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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Garden Court (Main Street Station)

4 Stars Derrick May 13, 2013

Only went for the breakfast buffet. Omelet was nice and I really enjoyed the bacon as well! Can't beat the price for breakfast and didn't really want to try anywhere else.

3 Stars Tim A. April 21, 2011

It was cheap, but I was generally unimpressed with the quality of the food. I'm a pretty easy guy to impress too, honestly. With high reviews, I was expecting better, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt...maybe it was just "one of those nights"?

5 Stars Ryan April 05, 2011

Spectacular for the price. The omelet chef is very entertaining and a must visit every trip.

5 Stars Ohio Erika March 22, 2011

Prices here are great. Food selection is awesome not to mention the taste is awesome too.

4 Stars Chris October 04, 2010

How does an $8 lunch buffet sound? They must make a fortune on the gambling, because the food is much higher quality than you'd expect for the money. The waitstaff was very friendly and the dining room is very nice. This is just a good, down-to-earth local joint. If you're downtown you should try it.

4 Stars D3wayne August 23, 2010

Very nice buffet. Reasonable price.

4 Stars Erik August 22, 2010

Good value, it's not the bellagio but then again it doesn't try to be! Good selection including crab hot and cold on seafood night. Massive cuts of beef. Friendly staff. Can't eat for this price back home or on the strip. Mexican stations are a nice change of pace from the strip buffets.

3 Stars JK July 21, 2010

Not what it used to be, but still a good buy for the money, especially with a bogo coupon.

2 Stars Susan March 04, 2010

Pretty good!

5 Stars Jessalynn January 07, 2010

This buffet is, hands-down, the best value in Vegas. Go on the weekends for the champagne brunch, which runs until 3 pm. You get a great brunch buffet and all the champagne you can drink for $10.95!

5 Stars Jeff & Sands in Honolulu November 11, 2008

Lots of locals from Hawaii eat here. The best breakfast omlets in Vegas Tues-Sat.

0 Stars mike_ch November 16, 2006

The signs say: "Voted Best Buffet by People Who Know." That's not a very bold claim, but it's true. You'll never see the MSS Buffet listed in any Best of Vegas listing, but it's out there, and it's a bargain. I've known of this buffet for months and been hesitant to review it because I ate there for dinner, and all my other buffet reviews are lunch. This week I finally ate here for lunch and can officially say: Come here for dinner.

Dinner here is probably the best bargain dinner buffet in town. Steak night, while it costs a bit more, is worth seeking out. Like some of the top names on the strip, the food here is good enough to pass as actual food and not just buffet food. However, unlike those top buffets, the service is simply your average downtown crew.

Lunch here is, unfortunately, an inferior affair. I came in after lunch was well underway and they were not offering any meats other than ham. I'd like to think this is not the norm, but I simply don't know. Even if they had a turkey or something out there normally, the variety at lunchtime is lacking. $2 more will get you better over on Fremont St.

So, in the war of the downtown buffets, Golden Nugget's new entry wins the lunchtime battle, but it's significant jump in price for dinner makes MSS the best value for the buck in the evening.

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

The best downtown buffet and one of the best in Vegas. Excellent food, good selection and nice surroundings.