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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Gallagher's Steakhouse (New York New York)

5 Stars Squid January 03, 2015

This is one of our favorite spots in Vegas to eat. The service and food are always great. If you like Steak, Prime Rib, or Lobster Tail, this place will not disappoint.

5 Stars Craig May 18, 2012

Great place. Most memorable dinner of our trip. Steak was expensive, but was huge. Good service.

0 Stars Ken & Lorraine June 22, 2011

Correction! The fathers day special also included 1/2 a crab stuffed lobster

2 Stars Ken & Lorraine June 22, 2011

Very expensive and the food was average for a steak place. The waiter was great , but Lorraine doesn't eat beef and she just ordered a spinach salad that she was not impressed with and water to drink ,I ordered the Fathers day special filet minion medallions potatoes and and peas 1 beer and a bourbon $99.92! We don't recommend this place its not worth the money.

4 Stars Kkenn June 20, 2011

Very good. Pricey. Great atmosphere. Open late.

5 Stars Molly June 13, 2011

Excellent food and our server Zlatan was gorgeous!

5 Stars Jay May 19, 2011

Ok we had great service, great food, and not as badly priced as I thought. We had the ribeye and sirloin with two sides and drinks for under 120 bucks. Great

1 Star Disappointed April 16, 2011

I was so ready for my steak, but this place was horrible. They took forever to bring us our food. We waited about 40 minutes. We had to ask the waiter if he could check on our food. When he finally did and they brought it out it was cold. The steak was all crispy(burnt) on the outside and the sides were bland. I don't recommend this place at all.

4 Stars Cody March 23, 2011

Never been to the original but if this one is anything like it then I can see what the fuss is all about. Spent my birthday dinner here and was treated with first class service, and excellent glass of wine, and a steak and lobster tail that truly may have been the best I've ever eaten. Recommend highly.

5 Stars Pokerradiotv January 11, 2011

Fantastic place. Steaks to die for

5 Stars Angela November 05, 2010

The food is delish. Top choices are the NY Strip and Mac and cheese! The steaks have this amazing flavor on their own; no sauces/toppings ever needed. The amounts of food served can get overwhelming so share a side if possible. Food is all top notch but the service can be a bit iffy at times. I've had good service and bad and the bad has been either the server ignoring us completely or just being too busy to notice. However, Gallaghers is worth it. Check out Fernando at the bar; he makes a great chocolate raspberry martini!!

4 Stars The Traveller October 13, 2010

Giant portion of prime rib... My wife got the salmon... Both very tasty. They offered horseradish straight or creamed. I was happy to get the full strength horseradish. We got two sides... I got asperagus with hollandaise and my wife got green beans... We could have split the green beans... Huge side portion. The asparagus portion was about right for one. My prime rib was perfectly cooked an came in around 16 ozs. ...a bit pricey at $165 for two, but we did have wine.... It was worth it!

4 Stars Adam August 07, 2010

Good steak! I love that they put the aging process on display. Tasty and educational.

4 Stars Dan July 28, 2010

Good food and acceptable wine list. Service was great. Not a fan of the location.

5 Stars John July 04, 2010

Impeccable service and steaks!

5 Stars Collin June 16, 2010

One of the best meals I've ever had. Service was excellent as well. We had our entrees within 25 minutes. I recommend the filet mignon.

5 Stars Sarah June 04, 2010

Gallagher's was great!!

4 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I loved my experience here. Their signature NY strip was tender even though afterwards I was way too full to even move. Huge portions and well worth the price. That's not to say it's pricey though. I think they could actually charge more and get away with it. Next time, I'll definitely have the filet though. If you love steak, you'll like this place. It definitely was a hit with me and my guest.

4 Stars Darrenuk April 09, 2010

Had the Cowboy Ribeye which was excellent the service was good. Overall a bit pricey but just about worth it.

2 Stars Pete April 03, 2010

Always intrigued by the dry age cases out for display. So we finally tried the place. Put it this way the steak was good, was it worth the price...maybe. However the service as many describe is terrible. Now we don't look like high class people, but we don't look like bums either. However the waiter just ignored us. Wife had chicken which was no good. I wouldn't recommend the place.

