The LINQ (Quad/Imperial Palace)

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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Haute Doggery (The LINQ (Quad/Imperial Palace))

4 Stars BJ December 12, 2014

Basically the Holstien's take on hot dogs. While the dogs themselves are standard fare, you gotta give them props for both the creative and traditional recipes used. The biggest draw though is their return of 99ยข shrimp cocktail on the Strip!

1 Star Dorian July 28, 2014

Poor customer service, three people got their food ahead of me and I ordered one "Windy City" Chicago style dog. I paid over $8.00 for a crappy hot dog which wasn't even made correctly. They left off the celery salt. If someone from Chicago was there, they would have thrown it back. Much better places to get a hot dog for less money. American Coney at The D blows it away or even Pinks which is mediocre. Save your time and money.