Great food.... Deserts to die for.... and it was a comp....

0 Stars RateVegas User June 01, 2000

Excellent "already peeled" shrimp..