Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Golden Nugget Buffet (Golden Nugget)

3 Stars Kevin in KC January 16, 2014

The Nugget is comparable to strip properties in a number of ways. Buffet is not one of them. Breakfast is fine, but this place feels like a remodel has to be on the horizon.

4 Stars Pokerbucketlist August 11, 2013

Breakfast was good. Good service and a reasonable selection. Nothing fancy or unique but a good meal. Excellent value.

3 Stars Frederick Y February 07, 2013

Presentation is better than the food. Kinda whatever.

5 Stars Jason L November 23, 2012

No line at 6:30 pm on a Saturday night. Good service. Average food. Reasonable price for what you get.

3 Stars Chris June 23, 2012

Decent buffet, great service and ok to good food...

2 Stars Double Crown March 12, 2012

Pretty average selection and below average quality. It was free with my room - I would have been bummed if I paid money for it.

4 Stars Karen March 03, 2012

Went here on Tuesday night for dinner. About 6 pm. No line. Dining area was clean. Drinks delivered promptly. Buffet presentation was nice. Selection was good--though they could have had more desserts. Food was hot. Carved turkey was moist and the best I ever had at a buffet. Also ate at the Mirage buffet (Cravings). Golden Nugget was better. Price for Nugget buffet was fair. $18 for dinner. Buy 1 get 1 free coupons available on eBay and Las Vegas Advisor for 2012.

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark December 23, 2011


4 Stars Ts May 25, 2011

Went for seafood night. Food was pretty good. Our waitress was a complete bitch, but what can you do at a buffet. I would go back. Crab legs are a pleaser;)

3 Stars Ryan April 05, 2011

Extremely disappointing buffet for a resort of this quality.

2 Stars Josh March 29, 2011

It's a Buffet what can I say? Had ok food for that price . $12.00. I had diet coke to drink and never got a refill.

3 Stars Trisha February 22, 2011

Ok buffet but the views are great. Glad they moved the buffet...better location.

4 Stars Taylor November 06, 2010

The food and service was good, but the price was pretty steep. Like $37 for 2 ppl.

3 Stars Chuck August 12, 2010

It's worth the lunch price which is $11 with a drink. There are better buffets in this town.

3 Stars Jaime b July 21, 2010

Not as many choices as other buffets however food was good. Enjoyed the carving station

3 Stars Darren L. May 30, 2010

Breakfast buffet good value for money. Food all good and very attentive service.

2 Stars Kara C. April 06, 2010

What a disappointment. VERY SMALL = poor selection.

Pre-made salads dumped from the same vats that every buffet in town uses were some of the best stuff they had. The very best thing they had were whole heads of roasted garlic for spreading onto bread.

Meats cooked, then sat out for quite some time to continue cooking under heat lamps. Same with veggies.

Our server spent a lot of time chatting with some other group. Got angry words from a server when I tried to use chicken tongs to get pork chops -- dude, buffets are not halal!

3 Stars Cody March 09, 2010

Enjoyed the food and the views. Line moves a little slow but the staff was not rude about it.

3 Stars Corey B January 30, 2010

I really hate buffets for the most part, except at the Wynn, so I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I was forced to eat here with my bros. Very cool place.

2 Stars sageblue January 08, 2010

Had the breakfast buffet, and had I not had a 2-for-1 coupon, would have found it overpriced: better diner options exist downtown than taking in this limited and uninspired buffet. Service was slow to greet us, get refills, and clear plates.

4 Stars Chris April 19, 2009

Not as large as a lot if vegas buffets, but what they had was good. Decent value for the money and we were satisfied with the meal and the service.

0 Stars hernan couto December 25, 2007

poor for a 4 star hotel. no variety

0 Stars mike_ch October 02, 2006

A new buffet on second level in the former steakhouse space. From two trips(lunch and Sunday brunch) this buffet is about equal with smaller less-extravagant Strip buffets like Treasure Island's, but the food is a bit better than the average and the price is less than those strip places. Room is nicely decorated.

Good food for downtown, acceptable food by Strip standards, the real selling point here is value.

0 Stars User December 30, 2005

I thought the Golden Nugget was a 4 star hotel? The food at the buffet was horrible!!! There wasn't much of a selection, and the quality was what I would expect from a 2 star hotel. The price was good ($13.99), but that was about the only thing good at this place. I would spend a little more and get edible food. Stay away from this one!

0 Stars User February 19, 2005

For the money the Golden Nugget Buffet is great! We've been to Vegas numerous times and we always make it a point to eat at The Buffet when we're in town. The food's good, the service is great and for the price it's the best in town. The only down side is the size of the seating area and the long wait, but it's worth it.

0 Stars rio14 June 07, 2003

We found the food at Golden Nugget buffet to be extra good. The restaurant itself is smaller than most buffets and that is why there is always a long line waiting. But it is worth it.