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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Gordon Ramsay Steak (Paris Las Vegas)

5 Stars @Ncastle11 April 28, 2015

We had a perfect dining experience here. Everything...service, food, atmosphere. I don't know how it gets better, regardless of price. Beef Wellington, filet, fingerling potatoes, all excellent. Cannot say anything else, just perfect.

4 Stars Dorian January 18, 2015

We had an excellent meal with exemplary service. The Beef Wellington is perfection and a throwback menu item that you no longer see today. The dining room was busy and modern. Enjoyable.

2 Stars Greyt April 04, 2014

Just average. The food, setting and service was just nothing special. There are much better places than this for the money...

Seating is also cramped and the place is very loud. Noise isn't normally an issue but the music just seemed so out of place and made the whole experience feel like you were eating in a cheap restaurant.

Next time I will be back to SW at Wynn.

2 Stars Mary November 26, 2013

Trendy, loud, overpriced. Not my style at all.

5 Stars Scott B July 19, 2013

$300 for dinner for 2. I would do it again in a heart beat. Everything from the front podium to the last step out of the place was spot on. Being a Gordon Ramsy fan of his various tv shows. I was happy to see some of his famous dishes. Don't go on a budget. Splurge. It's a great 2.5 hours to spend in Vegas.

5 Stars Carol Miknenas May 30, 2013

I love Gordon Ramsay restaurants! This one had particularly exceptional service. The waiters were friendly, attentive and very informative. They displayed different cuts of beef on a mobile meat rack and described each one in detail. I thought that was pretty cool. I chose the highly rated Beef Wellington and it was very good. The sides were delicious too, especially the mushrooms. They then recommended a certain drink to start with and it was an excellent choice. I did not find the restaurant too noisy at all like some reviews say so I strongly recommend you visit this restaurant to see for yourself how exceptional the food and service are.

3 Stars Chris, UK May 13, 2013

Visited with friends in late April, 8.00pm booking and it was packed. Hostesses were young and pretty but totally clueless. Waited in the bar (actually restaurant overflow, no room to sit or stand) for 20 minutes or so for our table upstairs. The restaurant music is so loud that you can't hear the waiter, he can't hear you, and you can't hear your table guests either! Food was good but not great, but wouldn't return because of the horrible ambience. I predict a two year lifespan for this place. And where was the English mustard Gordon?

3 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

Not as good as i was hoping for. Packed, even at 4.45 on a saturday. Pork starter was superb. Steak was average. Beef Wellington was good but not outstandingly so. Sides were excellent, especially mushrooms. ipad wine and cocktail list. i like having a sommelier guide me to a wine choice rather than having to do all the work myself. Pretentious neon sculpture on the ceiling.

3 Stars DMSan May 01, 2013

Wife and I went to Vegas with friends, they are fans of Hells Kitchen and really wanted to eat here. I was not looking forward to it at all but I must say, I did enjoy it. The whole Chunnel from Paris to England and the crazy ceiling decoration gimmicks (see previous reviews) are a bit cheesy , along with the meat table, but the meal was very good. We all had the Beef Wellington.

5 Stars Mike April 21, 2013

My wife and I went to dinner at 5:30 last night since that was the only reservation we could get a month out however it worked out perfectly since we went to a show last night. We tried to come a couple months ago but didn't make a reservation. We were not disappointed at all last night. The decor, food and service were all great. I had the New York strip. She had the tuna and we shared the spinach and potatoes purée. The steak was perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth. Great with the potatoes. My wife said her tuna was done just right as well. Our server Matthew was were knowledgeable and very personable. I have read some reviews that it is expensive and to that I say it is on par pricewise with the other high end steakhouses with the exception that this one is a cant miss. Make a reservation weeks before you come because this place has been sold out from the day it opened a year ago. The place is so busy they have started opening at 4:30. We will 100% be back.

5 Stars Scotty221 April 19, 2013

The best dining experience of my life. My wife and I had the Beef Wellington for two for our entrees. We started with the White Asparagus Soup and Caesar Salad. Everything was top notch. The service was very good, and the drink menus on the iPad was an awesome touch. We will be back in September for more.

5 Stars Bill April 06, 2013

Had the Beef Wellington for 2 with my wife. We both agreed that the meat was superb! Was seated near the kitchen and got to see their system in which all staff delivers food when it is ready. Staff has to remember where every table number is. Definitely worth the price!

5 Stars Nathan March 05, 2013

5 star food 5 star price. I went 2 times. Amazing food amazing service. Eat here... Be ready to spend $$$$! I split a porterhouse with my sister. Eat here

5 Stars Al from San Diego January 23, 2013

The hottest steak joint, if not restaurant in Vegas justly deserves praise for its outstanding cocktail program, beautiful presentation and fantastic execution. You don't see Wellington on the menu often, here it's done to perfection with hints of fois gras, earthy mushroom in the pastry. Maybe not the best steakery in Las Vegas, but the concept shines and delivers the good. Exciting vibe even on weeknights. Biz causal to dressy. Expensive.

