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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Grand Cafe (Red Rock Resort)

4 Stars Gary September 21, 2012

We had breakfast here a week ago and both the food and the service was very good.

3 Stars Big daddy April 26, 2012

Meh, good for a 3am meal though

3 Stars Bluestorm2000 January 27, 2012

Ate here in June 2011 for breakfast. Service was good and the food quality was fine. As it was 6am there were only a few tables seated so can't comment on what it's like when busy. Overall a pleasant experience, nice ambiance, would visit again

3 Stars Eric from Fing Vegas March 29, 2010

Pedestrian Offerings open 24 hours a day. The chefs here are not going to set the culinary world on fire. This is your basic Americana diner menu done to provide the player at the property with a quick sit down meal. People are not going to be coming to the Red Rock for this experience. It's not bad, and it's not good, it's just there.

Eat here if you're hungry and it's 3AM, not if you want an experience.

0 Stars mike_ch October 28, 2007

This cafe is honestly like all of Station's 24 hour cafes, which means the difference isn't really even so much in the food or the menu (which is shared among all Stations) as it is the convenience and the staff. In this case, the cafe is a nice room by Station casual standards, overlooking the pool. The help you can get here is very mixed. One month you'll encounter someone who really looks after you, the next month you'll get someone who forgets you. I've generally found eating at the bar gets you better service.

Like so many Station cafes, the room seems to just not be big enough for the number of people who want to eat at once during the dinner rush, so if you come here at 5:30PM expect to be given one of those remote pagers and sent back into the casino for the next twenty minutes.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 01, 2006

Don't listen to that last review. The Grand Cafe at red rock was great place to eat at. Everything on the menu is pretty cheap and they serve really proportions of food, so it is a great deal for your money. The food was great, the service was good, and the atmosphere was just as good. Like I said, don't listen to that last review; it's out of her league!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2006

I took my Mother and Daughter to Red Rock Casino to check it out. We decided to eat at the Grand Cafe. The food was terrible, the service was bad, and the waitress kept pulling a disappearing act. My Daughter and I ordered a Margarita Pizza to split and my Mother ordered Belgian Waffles. We waited over a half hour for our food while other people that walked in after us were served. My Daughter had just finished drinking her soda when we saw a huge crack in the glass. The waitress and a hostess were better suited to work at a McDonalds. They had absolutely no grace about them when it came to dealing with customers. Our entire experience was bad.