Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Francesco's Pizzeria (Treasure Island)

3 Stars Alex July 25, 2011

Not bad pizza, price is a bit expensive for what it is, but if you are in the hotel and want a qquick place for a snack its alright.

3 Stars Michelle March 26, 2011

Good but pricey so if you can manage eat pizza somewhere else for possibly better taste as well as price.

5 Stars John July 04, 2010

Best pizza!!

1 Star robpalmer135 March 04, 2010

Honestly there pizza is no better than one you get in a supermarket

4 Stars Lisaloo May 08, 2009

I liked it here. Setting was a bit dull but staff were friendly and pizzas were good. Not to expensive.

0 Stars User June 23, 2006

Love Italian Food, but this was a big disapointment. Expensive and not worth it. Stay away!

0 Stars User May 17, 2005

I am from Italy and I can really tell when you're having real Italian food,not Italian-american-mexican twists.This food is pure Italian.Chef Marco is from the same region of Italy where I come from,so I've let him pick for my.Simply the best Italian food in Vegas.Beware of all the others.
Service and setting was great too.Just the table position was bad.

0 Stars Hunter May 06, 2003

We had dinner on a Saturday night in April 2003. The food was above average, solid Italian. The service wasn't great, our waiter disappeared several times for long periods of time. The wine list had the typically high prices but not a lot of choices which was a little disappointing. Overall, a pretty good meal, but not a stand-out.