4 Stars Michael October 11, 2012

I have never seen a Gordon Ramsay show, so we went in purely on reputation. The service was a knock out of the park; some of the best I ever had. The decor made my wife and I feel like we were in an Austin Powers movie. It was not bad, but did give us a chuckle. The Chunnel style entrance is a great design concept "going from France to England". We ordered the double ribeye for two and the meat was a perfect medium rare, and tasted amazing. We ordered the mushrooms and the mac and cheese for our sides and WOW were we disappointed. Visually, the mushrooms came covered in fish flakes which wiggled from the steam creating a very impressive presentation. However, the more you would eat them the more disgusting they would get; it tasted like fish, not mushrooms! This also goes for the Mac and cheese. First bite was good, but the deeper you got into the dish, the worse it would taste! Maybe I should have read the menu more closely, but both sides completely battled against the steak. The place is very expensive, so be warned. Would I eat there again? Only if you are buying!

5 Stars Timm October 04, 2012

Food was very good. Unlike the previous reviewer, I thought the service was outstanding.... Every option was explained and you were never rushed. I also disagree about the cleanliness - place was immaculate. My only issue was the portion size on the Shepherd's Pie - although it comes with a lamb chop, I thought it was tiny. Wife had the Wellington which she loved. Price was decent, I thought. Bottom line.... I would return.

3 Stars Richard September 30, 2012

Maybe I'm just a bit different than everyone else leaving reviews here. My wife and I love Gordon Ramsey's shows. All of them. We went there only try his food since we love his shows. Now I'm not used to paying $250 for dinner but that was not the surprise. I knew that was what we would probably pay. The food was good but not the mind blowing type that you think $250 would get you. The service was not what you think it's going to be. It was good but I have had the same type of service at other restaurants that were a fraction of the price. Now the atmosphere is what really surprised me. The music was crazy loud and we could not hear each other talk. Also, the place was a bit dirty. Our seats had crumbs in them and we both had dirty silverware and wine glasses. Again... Not a huge problem in any other restaurant but I guess our expectations were a bit high after watching his shows. We got the Beef Wellington and a Prime Fillet. The Wellington was to die for and was worth the trip but the fillet was nothing special. I have had better steaks at chain steak houses. All in all... Not that impressed. I don't mean to sound like a snob, which I don't have the money to be, but I guess my expectations were too high seeing what his standards are on tv. I'm glad we went so we could say we tasted his food but I would not go back. If you do go... Get the Wellington!

5 Stars Canadian girl September 01, 2012

Food was amazing! Service was excellent! Will definitely go again!

5 Stars Chris walker July 26, 2012

The place lived up to what I expected from Gordon Ramsay, the food and customer service was excellent and well worth the price. I highly recommend if your a fan of Gordon or just steakhouses in general check this out on your next trip to Vegas. Also if your a Paris total rewards member you even save a few $

5 Stars Toots July 19, 2012

This restaurant gives Prime a run for its money! I enjoyed everything about this place from the gin drink to the tea trifle. This is on the same caliber as Prime but not as stuffy. If you are looking for a quiet steakhouse this is not the place for you. My only minor gripe is the beef Wellington comes in medium rare so I ended up getting the filet which was excellent. I will definately be back here the next time I am back in Vegas!

5 Stars Danny Ocean June 24, 2012

My wife and I visited the new Gordon Ramsay's Steakhouse and it didn't disappoint. We are fans of his shows on tv and were curious if all his high expectations on tv were equaled at his own restaurant.
The atmosphere and vibe is to my liking, it is not stuffy but it isn't too hip where a couple in their fifties feel uncomfortable. The bar has a good feel but is too small for the size of the restaurant. We were seated about fifteen minutes after our reservation as the place was booked solid and sold out for the night when we arrived for a 7:15 reservation. We were seated in a very nice circular booth upstairs. Now for the food!!
I started with the shrimp cocktail. What can they do to a shrimp cocktail..... I am not sure but it was the best shrimp cocktail I have ever had and this is coming from a 53 year old that used to order shrimp cocktail for dessert when I was 8years old. I know my shrimp cocktail and the sauce and the shrimp were superb. My wife got the Caesar salad which was very good and a nice touch with the scotch eggs. For the entrees, I got the fish and chips. I know you are in a steakhouse what the hell are you doing ordering fish! Well it was listed as a specialty and I really don't eat a lot of red meat, although I did have a cheeseburger at Holteins, but that is another review. The fish was fantastic, lightly breaded and the sea bass the star. This came with the chips,which were very tasty and some killer tarter sauce. My wife chose his signature Beef Wellington. That is until she found out it came only medium rare.... Really!! If you watch Hells Kitchen, this is an item that he goes Wild on....the temperature of the Wellington. Well she didn't want to chance it since she like her meat medium, so she opted for the Short Ribs. The Ribs were delicious along with sides of corn and Parmesan fingerling potatoes. For dessert, the signature StickyToffee Pudding. It was very good, I am not sure it lived up to the hype.
Overall, this was a very enjoyable night, mind you not a cheap night, but a very good night. Now as Gordon would say, piss off!!!

5 Stars JakeZ June 09, 2012

Awesome. That's all you need to know.

5 Stars WRXDreamer May 23, 2012

Had tasting menu with wine pairing. Colcannon and roasted beets no big deal, asparagus soup, beef Wellington and tropical panna cotta were excellent. Wine pairings worked well with everything. Service very good.