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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Fleur (Mandalay Bay)

3 Stars David March 01, 2012

Great food but poor service.

3 Stars Michael February 24, 2012

Food was great. Waiter was an idiot. When we advised the waiter we were in a hurry,(due to his being slow to begin with), he said he would get our bill. He then proceeded to wonder around staring into space. Another patron handed him her credit card so he got her bill. After that, he finally made eye contact and remembered to get our bill. We were there 50 minutes for lunch even with reservations.

5 Stars Sixstud December 04, 2011

Amazing food, atmosphere seems a little stuffy at times, but that's easy to overlook when the tapas come and you indulge, I highly recommend

5 Stars Scott July 26, 2011

Excellent food. This place is all about the food which I appreciate. Great drinks. Definitely would go back

0 Stars Michelle September 26, 2010

This is closing soon

0 Stars Michelle September 26, 2010

This is closing soon

5 Stars Susan December 31, 2009

Incredible! Caviar was outsanding, as was the foie gras.

0 Stars Neal Wright July 11, 2008

This restaurant rivals some of the nicer venues of Paris. I have had true french cuisine and the Fleur de Lys has mastered the art of bringing it to Las Vegas. although the meal may have cost more than $100 a person the food was excellent and the service was top-notch. Overall a great night out!