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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Forum Food Court (Caesars Palace)

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 08, 2015

Barely looks different from before, still looks fine. Ate at Earl of sandwich. New location, same orgasm.

4 Stars Jesica August 03, 2012

I wish I'd known more about this area sooner. This is a great food court with the standard, less expensive food that my pocketbook craved. I was at Caesars for a convention and this place was packed and the wait long, but the BBQ pork was worth it (skip the potato salad though - it wasn't anything special). You can also get burgers, hot dogs, and a wide variety of other foods in the Cypress Street area.

4 Stars Garry July 22, 2012

Good breakfast at Wraps! Best pizza slice that I have had west of PA...

3 Stars Brad Holden December 01, 2011

Good food choices at convenient location. And very affordable

3 Stars Michael (jinx) November 19, 2011

Solid food court, small menus for each place, which means lines should be minimal. Best NY style pizza on strip, in my opinion.

3 Stars Dennis B. November 15, 2011

very lovely eatery but the prices are way to high. All you have to do is go out Caesars front door and you have all kinds of eating places.

3 Stars Hunter September 18, 2011

No frills, quick and simple. One of the only places you can usually grab food on The Strip in less than 10 minutes. Nothing special but not poison either.

3 Stars Heineken Whyte August 08, 2011

Nice selection and the BBQ place serves huge sandwiches.

5 Stars GHL July 25, 2011

Good food and good price in the middle of the palace. Great for a quick snack. Will return!

5 Stars Cindy July 23, 2011

Very cool concept!

4 Stars Kyle June 30, 2011

5 Stars for convenience. 3 stars for quality. 4 stars for variety. Overall a 4. But it's a 10 if you're drunk, tired and starving!

3 Stars Cody September 12, 2010

Great place to satisfy the late night munchies. Quick, cheap, and good.

5 Stars John July 04, 2010

Awesome concept!

4 Stars Susan May 18, 2010

Great concept! Always fresh and quick.

3 Stars Eric May 01, 2010

Great place to grab a quick, simple bite to eat. Also helpful if you are traveling with several people who want different types of food. Wish more breakfast options were available. There is a large screen tv in the rear seating area, in case you are keeping an eye on a game or two.

4 Stars Tom January 06, 2010

Neat concept!

1 Star Mr & Mrs Vegas October 19, 2009

Expensive and not great choices.... Wouldn't bother unless your starving soany more places to eat in LV

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 21, 2006

Pop & Water Scam! Rip-off $3! Not Posted!

0 Stars roberti805 March 24, 2004

A decent food court concept where you pay as you leave, some of the stations seem more reasonably priced than others and some food was tastier than other stations. Choose wisely. A great atmosphere though and quite convienient.