3 Stars Bridge April 01, 2010

The food was good. The steak was exactly what you expect from a place like this, and I was wary of ordering chicken from a steak place but it was really good, tasted like upscale chicken soup. What really threw me for a loop was the complete lack of service. I understand that my boyfriend and I are a younger couple and that we have tattoos and piercings, but when I sit down at a quality resturant I expect the same quality of service as everyone else. We sat at our table for ten minutes with empty water and bread basket. We watched as our waiter checked all of the tables around us and finally the bus boy brought us our meal and water. When we spoke to the manager before the check was brought out he offered us desert, which we declined. When our m.I.a. waiter came back with the check he tried to defend himself and when I asked him to stop he wouldnt. Finally, my boyfrind had to speak up to get him to leave. We stopped to tell the manager he shrugged his shoulers. Good food but not worth the bad service.

3 Stars Doc5280 March 31, 2010

I visited here last year 3/30/09 and I had their dry aged steak which was the best steak Ive had. This visit however my girlfriend and I both went, the server took our order and went away for 20 minutes. We wanted to order drinks but he never came around. 30 minutes later another waiter came and got us our food, while we were sitting with and empty bread bowl and water glasses. Out waiter came around to the table next to us and checked on them and the table behind us, but never checked on us. At this point I was beyond pissed I I talked to the manager and he offered us free dessert which we did not take. He went and talked to our waiter who came out and started to argue with myself and my girlfriend, he never once appoligized. He came back and dropped off the bill didn't even say one word to us. The busboy Jose was awesome he was the only one who came to our table. The food was great. But I will never return do to the service.

5 Stars Big daddy March 30, 2010

Biggest steak I have ever had and cooked perfectly! Staff was very friendly. A bit pricey but definitly worth it

4 Stars Russell Sauve March 26, 2010

One of the biggest steaks I've ever had and delicious!!! The device was top notch and the steak was huge. Neither my hetero travel parter of I could finish our NY strips. About 2 inches thick and 8 inches long. We placed a dollar bill on top for perspective the the steak dwarfed it. And excellent frshly made clam chowder.

5 Stars Greg from switzerland February 20, 2010

One of the best Steaks i had. Ever!

3 Stars John April 21, 2009

Filets were good but nothing special. I have had better at much cheaper restaurants.

3 Stars John O'Brien April 10, 2009

Not bad, but I'vecertainly had better. At least I wasn't paying...

5 Stars Corbyn March 23, 2009

Huge dry aged sirloin. Great mac and cheese and onion rings were good too. Try the sauce that is not bernaise or peppercorn. Don't remember what it is called....made with veal stock and shallots. Awesome.

3 Stars Jay January 07, 2009

Enormous steaks. I got a portershead (42 dollar). Tasted really good. Everything was big, even the fries. Not a hot place to see hot chicks. Service was ok, waiter wanted to sell everything, but hey whe're in Las Vegas.

5 Stars BossDanmark December 06, 2008

Super super. New year eve 2007/2008. Great food. Great service. $$$$$$$

4 Stars Corbyn October 27, 2008

Ate here twice and it was great! Dry aged sirloin which is the house specialty was the greatest steak Ihave ever had. It was huge also. Sides and service were good. Skip the Bernaise, it tasted like vinegar was added. Felt the staff was snobby if we didn't want alcohol with our meal. Hey...I drink enough in Vegas!!

0 Stars Mad Dog November 02, 2007

Ate here 10/07 steak was nice but not exeptional. Dont know if it was because we were Brits but our server seemed more interested in the other tables than ours and service was slow,(quicker for others)Would try other steakhouses next time.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 03, 2006

We must have gotten bad steaks from reading your other reviews. They melted in your mouth they were so tender, but they had no taste! We were very disappointed in the food. The place was not overly packed and yet we waited 45 minutes AFTER we ordered to get our meal. The waitress was very snippy when we politely inquired about our food. Would not go back.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 18, 2006

My husband and I ate here very late after a Robin WIlliams' show. We only ate her because the strip was so packed we could not get anywhere else. We we surprisingly pleased. The service was excellent. We had three people waiting on us, and were never made to feel like it was getting late. The steak was one of the best I have ever had. Definitely will go back. Which is saying a lot since there are so many restaurants to try in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 01, 2004

My husband and I eat at Gallaghers every trip. The steaks beat Ruth's Chris and Kokomo's every day. Just amazing. The service however is not the best. They seem to more often than not be understaffed. The food makes up for the service, promise!

0 Stars sunny729 March 20, 2004

Have been here twice and will again and again. Good food, great service, easy to get to(big plus in this town). This place gets pumping aroun 7pm so call ahead. Their steaks melt in your mouth.