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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Hash House A Go Go (The Plaza)

2 Stars Jane Public July 30, 2014

Service was so so last time I was there,I was not impressed w/ server and she had to ask several times about ingredients in food. They should be aware people do have allergies. Overly large portions. The one at Quad is horriable BTW....

5 Stars Tony S April 03, 2014

This is the 3rd or 4th time we've eaten and just this location. Never ceases to impress with food quality and portion size! Everything is fresh, well flavored and makes for excellent hangover food! To be clear: it's American comfort food, through and through. I had a breakfast pot pie with a sombrero shaped biscuit as big as my head and was over-flowing with chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon (Mmmm....bacaaon...Homer drool...), gravy and assorted veggies. My wife had a burger that was a pound of beef and was gawked at by a table next to us!!! We'll be back again, next time we're downtown!

3 Stars MarkFTL September 20, 2013

Huge portions and unique spot. Deserves one visit.

4 Stars Cody April 21, 2012

Had breakfast here as a party of two. Seated right away, server was outstanding and so was the food. Very nice surprise as this was the first time we had ever eaten here. Will be back!!!

4 Stars Michael Dell March 14, 2012

We ate there every morning while staying at the Plaza during the CES 2012 show. Food was great and fast service. The only thing is, if you want "over medium" eggs, order them "Over Hard" and they will come out just about right.

5 Stars CharandDen March 04, 2012

We ate here twice during our last trip. The people were awesome and the food was out of this world!! The portions are huge!!

2 Stars Marc Knowlton January 22, 2012

Food was great but server was totally meh. And it only seemed to be us she had a problem with as she was Mrs Chatty to other diners. Shame as this would definatley stop us eating here again.